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Famous Events For March 11

Famous Events For March 11 – Today In History

March 11: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 11  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 11th March 1649: The French government and the Frondeurs (rebels) on this day signed the peace of Rueil.
2. 11th March 1665: A new legal code, guaranteeing religious observances unhindered, was on this day approved for the Dutch and the English towns.


18th Century – What Happened on March 11 – The 1700s

3. 11th March 1702: The first regular English newspaper “Daily Courant” was published today.
4. 11th March 1708: The Royal assent to the Scottish Militia bill was on this day withheld by Queen Anne. This was the case of a British Monarch vetoing legislation.
5. 11th March 1779: The US Army Corps of Engineers was established today.
6. 11th March 1791: Today Samuel Mulliken became the first person to receive more than one patent from the patent office.
7. 11th March 1795: In India, the Marathas beat the Moguls today in the battle of Kurdla.

19th Century – March 11 This Day That Year – The 1800s

8. 11th March 1810: The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was on this day married to Archduchess Maria Louise of Austria by proxy.
9. 11th March 1812: Today citizenship was granted to the Jews of Prussia.
10. 11th March 1823: Concord Academy, the first normal school in the US was opened in Concord today.


11. 11th March 1824: The Bureau of Indian Affairs was on this day created by the U.S. War Department with Seneca Indian Ely Parker as the first Indian to lead the Bureau.
12. 11th March 1845: As an act of protest to the settlement of Maori land by Europeans, which violated the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi, the small town of Kororareka was burnt down by seven hundred Maoris led by their chief Hone-Heke.
13. 11th March 1850: The first female medical school, Women’s Medical College Pennsylvania was opened today.
14. 11th March 1861: A confederate convention held in Montgomery, Alabama, adopted a new constitution.
15. 11th March 1862: George McClellan was today removed as general in chief by Abraham Lincoln.
16. 11th March 1864: The largest manmade disaster in England, the Sheffield Flood occurred today killing over 250 people in Sheffield.
17. 11th March 1865: Fayetteville was on this day occupied by Union General William Sherman and his forces.
18. 11th March 1867: The volcano Great Mauna Loa erupted today in Hawaii.
19. 11th March 1872: Today the construction of a colliery located in one of the richest coal sources in England, the Seven Sister Colliery was started.
20. 11th March 1872: The Meiji Japanese government today successfully annexed the Ryukyu kingdom which became the Okinawa prefecture.
21. 11th March 1882: In Princeton New Jersey, the Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association was formed today.
22. 11th March 1888: More than 400 people were killed in the “Blizzard of 88” which began along the US Atlantic Seaboard shutting down communication and transportation lines.


23. 11th March 1895: Reina Regente, the Spanish Cruiser sank in the Straits of Gibraltar today killing at least 400 people.
24. 11th March 1897: A meteorite entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded today over Martinsville in New Virginia. It caused some material damage. There was no loss of life.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 11th – The 1900s

25. 11th March 1900: Peace overtures offered by the Boer leader Paul Kruger were on this day rejected by the British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury.
26. 11th March 1901: J. P. Morgan bought Carnegie Steel Corporation from Andrew Carnegie making Carnegie the world’s richest man and paving the way for the formation of U. S. Steel.
27. 11th March 1901: An amendment to the treaty to the canal agreement with Nicaragua was on this day rejected by Britain.
28. 11th March 1904: Today the north tunnel under the Hudson River was holed through after 30 years of drilling, to create a link between New York and New Jersey City.
29. 11th March 1905: This day marks the official inauguration of the Parisian subway.
30. 11th March 1907: An anarchist today killed Premier Nicolas Petkov in Bulgaria.
31. 11th March 1907: California was induced today the President Theodore Roosevelt to revoke its anti-Japanese legislation.


32. 11th March 1909: A.C. Jellison was today awarded the first gold medal for a perfect four by the American Bowling Congress.
33. 11th March 1912: The leader of the Liberal Party Eleftherios Venizelos won the elections in Greece again.
34. 11th March 1915: The British today declared a blockade of all German ports.
35. 11th March 1917: The Mesopotamian capital of Bagdad was on this day occupied by the British, and soon after it was evacuated by Turkish forces.
36. 11th March 1918: Moscow today became the Capital city of revolutionary Russia.
37. 11th March 1918: Today, at Fort Riley in Kansas, the US reported its first confirmed case of Spanish Flu.
38. 11th March 1919: The general strike in Germany was crushed today.
39. 11th March 1920: After fighting French dominance Syria today proclaimed Emil Feisal as King.
40. 11th March 1924: The Belgium Tunis government begins its 3rd term today.
41. 11th March 1927: The Roxy Theater in New York City was on this day opened by Samuel Roxy Rothafel.
42. 11th March 1935: Bank of Canada first opens in Ottawa on Wellington Street today.
43. 11th March 1935: The German Air Force on this day became an official department of the Reich.
44. 11th March 1938: Today Kurt von Schuschnigg was replaced by Arthur Seyss-Inquart as Chancellor of Austria. German troops also entered the country.

45. 11th March 1941: The lend-lease Act which authorizes the act of providing war supplies to the Allies was on this day authorized by President Roosevelt.
46. 11th March 1942: Today the first deportation train leaves Paris for Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
47. 11th March 1942: Japanese troops today land in North Sumatra.
48. 11th March 1943: Today in the Netherlands the Nazi Militia was formed.
49. 11th March 1944: “Joop Westerweel”, the Dutch resistance fighter was on this day arrested.
50. 11th March 1945: About a thousand allied bombers today harassed Essen dropping over 4000 ton bombs.
51. 11th March 1946: The Soviets pulled out of Mukden, Manchuria today and as they pulled out, the Communists and the Nationalists began fighting.
52. 11th March 1946: Winston Churchill was on this day denounced by Pravda as anti-Soviet and a warmonger.
53. 11th March 1948: The Jewish Agency of Jerusalem was bombed today.
54. 11th March 1948: Reginald Weir today became the first black tennis player to play in the US Indoor Lawn Tennis Association tournament.
55. 11th March 1953: An American B-47 bomber, accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on Mars Bluff in South Carolina today. It created a crater of 75 feet across. The six safety catches on the bomb prevented the detonation of the nuclear core.
56. 11th March 1953: The first woman doctor was on this day commissioned in the Army.
57. 11th March 1954: The US Army today charged Senator Joseph McCarthy with using undue pressure tactics.

58. 11th March 1960: Today US launched Pioneer 5 into Solar orbit between Earth and Venus.
59. 11th March 1963: Today Somalia severs diplomatic relations with Great Britain.
60. 11th March 1964: Carl Hayden, the US Senator today completed 37 years and seven days of continuous service breaking the record for continuous service.
61. 11th March 1965: Today Indonesian President Sukarno accepted the qualification of Suharto.
62. 11th March 1965: The US army in an attempt to end arms smuggling to the South, began inspecting Vietnamese junk.
63. 11th March 1966: A military coup led by Gen Suharto breaks out in Indonesia.
64. 11th March 1966: Thirty-one people were killed in Japan today in a fire accident in a Ski resort.
65. 11th March 1969: Levi Strauss started selling bell-bottomed Jeans.
66. 11th March 1970: The Kurd nation was on this day recognized by the Iraq Ba’th Party.
67. 11th March 1972: Today the OPEC threatened to “appropriate sanctions” against any company that fails to comply with the decisions of OPEC by the member countries.
68. 11th March 1974: Mount Etna erupted in Cecily today.
69. 11th March 1975: USSR today performed a nuclear test in Eastern Kazak.
70. 11th March 1975: There was a rightist military coup under General Antonio de Spinola in Portugal which failed.
71. 11th March 1978: 45 people were killed in Israel today when terrorists attacked a mail truck in Tel Aviv.
72. 11th March 1981: The Constitution of Chile took effect today. Augusto Pinochet’s 2nd term began today.
73. 11th March 1982: An attempted military coup under Rambocus failed in Surinam today.
74. 11th March 1982: A peace treaty was signed by Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in Washington today.
75. 11th March 1982: The United States today imposed a boycott on Libyan Crude Oil.
76. 11th March 1985: The Soviet Communist Party named Mikhail Gorbachev as its new Chairman.
77. 11th March 1986: Today marks the completion of one million days since the foundation of Rome (from 21st April 753 BC).

78. 11th March 1986: Today 187.27 million shares were traded at the New York Stock Exchange.
79. 11th March 1986: Japanese probe Sakigake flies at 6.8 million KM by the Halley’s Comet.
80. 11th March 1988: Iran and Iraq declared a cease-fire today.
81. 11th March 1988: The one pound note in Britain ceases to be a legal tender. It is replaced by a one-pound coin.
82. 11th March 1990: For the first time since 1973 Chile got a democratically elected President when Patricio Aylwin was sworn in as President today.
83. 11th March 1990: Lithuania became the first state to break away from Communist control. It today declared its independence from the Soviet Union.
84. 11th March 1992: Former US President Richard Nixon today said that the Bush administration was not giving enough economic aid to Russia.
85. 11th March 1993: North Korea today refused to open its sites for inspection and withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
86. 11th March 1993: The U.S. Senate today unanimously confirmed Janet Reno as the first female attorney general.

87. 11th March 1994: Eduardo Frei was on this day sworn in as President of Chile. This was the first peaceful transfer of power in Chile since 1970.
88. 11th March 1995: The Kazakhstan parliament was today disbanded by President Nazarbayev.
89. 11th March 1996: The EU database directive was passed on this day.
90. 11th March 1996: John Winston Howard became the 25th Prime Minister of Australia. He was the second longest-serving Prime Minister of Australia.
91. 11th March 1997: Queen Elizabeth II today Knighted Beatle McCartney as Sir Paul.
92. 11th March 1997: In what is known as the worst incidence in Japan’s history, an explosion in the nuclear reprocessing plant caused 35 workers to be exposed to low levels of radioactivity.
93. 11th March 1998: An alert was on this day issued by the International Astronomical Union that an asteroid about one mile wide could come very close to Earth or it may even hit the Earth on 26th Oct 2028. But on the next day, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA announced that there was no chance of the asteroid hitting the Earth.
94. 11th March 1999: Infosys today became the first Indian company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

21st Century – March 11 This Day In History – The 2000s

95. 11th March 2002: As a mark of respect to the victims of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, as a temporary memorial, two columns of light on this day were pointed skyward from ground zero in New York City.
96. 11th March 2003: The inaugural session of the International Criminal Court was held today in Hague.
97. 11th March 2004: Terrorists today exploded simultaneous bombs in Madrid. It hit the rail network ripped through a commuter train, rocked three stations, and killed about 190 people.
98. 11th March 2006: Chile got its first female president today when Michelle Bachelet was inaugurated as president.
99. 11th March 2009: In a school shooting in Germany 17 people were killed today.

100. 11th March 2011: An earthquake of magnitude 9 struck 130 KM east of Sendai in Japan. It triggered a tsunami and caused the second-worst nuclear accident in history. It killed thousands of people.

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