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John Cena

Birthday :

April 23, 1977

Also Known For :

Athlete, Actor, Reality Television Star

Birth Place :

West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States of America

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Chinese Zodiac :


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An all-time WWE star John Cena rose to stardom in the 21st century. Aside from his wrestling skills, he is also eloquent in various show-biz including acting, sports and appearing in reality TV shows. Growing up, Cena idolized as Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, and Shawn Michaels. His gym employee encouraged him to take wrestling seriously. It isn’t a doubt he is still bursting with health and in good shape too. His fun base expanded in time, and a boost of his career began. In between Cena appeared in UPN reality Television show called the Manhunt. John made see-saw moves to his fans by dressing himself with different personalities such as “The Prototype.” Question is, is he in the military? Or was he a veteran someday? There’s more to Cena than just coding opponent’s rules. Let’s find out.


John Cena carries an outstanding personality coupled with the fabulous physique. He is 113 kg and 1.80 m in height. Besides, hard work and dedication are what has brought Cena all the fame and fortune. In his youthful years, John Cena was still imaginative and mysterious in his way. He loves to make new friends hence traveling more to connect. In short, Cena lives a life that influences others positively. He loves to see everyone happy and content.

In the same way, John Cena is bright and always confident in what he does. Amid challenges, Cena doesn’t look for comfort from anyone other than his positive mindset. He trusts his confidence and capabilities to lead through the heaps of life. Also, Cena loves luxury and living in the present.

At times, he tries his best to accept his thoughts or rather decisions than relying on the outside world. His trait allowed him to learn from his mistakes and to move on.


Background Check

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. saw his first on 23 April 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. His maternal parents, John Cena Sr. and Carol had a different ethnic background. Growing up, Cena spent most of his time with his four siblings: Matt, Dan, Sean, and Steve.

As a young one, little John joined Central Catholic High School in his birthplace. Afterward, he enrolled at a boarding school called Cushing Academy. It wasn’t that long that he joined the Springfield College still in Massachusetts.

During his high school years, John Cena acted as a captain of his football team. Well, his ambition was to become a professional footballer someday. However, his height gave him the wrong impression.

After his graduation in 1998 with psychology and human anatomy degree, Cena relocated to California. From there, he joined the bodybuilding industry. To sustain his basic needs, John served as a driver in an established company. On that account, Cena didn’t meet the expense of an apartment, so he used his Lincoln Continental as a sleeping place.



At 22 years of age, John Cena started wrestling training at the Ultimate University. He trained under Rick Bassman who governed the Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW). John Cena personified the cyborg character titled Prototype. Luckily during his training, Discovery Channel took note of him where he has presented a program called Inside Pro Wrestling School. For a month Cena held the UPW last winner title.

In 2001 the World Wrestling Federation signed Cena to start professional wrestling officially. He was enlisted to fight against Mikey Richardson for the time of the SmackDown match. Sadly, he didn’t win as he had expected. The next dark wrestling match he won against Aaron Aguilera.

For him to turn actively into the next event, Cena was put under an “institution contract” at OVW Ohio Valley Wrestling. It is an expanding domain of WWF that acts as an assisting aid for new talents. While there John fought under his favorite moniker Mr. P or Prototype. For two months Cena held the heavyweight title and at the same time maintaining the team’s championship tag.

With all that in mind, John Cena’s real fame called after being at odds with Chris Jericho. His win took him to the next battleground with Los Guerreros and Chavo. He then fought against Brock Lesnar, and it was this time that FU signature materialized.


Celebrity Status

In 2004, John Cena’s household name became the pillar of society. He welcomed the year with the US championship that he attained after winning against Big Show. As the rule of the game goes, he lost the title several times, but he made sure he was the last holder of the WWE belt. He stayed out of his daily schedule for a month after being stabbed by Carlito’s defenders.

In 2007, Cena tangled with Kevin Federline, wrestler and a rapper. Sad to relate, John lost the match. Surprisingly, before the end of the year, Cena defeated Samoan Bulldozer. In between, he banded together with Shaun Michaels. The plan of action named Cena and Michaels achieving success. They managed to win over the so-called Randy Orton & Edge team.

In October 2007, something unusual happened for John Cena. Well, he wrestled against Mr. Kennedy and won. The following day, he complained of tore in his hip. After a checkup, it was confident that the hip bone was torn. In spite of acquiring his belt, one year outside the ring forced WWE CEO to do the unthinkable. His inactivity caused him to lose the crown.

In 2008, John Cena proved to be successful to his fans after being seen during the Royal Rumble Match. He undoubtedly took what belonged to him; as the wrestling finale. In August Rey Mysterious replaced him after suffering from a slipped neck disc. His presence in wrestling was postponed for his recovery.


Off The Ring

Aside from his wrestling career, John Cena seems to know it all when it comes to entertainment. He is a professional actor who has been featured in movies like 12 Rounds, The Marine and Legendary. Most famous TV shows include Punk’d, Parks & Recreation plus Psych. In the same case, he is also a rapper and his first album “You Can’t See Me” hit number 15 in the Billboard.

To extend the WWE internationally, Cena learned to speak Chinese. He gave a great speech in Shanghai during the WWE Press Conference. When it comes to philanthropy, nothing beats John for his pose. Also, recalled for granting 500 wishes at the “Make a Wish Foundation.”

Want to pass excellent and latest taste? Ask John Cena, and you’ll never go wrong. Cena loves to pose with trendy denim jeans and latest jerseys. He also wears incredible chains for “Chain Gang Merchandise.” When he launched his movie “The Marine” John wore the soldier-like inspired outfit to give it a higher position.


Personal Life

John Cena loves to pass the time by watching cartoons including “Fist of the North Star.” The left-handed champ married Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009. However, the couple parted ways in 2012 with no children. He then married a wrestler, Nikki Bella in 2017 but the duo only lasted for a year.

There’s no point in his life that John Cena joined the military. He is not a veteran either.   

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