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Birthday :

September 28, 551

Died On :


Also Known For :

Politician, Philosopher

Birth Place :

Qufu, Lu, China

Zodiac Sign :


Childhood And Early Life

The Chinese philosopher Confucius was believed to have been born in 551 BC in Lu Province, today Shandong. The earliest historical mention of Confucius is around four hundred years after his death in the records of Sima Qian. He was raised by his mother, Yan Zhengzai in modest circumstances.



Confucius studied arithmetic, archery, calligraphy, philosophy, and history to becoming a teacher.


Rise To Fame

Confucius was employed by the Prince of Lu in various governmental roles. Disenchanted with the prince’s behavior, he went into self-imposed exile and spent time traveling around particularly the north-east and central parts of the country.



When Confucius was in his late sixties, Confucius returned home to Lu and opened a school teaching moral traditions and ancient wisdom found in the Five Classics.

His writings include the Book of Odes and the Book of Documents, both poetry collections. The Spring and Autumn Annals covered the history of Lu and the Book of Changes.

Confucius did not document his philosophy, and later interpretations are relied upon. These include the Analects, Mencius, Great Learning and Mean. These four works are collectively known as the Four Books of Confucianism. Confucianism became the state religion of China in 2 BC.


Major Works

Founder of Confucianism.


Personal Life

Confucius married Qiguan when he was nineteen years old, and the couple had three children.

Confucius died in 479 BC and was buried in Shandong. He was seventy years of age. His grandson Zisi kept the school going after the death of the philosopher.

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