Joan of Arc Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Joan of Arc

Birthday :

January 6, 1412

Died On :

May 30, 1431

Birth Place :

Domrémy-la-Pucelle, Grand Est, France

Zodiac Sign :


Joan of Arc aka “The Maid of Orleans” was recognized for her courage. She believed she was the only one chosen to lead the way for France victory during 1337’s ‘Hundred Years War.’ England rulers wanted to take over France. The leading cause of the war was because of the early death of Charles IV of France in 1328. It was so unfortunate that he didn’t leave an heir to take over the throne. Before her untimely death, Joan left a symbol of endurance not only in France but nationwide.

Childhood & Teen Life

Joan of Arc was seen in the world around 1412 in Domremy, France. His father, Jacques d’ Arc was a limited farmer. The family was pretty much middle class. As she was growing up, her parents demanded that she must adhere to Catholic teachings. It was regrettable that she wasn’t taught how to write or read.

It all happened in 1420 when Joan was eight years of age; French prince Charles of Valois was disinherited. King Henry V became the ruler of both France as well as England. His son, Henry VI took his tenure in 1422. As a result, England seemed to have accepted the northern part of France. The state forced Joan’s dwellers to evacuate without notice. A threat passed that England wanted to invade their territories.

At 13 years, Joan started to hear the voice from above. She made a stand that she heard messages from God to expel her enemies and instill peace. Her end promise to the creator was to make Charles as the heir of France. The mission of Joan was to stay loyal to her purity. She was forced to get married by 16 by her parents. Joan of Arc was glad to have won the case against her early marriage at the local court.


Saint of France

At 16, Joan made her way to a communal settlement in Vaucouleurs, Charles neighborhood. Unfortunately, Robert de Baudricourt, (local magistrate) restriction order made Joan do the unthinkable. She cropped her hair and worn men clothes to cross the magistrates Teri totty. She spent eleven days to reach Chinon, Charles palace.

Joan of Arc promised Charles by all heaps and bounds, he must secure the king's title. It was then that she was given an escort to lead the field in Orleans. All was set by 1429 where Joan wore white shining armor and a white horse.

Before then, Joan of Arc had already sent a non-compliant letter plus several French armies. She aimed to drive the Burgundians from their motherland. With less effort, they were forced to draw back.


Loss of Power and Trial

With victory from her side, Joan’s incredible act spread by leaps and bounds. The locals escorted Charles to his promised kingdom where coronation as King Charles VII in 1429 happened.

All came to be a dream for Joan and Charles when the French retook Paris. They were able to build their defenses in Paris where it became easy to attack and defeat Joan’s dream. She tried with an effort to defend her town without success. She was captivated by the Burgundians and taken to Bouvreuil castle.

During the trial, Joan was found guilty and charged with over 70 cases including witchcraft, unorthodoxy and putting on men’s clothes. Joan’s enemy wanted to get rid of her and later damage Charles reputation. Well, there’s been no negotiation when it came to Joan’s liberation.


Death & Confession

In 1431 Joan remained in detention for one year. The pressure to be killed led to her sign a confession. She denied having received divine intervention. Days passed by, and Joan of Arc shouldered her mistake; dressing like a man. Court's final judgment defined her like a disobedient damsel, and her death sentence was pronounced there and then.

At only 19, Joan’s of Arc life came to an end on May 30 where she was burnt to ashes at an old local market. At the end of it all, her fame called when she was no more. After twenty years, Charles VII tried to clear Joan’s name which was a success. Joan canonization happened in 1920 as the saint of France.

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