Jeanne Bécu, countess du Barry Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Jeanne Bécu, countess du Barry

Birthday :

August 19, 1743

Died On :

December 8, 1793

Birth Place :

Vaucouleurs, Grand Est, France

Zodiac Sign :


Jeanne Bécu, countess du Barry was the last of Louis XV of France's mistresses born in 1743. Even though she was born to a lower-class family, her beauty earned her a position in the courts of Louis XV. Sadly, she was also among the victims of the French Revolution. She died at a young age in 1793.

Early Life and Education

Jeanne Bécu, countess du Barry was born Marie-Jeanne Bécu in August 19, 1743 to lower class parents in Vaucouleurs,France. Her father is believed to be Jean Baptiste Gormand de Vaubernier and mother Anne Bécu de Cantigny. Claude, her half-brother died at infancy.

She attended school at a convent until she was 15 years old. There, she received her early education. Thereafter, she got a job in Paris as a shop assistant at a fashion house. At the time, she called herself Jeanne Vaubernier.

Jeanne was forced to work from a young age given her humble upbringing. Somehow, she had to put food in her mouth with whatever job she could get.  Among her many jobs was that of an assistant hairdresser to Lantz. She even became lovers with him briefly.

Later, she worked for an elderly widow as her companion. Again, it was briefly. Her beauty led to the instability of the marriage of the 2 sons of la Garde. She then got another job at a haberdashery shop as a milliner's assistant.


Later Life as Louis XV’s Mistress

In 1768, Louis XV became attracted to Jeanne for her beauty. She is best described as a blonde woman with blue eyes and thick golden ringlets. It was hard to resist her beauty. Later when she began living with him, she lived a comfortable life full of luxury. It was nothing compared to her childhood life. This was a life where Jewelry and fine gowns were the talks of the day.


Personal Life

While working at the fashion house in Paris, Jeanne Vaubernier. met with Jean du Barry and became his mistress. He was a Gascon nobleman. This is how she came to be known by Parisian high society. Many nobles acknowledged her beauty, including Louis XV’s. Later. She got married to Guillaume du Barry, du Barry’s brother. This was a nominal marriage organized by du Barry. It earned her a position in Louis XV’s court in April 1769.



Jeanne Vaubernier. died on December 8, 1793, when she was only 50 years old after she was beheaded.

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