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Does Color Green Symbolize Good Feng Shui?

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui uses many aspects in nature to create a balance of energy flow. Tying in with concept of yin and yang, people use color to symbolize elements on themselves or at home. Colors are easy and effective representations in Feng Shui.

Green color is part of the color spectrum used in Feng Shui to generate luck. You can use it to generate good luck, but only if appropriately. Green represents the wood element in Feng Shui, or new yang energy. Our heart chakra is green, like the balancing organ that moves food and waste throughout the body. Green is the color of wealth in some cultures, but not in Feng Shui.


Does Color Green Symbolize Good Feng Shui?

Does color green symbolize good Feng Shui? The general answer is NO, Feng Shui uses elements to generate positive energy. Like all other colors, green is a tool to create a good chi flow. Alone, green color is limited in providing a balance, but with other colors and elements, you can get good Feng Shui easily.

Traditional Feng Shui stresses the importance of using natural greens to boost energy, rather than coloring the walls green, or using green decor. Green plants bring life energy, with it attracts positive vibes. However, modern Feng Shui rules have relaxed since then, but natural sources of green is still the favorite.


Green Color For Good Feng Shui

Green Plants

Plants are green. A growing plant signifies growth and abundance. Using plants in your homes brings positive yang energy. A small potted plant sitting on a sunny place in the house can help purify the air, and calms the senses. It is easy to find a suitable pot of plant for any home, and location is best in the South side of the home. Decorate pots with red, as fire and wood generates more energy. Having greens in the south benefits family relationships and social status, green also helps the East or Southeast sector to accumulate wealth and luck. It is important to make sure that you look after your plants, as dying or brown plants stimulate negative energy, which is bad for Feng Shui.


Green Clothes

Another way green can symbolize good Feng Shui is attire, not everyone can benefit from wearing something green. There are many websites that provide the Chinese Zodiac together with the element you are born in, such as Water Dragon, Metal Monkey etc. The element you are born in determines if green clothing gives you good luck. Those who benefit from green attire includes wood and fire, while water element do not do well. If green is not your favorite color, you do not have to worry; wear smaller items such as a jade charm or a green ribbon somewhere hidden is enough to enhance your luck in getting an opportunity.


Green Color In Bedroom

Having some green in bedroom is also good Feng Shui. Green is calming and helps with getting a good rest, it is a healing color, hence beneficial for body. But live plants are not recommended as it brings too much live yang energy, and might disrupt a good rest. Focus on using green on walls or decor instead of natural plant. For example, if you are born in a wood element, and your front door is at the south of the house, then it is a good idea to paint it green.


Green Color For Other Rooms

Other places that benefit from a little green are bathrooms where water is abundant, or kitchen where fire is predominant. A small potted plant that thrives in humid area is good for the bathroom, as water feeds wood, if you require more wood element overall. Those who need more fire in their home can use a live plant in the kitchen to stimulate the fire energy flowing. Plants benefit both elements as they form a positive cycle in Feng Shui.

Green For Bad Feng Shui

The balancing yang energy of green is not always welcome, in places other elements are dominant, such as certain corners of the house. North, Northeast and Southwest are areas where you avoid using green color in general, as they are heavy in fire and metal element. A Feng Shui consultant may suggest using green to reduce some energy to create balance if the sector contains too much other elements, but only a little to make a difference in flow. When there are too many wood elements, adding green upsets the balance and causes bad Feng Shui. It is better to create a balance using other colors, or omitting green altogether.

The Metal and wood sector is the worst place to place a wood element, or use green in general. Metal stuns wood’s growth while wood separates earth, absorbing its nutrients to grow. Placing a plant in corners where metal and earth elements predominant can reduce element’s power. Metal brings productivity and discipline while earth element offers stability and protection, if there is too much green in those areas it will rob the energy from metal and earth and disrupt balance.

Color Green For Good Office Feng Shui

Whether you own a business or you work in an office, the balancing, replenishing and rejuvenating power of green can be of great help. For shop owners, green plants offers a positive energy according to Feng Shui for office. Beautiful foliage pleases the eye, it attracts customers into your shop, and blunts poison arrows for protection. Light green walls can be pleasing to the eye, and can be painted on south wall to encourage calm behavior. Green can balance other elements and provide a harmony in shop. In an office, not all employers allow live plants in cubicles. If you are of wood element, wearing green color clothing is a benefit.

Careers that benefits from green color are those that involves forestry and farming. People who are drawn to wood type jobs can be from other elements, especially earth or fire people who like the nurturing power of wood. Other wood career choices like publishing, photography, psychiatry are professions that appreciates balance in life. While people with green thumbs will thrive in farming or gardening, others can make it work with diligence.

Other Good Feng Shui Tips For Green Color

The most basic cycle of Feng Shui elements is easy to remember:

Water feeds Wood, wood feeds fire, fire feeds earth, earth feeds metal, and metal feeds water.
Water stops fire, fire stops metal, metal stops wood, wood stops earth, earth stops water.

Remembering that, you can use green to reduce the effects of earth, by matching green against too much earth. You can also use green to increase the power of other elements like fire. It is a play of elements to create a balance, but it is important to remember to seek professional advice before attempting to correct the elements. Green live plants are strong symbols of wood element, and you should take care when placing live plants at home.

Green decors and colors might represent wood element in Feng Shui, but they are not as powerful. If green is your favorite color, using them as decorations to brighten up a home is fine. You can always take note of changes in relationships or luck in general when a new potted plant is introduced. The flow of energy can be subtle, but you can still feel if the Feng Shui is enhanced or disrupted. When in doubt, consult a Feng Shui consultant, rather than searching for online solutions, because you never know what needs to be done for sure.

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