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Katherine Jackson

Birthday :

May 4, 1930

Also Known For :

Television Personality

Birth Place :

Barbour County, Alabama, United States Of America

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Katherine Jackson is an icon to her incredible family and the world at large. A mother of 10, Kate is highly known for her credibility. Growing up as a music lover herself, she instituted this to her kids. Luckily five of them followed suit and turned into professional singers.


Prince Albert and Martha Screws brought Katherine Jackson to the world. She’s a talented persona including being a talented singer and a profound cook. Not to mention, a polio survivor.

Stability, loyalty, and humanity lead this noble trait. She is ever patient, but also very keen on keeping her emotions in check. Appreciating life spent with her family plus admiring her custom is what Kate still loves to do.


Early and Childhood Life

Famously known as Katherine Esther Jackson, her biological parents named her as Kattie B. Screws. She was born on 4th May 1930 in Alabama, Barbour County. Possessing an extraordinary talent, she later came to instigate in her children.

At four years of age, Kate’s family relocated to Indiana. It was there that her name was changed to Katherine Esther Scruse.

Still a young damsel, Katherine Jackson seemed to have believed in falling in love at first sight. Here’s a short story; Joseph Jackson served as a boxer and a part-time musician. Well, he was married but later got divorced late in 1949. Within a short time, they got married and went to live in Gary. To others people’s surprise, the duo had ten children for a decade and six years.

With an overload of family and bills to pay, Jackson was employed at the U.S Steel Company. Katherine was a family devotee and disciplinarian. In her free time, she sang and at the same time playing the piano. Thank heavens one of his sons, Michael grew older getting fond of what her mother loved.


An Ardently Devoted Matriarch

Marlon, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Michael formed the team as singers. Without world lyrics, there were always on several concerts and opening shows. Their fame called in 1967 where they won a tight competition.

Behind the scene was their mother who worked tirelessly as a set designer. The following year, Katherine Jackson sighed after her hard work cropped up; the Jackson 5 signed a contract with Motown Record.



After a sudden demise of her son, Michael Jackson in 2009, Katherine Jackson was granted a legal responsibility. The law instructed and permitted her to take care of Michael’s children; Prince, Blanket and Paris.

A jinx spread that Kate suffered a sudden stroke, but that was just but a tittle-tattle.



Katherine Jackson still loves her family to date. She always thinks of how she told her late son, Michael, how handsome he was. Sadly, Michael didn’t believe in this statement. Trying on plastic surgery was his new path. He died in 2009 due to cardiac arrest.

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