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Justin Drew Blake

Birthday :

February 1, 2000

Birth Place :

Minnesota, United States of America

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Justin Drew Blake was born on February 1, 2000. He is an American social media personality and star. He is a transgender. He is seventeen years old. He first came out of the closet to his teachers and later on to his brother and then classmates. He has more than two million followers on On YouNow he has more than one hundred and fifty thousand followers. He has more than six hundred thousand followers on Instagram and more than forty thousand followers on Twitter. He is a member of the YouTube Channel known as ‘Blake Boys.’  The ‘Blake Boys’ consists of his brother Danny and his friend Damon.

Early Life

Justin Drew Blake was born on February 1, 2000, in Minnesota, United States of America. He was brought alongside two siblings, Danny and Jacob. He has a YouTube Channel with his friend Damon known as ‘Justin and Damon.’ He also has his own YouTube Channel known as ‘Justin Drew Blake.’ He had sweaters and T-shirts plus other merchandise in his name.


Rise To Stardom

Justin Drew Blake joined social media when he was just a nobody but an ordinary boy. He had an impoverished social life in school as some of the students hated him. He is a transgender, and so he had difficulty in adjusting to school. He was unable to come out to his friends and classmates about his condition. His teachers knew of his condition. He joined social media and opened up about his gender. His posts garnered him supporters and well-wishers. His father helped him a lot in opening up about his condition to the people around him. He started accepting his sexuality, and he came out even more thus his popularity increased.

Justin Drew Blake also runs a Vlogging Channel where he Vlogs about his experiences as a transgender. His classmates were not happy with him for having not revealed his sexuality to them. They criticized him that he ended up taking online classes.  He later transferred to another school where he first opened up about his sexuality to his new classmates.


Personal Life

Justin Drew Blake was in a relationship with Raegan Beast from 2016. They broke up in 2017. He has many pets that he loves spending time with. He is also obsessed with dying his hair with different colors. He enjoys listening to country music, and he sings as well.

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