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Maria Shabalin

Birthday :

October 19, 2002

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Instagram Personality

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United States of America

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Family And Birth

Maria Shabalin was born on the 19th day of October in the year 2002, and she is of Russian descent. Maria lives in a two-bedroom house that boasts of a walk-up on six-floors with her parents and one other sibling. Living with her is a parrot and a cat. The cat, called Kisa is a Siamese one while the parrot is called Verdic. Maria Shabalin was drawn to normal routines as a child and enjoyed gymnastics classes as well as hanging out in Coney Island with her friends. Sometime in 2015, she came across the video-sharing app known as  As a teen of middle-school social class, she enjoyed the app and soon got drawn to it.

As Maria explored the app, she uploaded videos of her lip-syncing in a comedy fashion for the audience of about 30 million as at the time. The audience size on the app has gone over the 100 million as at 2017. Maria Shabalin did not expect the outpouring of followership that resulted after that, and this got her dumbfounded. She was attending the science-leaning Leon M. Goldstein High School in Brooklyn at the time. This ninth grade girl was opened up to a new world that she did not expect just by doing what she loved.


Rise On

Maria Shabalin upended the trend when her comic videos became an instant hit on The trending circle was a shocking one for her. In no time, her videos began streaming on other sites of social media as well. The series of videos she put on social media gave her more acclaim as she was not recycling content. Her ability to produce fresh material was a draw for fans, and this was original in context. This was the lead she built on by uploading hilarious videos that were shot during momentarily awkward circumstances.

In no time, Maria Shabalin opened her Instagram account in November 2013 and developed a fan base too that took into consideration those outside of Here, her videos and images were made available to the delight of her audience.


Physique And Beauty

Maria Shabalin was born in America but her parents are Russian, and she bears the glaring Russian traits in her angelic poise and beauty. This has earned her an army of male fans who are enthralled by her looks. Regarding Maria's physical disposition and fashion, she is less intent on make-up, but she cuts a trendy look always.


What She Loves

Maria Shabalin has a love for beaches, and when it is spring, she is delighted. Although she is still a student, this has not prevented her from hugging the limelight. She is trained in ballet and a couple of other routines of dance. She indulges in the hobbies to keep her social and academic balance on a defining edge. Maria Shabalin is natural and real in her videos and makes no effort to depict the superficial at any time. This is a defining trait for her, and this is what shows in the absence of any string of façade in any of her uploads. On inspiring other girls around the world, Maria prefers that they all show defining self-love. Also, Maria hints at remaining true to who they are as a core of fulfillment.

When Maria features her friends in her videos, she is sure to make the introduction so that her fans can get along with her guests. She has teamed up with other stars on the app to churn out videos to the delight of her fans.


Her Life

In describing her routine, Maria Shabalin says she checks her phone when awake to see what the new message might be. She also checks out what is new on Instagram. Maria Shabalin loves the cooking bit that her mother does and has developed a liking for scrambled eggs as well as the organic grilled cheese. She also loves Cocoa Puffs as well as the English Tea for breakfast. Maria also loves flakes and strawberries too. Maria Shabalin identifies her best friend as a girl named Julia. She describes her as a friend she has known since the age of three. She collaborates with her to produce videos that she uploads. She has a slant for au naturel, and she is in the vanguard of this.Maria wants girls to know that not having makeup on should not mean that they are any less attractive.

Maria Shabalin loves to go on the boardwalk with her friends when she is free and also on the weekends. The amusement parks also form part of the attraction and right there, she finds a lot of things to get involved with. The candy spot is also a favorite for her when she is outdoors, and this is expected of a teen! When it is dinner Maria Shabalin eats in most time as her mother makes the meals. Dinner normally would involve some steaks, salads or lamb chops. Everyone in the house gets to eat, but she is sometimes the first to get off the dinner table as a routine that is more of a habit. After that, she gets back to what she needs to do or sort out some homework.



Maria Shabalin loves to study as she places a huge premium on her school work. Her homework can get a chunk of two hours or thereabouts. When handling her Math, she loves to complete this in class as it forms a pattern of group tasks, Maria Shabalin also loves AP human geography, which she describes as involving loads of writing. Geography is teaching her about the Atlas, usage of maps as well as recognizing other cultures and world religions.

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