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Bob Seger

Birthday :

May 6, 1945

Also Known For :

Rock Singer, Guitarist

Birth Place :

Lincoln Park, Michigan, United States of America

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The black man, Chuck Berry was the mastermind of rock and roll music since 1953. Now an American native, Robert Clerk Seger opted to make profound progress in his field. Well, let’s call it a natural born talent. Bob made a smart move and his fame called in the 1970s. To date, he still lives and breathes music. A pianist, guitarist and a songwriter, the sky is the limit for this genre.


He is a temper like character but so fun and entertaining. His calm nature paves the way for his outstanding performance. In short, Bob represents his talent with an A+. Born with a raspy voice, Seger knows nothing best than making a difference with his vocal chords. That’s a number one factor why his fans win his trust. The moment he plans to record his song, that’s just it!


Early And Childhood Life

It was on May 6th, 1945 that Robert Clark Seger was born in Michigan, Lincoln Park. His father, Stewart Seger, was a medical laboratory scientist. His mother, Charlotte Seger was a generous mother to his husband and two boys; George and Bob himself.

Even before Bob’s birth, Stewart started to fall in love with music. He owned a myriad of musical instruments that Seger Jr. played as he grew up. Sad to say his father abandoned the family due to a marital problem.

At ten years old, he attended School of Pioneer and later owned a degree in 1963. At 16, he unleashed his first band titled “The Decibels”. With an escort of his high school friends, Hunter and Stanger; the duo moved along as close siblings.



Eddie Andrews also one of the Decibels team became Bob’s Rock manager. He later moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he met a keyboardist; Town Criers. In a few months, the band launched “The Ballad of the Yellow Beret” followed by “East Side Story” song.

From 1968 to 70s, Seger’s released many records. Some of the major ones include Heavy Music and Persecution Smith. His debut was called the “Rambling Man. The title itself made him a household name. Unfortunately, the band parted ways in 1969 and Bob opted to further his musical skills.

At the end of the 1970s, Bob released a song titled Mongrel.   The following year, he vanished from his band and turned into a songwriter. His fourth album, Brand New Morning was established in 1971.

In 1975 Bob joined Capitol Records, and it is here where he released a rock song titled Beautiful Loser. The record gave birth to an excellent band called Silver Bullet. With his incredible team, he toured USA and surrounding areas. To his surprises, the song remained as one of top hitting rock for 3yrs.

The following years, Bob released several songs including Night Moves, “Rock and Roll never Forget” plus the Main Street. One of the summer songs “Stranger in Town welcomed him into the rocker's seat. Another big hit was Against the Wind and Nine Tonight that was unleashed in the 1980’s.

After a short pause, Seger settled with his family for eleven years. He broke the silence in 2006 with a rock titled Face the Promise. The last hit of "Rock and Roll Never Forgets" gave him a Platinum reward. Several songs debuted on the Billboard charts.


Personal Life

Well, Bob took not one but fifteen years to stretch out to stardom. Bob Seger married twice, but both marriages lead to divorce. He is presently happily married to Nita Seger. The duo was blessed with two kids.

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