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Sean Taylor

Birthday :

April 1, 1983

Died On :

November 27, 2007

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Birth Place :

Miami, Florida, United States of America

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Miami is rightly known as the fourth-largest urban city in the United States. It sits in four different sections. Nobody knew if Sean Taylor existed till he showed up as a competent footballer and an Athlete.

Childhood And Early Life

On 1st April 1983, Sean Taylor was born in Miami, Florida, United States. He spent his early days with his great-grandmother, Augla Clarke in Florida. At the age of 11, he moved to stay with his father. Taylor grew up in a decent neighborhood in Miami, on a lane surrounded by candy-colored houses.

Sean Taylor loved football, and he once participated in High School Football that was located in Pinecrest, in Miami. His football career typically started at Miami Killian High School but later moved to Gulliver Preparatory School. In the process, he managed to garner a three sports star in basketball, football, and track. He loved to play both defense and offense.



Taylor’s career started way back when he was still at Gulliver School. In fact, he was a teammate player with the future NFL Buck Ortega. Four amicable players controlled his house team; Dirk, Lee, Dave and Steve Howey. Early in the days, Taylor was remarked as the number 1 prospect by Miami Herald in Miami-Dade County. He as well took an All-America and the number 1 skill athlete title. In 2007 Sean Taylor was selected as one of the top 33 players in the entire Florida High School Association. He later joined the University of Miami and was selected to play Larry Coker’s Miami Hurricanes Football.


Later Life

Sean Taylor was lucky to be chosen as the first six in the University of Miami football player. In 2003 he joined the NFL draft. He was selected as the fifth overall by the Washington Redskins. The apprehensive selection led him to sign an $18 million contract.

However, everything started to fall back into place when he fired his agent. He followed it up with missing NFL’s imperative symposiums. This made him cough a $25,000 fine. The reality will always remain that for his first season in the team, Taylor was fined six to seven times due to a uniform violation, late hits, and other transgressions.



In 2004, Sean Taylor found himself in the hands of the law. He was arrested while driving at 82mph and was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. He refused a blood-alcohol test and a sobriety test which led to his arrest. The Miami Assault occurred in Miami-Dade County on June 3rd, 2005. Taylor's presence was seen on the scene. He was later sought on several questions, and he surrendered on 4th June.

According to the public press, Sean Taylor was held in Turner Guilford Knight Correction Facility. Taylor claimed that his gun was stolen earlier that month. Lack of enough evidence made him be placed on 18 months’ probation and a $429 fine.



Nobody knows why Sean Taylor embraced one day off and went to visit his high school friends. He liked to leave everyone guessing on his next move. But this was surprisingly not the kind of Taylor they knew. At short notice, he was supposed to speak for an hour, but he took four good hours of their time at Miami School.

The ‘Yes I Can’ and ‘I Can Do This’ attitude sprawled all over the hall of fame. Sadly they didn’t know it was his last and final inspirational day. His fans, friends, and family will always struggle to explain how a 24-year old died in his home. He was gunned down while his 18-month old daughter and fiancé, Jackie Garcia hid under the covers. His death and life will remain in mystery. Taylor’s family was left with empty holes as they try to figure out how they will defend their own. He will always be remembered for his bone-crushing memes.

Four teenagers were accused of killing Sean Taylor; Eric Rivera, Charles Wardlow, Jason Mitchel and Venjah Hunte. They were charged with armed burglary and murder. He was honored at Gulliver, thanks to the plaque that was positioned in the school. On September 5, 2009, the football field was renamed as Sean Taylor Field.

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