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Thomas Middleton

Birthday :

April, 1580

Died On :

July 4, 1627

Birth Place :

London, England, United Kingdom

Zodiac Sign :


Thomas Middleton was famously known as a poet and English playwright. His writing style was unique such that factious characters defined the real situation. It is not by chance that Thomas was grouped in legendary poets such as Ben Johnson and John Fletcher. During the Jacobean era, Middleton was famously linked as the second and most prolific poet to William Shakespearian. Thomas managed to define the tone of tragedy and comedy. He will remain to be a productive writer as well as a noteworthy laureate.

Early Life

Thomas Middleton was born in London, England, United Kingdom and baptized on April 18, 1580, to a brick builder. At his young age, his father died, and his mother remarried again. Things turned sour when his mother and his stepmother started to disagree over Thomas’s inheritance and his siblings. Tiny is known about the childhood and early years of Thomas Middleton. He went to Christ’s Hospital and The Queen’s College in Oxford. Even then Thomas didn’t get a chance to graduate. While still studying Thomas wrote an Elizabethan style poem that was later published around 1601.


Later Life

Around 1600s Thomas Middleton was paid by writing pamphlets such as Penniless Parliament of Threadbare Poets. He also managed to record the Philip Henslowe show he then wrote for theater company titles, The Admiral’s Men. Unlike other poets, Thomas was known as a free agent. He was able to write for different companies as long as they hired and paid him well. The free agencies allowed him a possible amount of freedom both in his


Plays and later career

Early in 1603, Thomas Middleton married. Unfortunate a wave of plague attacked their land in London where theaters and other businesses closed. The event made Thomas rely on playwright talent. With the addition of hope and determination, he returned to the theater after the plague diminished. He continued to play his satire characters with a mix of large style. He later introduced topics such as ‘The Revenger’s Tragedy’ and ‘Michaelmas Term.' Afterward, he was called to revive the works of Macbeth and Measure for Measure.

Thomas Middleton's final collaboration was made official in 1620 where he was chosen to chair the City Chronology in London. His hard work earned him hold for the London’s post till 1627 when he died, and Ben Johnson proceeded with the course.


Major Works

Thomas Middleton writing talent gave him a chance to write in different genres. He loved to write about city comedy, tragedy, and history of all kind. His prominent plays include; ‘The Challenging,' ‘Women Beware Women’ and ‘A Chaste Maid in Cheapside’ satire. From 1604 to 1607 Middleton collaborated with other poets and published books such as ‘The Honest Whore’ in 1604, ‘The Roaring Girl’ in 1610 and ‘The Family of Love’ in 1607.

Before his death Thomas Middleton wrote several dissertations including; John Donne from 1572 to 1631 and Ben Johnson Essays from 1572 to 1637. In 1621 he teamed up with John Wester and wrote ‘Anything for a Quiet Life.' Thomas Middleton died in 1627 due to natural causes.

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