Albert, Prince Consort Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Albert, Prince Consort

Birthday :

August 26, 1819

Died On :

December 14, 1861

Also Known For :

Prince Of Saxe Coburg And Gotha

Birth Place :

Coburg, Bavaria, Germany

Zodiac Sign :


Former British Prime Minister, Robert Peel described Albert as one of the extraordinary beings that the world has never had. I don’t know if I can argue with the said statement or not. But what is known is that his biography shares a well-written anecdote that is entirely convincing even to the unknown. His political mastermind gave him a natural trait that turned him into a sensible and flamboyant man.This was quite evident when he got married to the Queen of the UK and Ireland, in 1840.It was here that he was named as the Prince of Consort of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Read further to know whether he played a significant role during his tenure.

Childhood And Early Life

On 26 August 1819, Francis Albert Augustus Chares Emmanuel was born to Ernest III, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saafeld in Germany, Coburg. His mother was known as Princess Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg.When his great-uncle died, Frederick IV in 1825 Albert’s dearest father took over as the King of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. It wasn’t easy to see his parents facing several stumbling blocks in their marriage where they opted to part ways. It was here that his husband exiled Albert's mother due to adultery. At only seven years old, his parents called it quits to the world of passion and romance. It is stated that Albert didn’t get a chance to see her dearest mother once more. It was here that he searched for solace refuge in his elder brother, Ernest. At his tender age, Albert started to earn at home where he was later taken at the University of Bonn. It was there that he majored in philosophy, art history, political economy, and law. Being a talented lad, he loved sports and music.


Later Life

It was on February, 10th 1840 that Albert, Prince Consort married his cousin, Victoria who became the Queen of Ireland and Great Britain. In the process, he was ranked to HRH Prince Albert, a title that he held for over a decade. Without further ado, he started to work on his roles where he became the President of the Society for the Extinction of Slavery. He favored slavery, but he despised child labor.

In 1844 Albert, Prince Consort tried to upgrade his family’s state of living where he raised a sizable amount of money to purchase an ancient house in Osborne. His plan was successful at the end. After a short pause, he was selected to chair as the Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. He also brought up a proposal to modernize Universities studies. In the middle of all, subjects like history and science were introduced. Simultaneously he helped and supported his wife wholeheartedly.

It was in 1851 that Albert, Prince Consort partnered with Henry Cole, a civil servant where they came up with Great Exhibition. It was here that tons of people gathered together to celebrate the culture and development that Prince Albert had done since his reign. Prominent leader including Charles Darwin and Lewis Carrol attended the event. In 1851 Albert acted as the President of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition.

Prince Albert’s wife was lucky to have a caring husband where he guided her on international and national affairs. When the hell broke loose in 1861 and Britain and the United States declared war, Albert helped to solve the problem of the two countries.


Personal Life And Achievements

Albert, Prince Consort was named as Prince Consort in 1857. The British Empire recognized Alberts works with several honors including Great Master of the Order of the Bath and The Knight Companion of the Star of India. Foreign honors such as Knight Grand Gross followed. Queen Victoria, Albert’s cousin, felt in love with one another where they wedded on 10th February 1840 at St. James Palace. The couple lived a promising and fruitful life: a union that paved the way for more blessings. They were blessed with nine children and forty-two grandchildren.

Early in 1859, Albert, Prince Consort started to complain about his health, especially his stomach. As days passed, his health weakened. It was on December 14, 1861, that he breathed his last due to typhoid fever. Although it was believed that he succumbed due to typhoid, medical practitioner suggested that he suffered from a serious illness such as cancer. Queen Victoria was heartbroken, and her smile started to fade away. In his honor, Lake Albert, Saskatchewan that is located in Africa was named after him. The Royal Society of Arts RSA inaugurated an Albert Medal early in 1864.

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