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6 Popular Feng Shui Fruit Symbols

6 Fruit Symbols Used in Feng Shui

Feng shui is the harmonization of your environment using certain items to reap maximum in various aspects of life. This enhances productivity, health, wealth, luck, and peace. Any symbol used in Feng Shui helps us to attract positive energy into our lives. Sight, smell, and sound help to stimulate you in various ways. This stimulation is bound to evoke some emotion in us, thus the results of Feng Shui. It is, therefore, crucial to choose our Feng Shui symbols wisely guided by our desired results. Let us read about Feng Shui fruit symbols.


Types of Feng Shui Symbols

  • Animal symbols-e.g. dragon, fish, goldfish, butterflies
  • Flower symbols-e.g. orchids and lotus.
  • Fruit symbols-e.g. peach, grapes, apples, pineapples, oranges, and pomegranates.

What Are Feng Shui Fruit Symbols?

Fruits are mostly used as a Feng Shui symbol when one wants to attract fertility, wealth, prosperity, and good luck in their life. Every fruit used in Feng Shui has a significant meaning in various aspects of our lives. Most of these fruits also have medicinal value. These are used as a Feng Shui cure.


What Should You Consider When Choosing Feng Shui Fruit Symbols?

When choosing a Feng Shui fruit symbol, you should be guided by your intuition, based on understanding the energy the fruit evokes and its value. The fruits’ colors should also be considered before settling on the fruit you want to use for Feng Shui. Paintings of the fruits, wall hangings of fruits, and even artificial fruits can be used for fruit Feng Shui.

This is mostly because the availability of fresh fruits can be challenging at times. Nevertheless, both fresh and artificial fruits will emit positive energy intended during the fruit Feng Shui. There are various fruits of Feng Shui, e.g. lemon, used to repulse negativity from our lives with its strong scent. The avocado symbolizes prosperity.


It can come in either green color or purple. But the papaya symbolizes wealth. The banana, because it comes in bunches, symbolizes unity. The banana comes in two colors yellow symbolizes happiness, while green symbolizes prosperity. In this article, however, we will focus on the main fruits used as symbols in Feng Shui.

Uses of Fruit in Feng Shui

  • For enhancing peace in the work area, homes, and public places.
  • Fruits can also be used to attract wealth and money
  • Fertility for people planning to conceive.
  • Fame can also be gained through fruit Feng Shui.
  • Happiness in your life and family.
  • For harmonizing homes that need to be in order
  • Attracting positive energy in our environs, thus productivity because we get revitalized
  • To calm people who are very hostile and repulse the negative energy.
  • For the health and general well-being of the individual using the specific fruit for Feng Shui. Mostly pomegranates are commonly used.
  • To repel negativity. This hinders prosperity, well-being, and success.


Generally, fruit symbols are used in Feng Shui.

  • Fertility
  • Prosperity
  • Wealth gains

Popular Feng Shui Fruit Symbols

#1. Peach

This fruit symbolizes immortal energy in Feng Shui hence immortality. It is mostly associated with Chinese legends. It is also a love symbol and marriage. This fruit also symbolizes the gods of longevity. This fruit is a great gift for older people, especially during birthday parties. It also symbolizes long life and abundance for generations to come.

#2. Pomegranate

This fruit is a fertility symbol of Feng Shui because it has an abundance of juicy seeds. It is also used to symbolize happiness in the family setting. Pomegranate is used to attract contentment, thus happiness in most families who use it as a Feng Shui symbol. It also holds the power of passing on good luck to future generations.

A painting in the bedroom helps to attract these energies. It is important to note that fruits used in Feng Shui should be used while fresh. The pomegranate is an ideal gift to couples who are newlyweds. Couples, who choose to use this fruit for Feng Shui’s cure of fertility, should ensure they have cleared their room of any clutter.

This will prevent blockage of energy and thus will enhance chances of success in their pursuit. The fruit is pink or red could also symbolize good health.

#3. Grapes

When used as a symbol of Feng Shui, this fruit symbolizes plenty, also known as abundance. They also symbolize plenty of wealth. They stand for success and plenty of material possessions in the new future. These fruits are ideal for a new business premise.

They also turn bad luck into good luck; hence they can be placed in a room where bad incidences, e.g. death accident, robbery, and murder. Activation of this energy is mostly done by placing either fresh or artificial fruits in your home. It is a symbol of royalty.

#4. Apples

This fruit is used as a symbol of peace and good health when it comes to Feng Shui. Red apples are mostly used but also green and yellow can be used. Since they dispose of hostility all over the home, they emit the energy of harmony and balance too, and the Chinese word for apple means harmony. The apple also helps strengthen family relationships. They are best to be placed in the dining area.

#5. Pineapple

This fruit symbolizes wealth, fortune, and prosperity in Feng Shui. People use it for good luck in their lives.

#6. Oranges

The fruit is a symbol of prosperity by good tidings. In China, oranges are common gifts for children because of the Feng Shui energy they possess. So most people who practice Feng Shui believe they dispose of bad luck. Its round shape symbolizes monetary value.


Whenever we use these fruits as symbols of Feng Shui, we should consider a lot of other elements. To achieve a cure, we have to ensure we place our fruit symbols in a strategic place to see them in an orderly manner.

This is because vision stimulates the fullness and positivity that is within our environment. Thus the law of attraction applies here and is the Feng Shui most of the time. But we see good come our way, and we see happiness in abundance.

We command the energy around us to send us the benefits our way. Clear and strong energy is also vital when we are using fruits as symbols of Feng Shui. But in the room, you intend to get the Feng Shui cure, ensure there is plenty of fresh air.

Fresh air ensures the energy emitted from our environment is clear and repels any negativity. But adequate light and space are important. These two factors ensure a free flow of air and avoid congestion, which leads to negative energy.

Ensuring the fruit is very important if you decide to use real fruits. However, you can use artificial fruits. These artificial fruits can either be in wood or ceramic carvings, paintings, and even wall hanging in frames. Thus, the Fruit symbols used in Feng Shui are just the basics to cure.

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