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Film Actor

Alastair Sim

Birthday :

October 9, 1900

Died On :

August 19, 1976

Birth Place :

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Zodiac Sign :


Alastair Sim was born on October 9, 1900. He was a Scottish actor. He died at the age of Seventy-Five years.

Early Life

Alastair Sim was born Alastair George Bell Sim on October 9, 1900, in Edinburgh in Midlothian, Scotland. He was born to Alexander Sim and Isabella McIntyre. He was brought up alongside one sibling. He took his primary studies in Bruntsfield Primary School. He later joined James Gillespie’s High School for his secondary education. Sim after that enrolled in George Heriot’s School.  He was a part-time worker at his father’s shop. He then worked with Gieve’s a men’s outfit shop.

In 1918, he joined the University of Edinburgh to partake analytical chemistry. He later joined the army. He then was released from the army. Sim’s free time was his time to engage in poetry.  In 1922, he became an elocution teacher at a college in Dalry, Edinburgh where he served until 1924. In 1925, he became the Fulton Lecturer in Elocution in the University of Edinburgh until 1930. He formed his drama club here.



In 1930, Alastair Sim for the first time featured in ‘Othello’ as a messenger. In 1931, he made his Broadway debut. In 1932, he became Old Vic’s company member. He later played in plays of Shakespeare, Shaw, and Drinkwater. In 1935, he appeared in ‘The Riverside Murder’ as Sergeant McKay.

In 1936, he featured in ‘Wedding Group’ as Scottish Minister. In 1937, he featured in ‘The Squeaker.’ In 1938, he appeared in ‘Alf’s Button Afloat.’ In 1939, he played a role in ‘Inspector Hornleigh’ until 1941. He later appeared in the comedy ‘What Say They?’ as Professor Hayman. In 1943, he starred and acted director in ‘Mr. Bolfry’.

In 1944, Alastair Sim featured in ‘Waterloo Road.’ In 1945, he starred in ‘The Forrigan Reel.’ In 1946, he acted police detective in ‘Green for Danger’ as a starring. In 1947, he was the starring in ‘Dr. Angelus’. In 1948, he starred in ‘London Belongs to me.’In 1950, he appeared in ‘Mr. Gillie’ and ‘The Happiest Days of your Life’ as the starring. In 1951, he played the starring role in films such as ‘Laughter in Paradise,’ ‘Scrooge (A Christmas Carol).’

In 1953, he appeared in ‘Folly to Be Wise.’ In 1954, he played a role in ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘The Belles of St Trinians.’ In 1955, he featured as Professor Marcus in ‘The Ladykillers.’ In 1960, he embarked on his theatre career. In 1962, he played Prospero in ‘The Tempest.’ He appeared in ‘Windfall.’ In 1964, he featured in ‘The Merchant of Venice’ as Shylock. 

In 1965, Alastair Sim played a role in ‘The Elephant’s Foot.’ In 1966, he played a role in ‘The Clandestine Marriage’ comedy film. He played a recurring role in ‘Peter Pan’ in 1963,1964 and 1968. In 1967, he appeared in ‘Number Ten.’ He also played a recurring role in ‘Misleading Cases’ as Mr. Justice Swallow until 1971.

In 1969, he played Mr. Posket in ‘The Magistrate.’In 1971, he featured in an animation ‘A Christmas carol’ as Scrooge’s voice. In 1972, he played the role of a Bishop in ‘The Ruling Class.’ In 1975, he appeared in ‘Royal Flash.’ He later appeared in ‘Dandy Dick’ as Augustin Jedd. His last acting appearance was in ‘The Clandestine Marriage’ as Lord Ogleby.


Personal Life

In 1932, Alastair Sim married Naomi Plaskitt with whom he had one child. He died on August 19, 1976, in London, England. He died of Lung Cancer. He died at the age of Seventy-Five years.

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