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John Cleese

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October 27, 1939

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Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, United KIngdom

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Ranging at six feet and five inches tall, John Cleese towered on top of the most envied casts. He was a former advocate of psychotherapy and a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. He is a multifaceted-man; both funny and deeply serious. Either way, everyone loved his authoritative stance and innate talent. John will always remain as the most iconic figure in both comedy and writing field. He will always exhibit a unique trend in the world and beyond.

Childhood And Early Life

Known as John Marwood Cleese, he was first seen in the world on October 27, 1939, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England. His father Francis Cleese was an insurance agent while his mother was called Muriel Evelyn. He joined St. Peter’s Preparatory School where he passed in English studies. He loved to play cricket and boxing. At the age of 12, John was given his first acting role in one of the school theaters in his area. At 13 John received a scholarship where he went to study at Clifton College in Bristol. He fathomed both in academics and sports. He later joined Clifton College where he graduated in 1958.

Shortly after; John landed a teaching job at his former preparatory school. He taught Geography, History, Latin, English, and Science. In the mid of 1960, Cleese got an admission to study law at Downing College at Cambridge University. During his free time, he used to showcase his acting skill at Famed Footlights Dramatic Club. Early in 1961, John wrote an additional material for his club titled ‘I Thought I Saw It Move.' After a year he was selected as the main Registrar of Footlights Club.



In 1963 John Cleese graduated from Cambridge University. The same time he landed a script writing job and became a member of Footlights Revue titled ‘A Clump of Plinths.’ The Revue reached the highest rank at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which was later renamed as ‘Cambridge Circus.’ In the mid of 1964, Cleese appeared in several sketches like ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ which was broadcast on CBS 

In 1995 John commenced to write for ‘the Frost Report’ and later he was introduced as the main actor for the series. His tall physique made him be selected as the main character in all films, unlike his fellows. The same period, he met with British comedian Peter Cook. Afterward, John landed writing and reforming job at satirical television show titled ‘At Last the 1948 Show’. All ages loved his sketch 'Doctor in the House.'

In 1968 John co-wrote a television show named as ‘How to Irritate People.’ He also ventured into other fields together with his partners the likes of Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, and Terry Jones among others. They teamed up and formed a comedy group titled ‘Monty Python.’ After a short period, the Python Group launched the British sketch sitcom named as ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus.’ They were obliged to showcase their sweat on the BBC TV network.

In 1972 John collaborated with other television professionals and co-founded a video production company. It was typically named as ‘Video Arts.’ They teamed up and produced videos such as ‘More Bloody Meetings’ and ‘Meeting, Bloody Meetings.

From 1981 to 1985 Cleese appeared in British films such as ‘Time Bandits’ and ‘Robin Hood.’ He also played ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball.’ In 1983 he published ‘Families and How to Survive’ book. It became the best -selling book of all times. He also took time and co-wrote the movie ‘Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.’

John Cleese rose to fame in 1999 when he played a James Bond film, ‘The World Is Not Enough’ and ‘Die Another Day.’ John aimed to aim higher and never look back. In that norm, he appeared in an America comedy titled ‘Cheers.’ He followed it up with ‘Will & Grace’ series. He also got a chance to voice ‘Shrek2’, ‘Shrek Ever After’ and ‘Shrek the Third.’


Later Life

From 2009 to 2010 John Cleese went on an ‘Alimony Tour Year One and Two’ to Scandinavia and US. The following year he toured South Africa where he appeared on the ‘Legend of the Guardians’. He also played ‘Hunting Elephants’ but stopped in the middle due to illness. With a never die-hard personality, Cleese appeared in ‘Chalky’ which is a documentary film.


Awards And Achievements

In the long run, John garnered several awards. In 1980 he received the BAFTA Award for being the ‘Best Light Entertainment Performer.’ He also won the Primetime Emmy for ‘Outstanding Guest Performer’ in 1987.He also received the Best Actor Award for ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ film.


Personal Life

‘Cheese,’ sorry, but that was his ancestral name before his father opted to change it back to Cleese. Hope you’ve got that right. Anyway, Cleese considers Monty Python’s Life of Brian as his biggest hit. He also mentioned other films like Fawlty Towers and A Fish Called Wanda. Besides his fame, John Cleese had had over three hair transplants. He used to hate his baldness in the 1980s. At times his wigged wig chipped while taking a film role, but he came to get used to it. When it comes to a relationship, John has married four times, but unfortunately, three of his marriage ended up in divorce. He once married Connie Booth, Alyce Faye Eichelberger, and Barbara Trentham. He later married Jennifer Wade in 2012. The Python man has two children one from Connie and the other one from Barbara.

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