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Dating A Chef: The Pros And Cons

Reasons For Dating A Chef

In this piece “Reasons for Dating a Chef,” I have already noted that I like food, so I am always biased towards chefs. Everything about chefs seems to fascinate me. Their white dress, which matches the TogueBlache(hat) alone, raises my appetite. Like the taste of their food, which can be very good but bad sometimes, dating a chef also has its pros and cons. So before you say yes to that hot-looking chef, take time to read this piece.


Positives of Dating a Chef

1. They are Passionate

Chefs attach passion to everything they do, mostly seen when they are in the kitchen. So, this passion can be translated into their relationships and marriage. You will feel very special with them and be treated with much desire.


2.  Lucrative Job

Do you know why chefs are top-rated? It’s because food is an important aspect of human life. Yes, you can decide to fast for 30 days, but you will surely eat in the end. So what happens if there was no chef? Chefs have a lucrative job as they are hotcakes. Almost everybody relates to their job one way or the other.


3. Parents Will Accept Them

Parents have a major say when it comes to the relationship and marriage of their children. The truth is, every relationship without the approval or consent of a parent easily fails. The good news is that you wouldn’t have any problems introducing your chef partner to your parents. They have a lucrative job, and that is a plus.


4. You Will Never Go Hungry when Dating a Chef

So, a chef who makes their partner go hungry is a shame on the profession. They are no chefs; but, he is just a crap pretending to be a chef. Any good chef will never allow the partner to go hungry. So, They may bring you food from the restaurant or cook for you at home.

5. You Will Be Their New Recipe Taster

This is one of the lovely moments when dating a chef. But, you may be the first taster of every new recipe they introduce on the menu.

6. Best Meals are Served

Chefs know the capabilities of their colleagues in other restaurants. So aside from where they work, they know where to take you for the best meal. You will get to know the best places to take your friends to during special moments.

7. Creative People

When you are looking for a creative person, stop when you meet a chef. But, chefs always come up with creative ideas and outside the kitchen. He may be creative in the bedroom too.

Negatives of Dating a Chef

1.  Have High Temperament When in the Kitchen

All chefs are very good at hiding their temperament as they mostly show it in the kitchen. When they take responsibility when things go wrong in the kitchen, they make sure that things go right. One’s character cannot be hidden for a longer time, so he may sometimes pour his outburst on you.


2.  Work for Longer Hours

So, chefs work for long hours standing on their feet. They leave home early and may return late depending on the restaurant they work in. So, the most annoying thing is that their weekends are also occupied with work. So your chef-partner will be busy serving other couples on weekends while you sit home reading Harry Porter.

3. Other People May Have an Eye on Your Partner

So, chefs are usually hot and easy to fall in love with. As people taste their good food, they may also want to have a taste of them too. So you may have several rivals out there to compete with.

Dating A Chef? Don’t, It’s A Wrong Move

It’s A Wrong Move Dating A Chef

There are two sides to everything—a negative and a positive side. Even the best drug on the market has side effects. In my previous article, I talked about “10 reasons for dating a chef,” but I’m here to do the opposite now. There is no doubt that a partner who is a chef would spoil you with a good meal, but remember, “Man shall not leave by bread alone.” Funny, right?


Dating a chef, you may never lack good food, but you will lack quality time together. Consider the following reasons and drop dating a chef.

1. All Your Dates Will be on Weekdays

Weekends are busy days for chefs—restaurants and hotels receive more clients on weekends than any other day. So your partner will cook for couples who have decided to spend quality time together.


The irony is that you will be lonely at home while he is serving other couples. Too bad. They can only spend time with you on weekdays because that is when he is free. Tell me, is anytime sexy about going out on weekdays?


2. Dating A Chef: They Have a Busy Schedule

Chefs have hectic schedules and weekends are the worst of all. Due to his plan, they may hardly have time for you. This wouldn’t be much of a problem for the 8 to 5ers. But even with that, your chef-partner may not be home when you close from work. They may be busy cooking tasty foods for clients at the Restaurant.


3. You May Never Have a Taste of What They serve at the Restaurant

A chef may cook for you all right, but that wouldn’t be what he does at the Restaurant. Every good chef has a signature meal, but you may never taste that at home. Unless maybe he brings you food from the Restaurant.

But cooking it at home for you may never happen. They may also not teach you how to cook that particular meal because you may beat him to it one day. Selfish.

4. They Come Home Tired and Stressed Up

Working with fire in a hot room can harm one’s health. The heat alone takes a lot of water from the system and weakens the body. Take aside. They stand on their feet for long hours, morning up and down. This also makes them very tired. So you always have to deal with their stress and tiredness whenever they return home. Is that what you want in a partner?

5. Less Attention

A critical tool for every successful relationship has attention to your partner. Without it, a once-strong relationship can break apart. You may not get the needed attention when you date a chef.

It is not their doing but the tight schedule of their profession. Their concentration may be on the happenings in the kitchen and not you. So, why should you be dating a chef who considers his job first before you?

6. Dating A Chef: Let’s Talk About Sex

I can’t conclude this piece without talking about sex. The importance of sex in a relationship cannot be underrated. But what if your partner cannot fulfill that part of the bargain? They come home stressed and tired, so having sex is the last thing they are about during such times.

So even though you have a lot to eat, he may starve you in bed. Even if he tries to give you that satisfaction, he may last for just one minute. Did I say that?

The above points are enough reasons you shouldn’t consider dating a chef. But, for me, I like food so I may…

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