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Mark Hopkins

Birthday :

February 4, 1802

Died On :

June 17, 1887

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Stockbridge, Massachusetts, United States Of America

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Born on 4th February 1802 Mark Hopkins was a famous American Congregationalist theologian, an educator and the president of Williams College for 36 years. He taught among others, President James A. Garfield.

Early life

Mark Hopkins was born on 4th February 1802.  He was born in the city of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.



In the year 1822, Mark Hopkins joined the Williams College as a student. He graduated from Williams College in the year 1824. He was a graduate from Berkshire Medical Institute where he acquired a degree in Medicine in the year 1829 and went for Medical practice for a few months.



Mark Hopkins worked as a Medical practitioner and a lecturer at Williams College. His lecturing at Williams College lasted from the year 1825 to 1827. In the year 1830, he becomes a professor of Moral Philosophy and Rhetoric.

Congregation's church, in the year 1833 gave Mark the license to preach. He preached his entire life; this task contributed a lot to his election in the Presidency of the Williams College in the year 1836. He became famous after using his spiritual teachings to form a place called the course at the institution. The course helped administer lessons to both students and graduates on how to be of sound character and disciplined minds. 

Hopkins introduced the use of diagrams and models to explain difficult points as a teaching technique during those days which earned him fame among his students. He retired as the Colleges President in the year 1872.

In the year 1857 to the year 1887, he was the president of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.

Shortly after his retirement, Mark Hopkins concentrated in writing books. Up to his demise he had written a total of 6 books namely; Evidences of Christianity in the year 1846, Lectures on moral science in the year 1862, The Law of Love and Loves as a Law in the year 1869, An Outline study of Man in the year 1873, The Scripture Idea of Man in the year 1883 and finally the Teachings and Counsels in the year 1884.


Personal life

Mark Hopkins was married to one wife, Mary Hubbell in the year 1832. They had a total of ten children. Henry Hopkins, one of his sons’ became the president of Williams College.



Mark Hopkins died on June 17th, 1887 at the age of 85 years at Williamstown.

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