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March 11 Famous Birthdays

March 11 Famous Birthdays

If you share this March 11 famous birthday, then you could increase your chances for successful endeavors on Thursdays and Mondays believe it or not. If those days fall on a two or a five, you could be extremely lucky. This could be the reason why famous Pisces born on March 11 are able to take a bad situation and turn it around.

The March 11 famous birthday horoscope says that you are able to work magic. They don’t know how close they are to the truth. Famous people born on 11th March give the appearance of having a life that is stress free. They are a responsive friend to those that hold them close. If anyone is looking for a partner that is idealistic, trustworthy and loving, they should look no further than the famous person born on March 11.


When it comes to money, however, famous March 11th people should take special care to follow their financial goals through. It would seem that they live for today and really not for the future. Try budgeting money or investing so it will last longer.


Famous birthdays of March 11 share many traits. They are curious individuals. Being born a Pisces, they may have multiple personalities as they are extremely adaptable. Their friends adore them but find that they can be moody. The March 11 famous birthday horoscope warns them to watch their spending habits.


March 11th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

11th March Good Traits:

  • Innovative
  • Adaptable
  • Tranquil
  • Tender
  • Loyal
  • Efficient

11th March Bad Traits:

  • Extravagant
  • Extreme
  • Excessive
  • Moody
  • Irritable

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March 11th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abigail Frias, 1994, YouTube Star
Ainsley Bailey, 1992, TV Actress
Al Ernest Garcia, 1887, Movie Actor
Alahna Ly, 2000, Instagram Star
Albert Salmi, 1928, TV Actor
Alec Soudry, 2000, YouTube Star
Alex Aragon, 1979, Golfer
Alex Gregory, 1984, Rower
Alex Kingston, 1963, TV Actress
AlexZAfro, 1996, Twitch Star
Allan Ganley, 1931, Drummer
Amanda Weir, 1986, Swimmer
Andre Nickatina, 1970, Rapper
Andres Velencoso, 1978, Model
Andrew Robertson, 1994, Soccer Player
Anissa Jones, 1958, TV Actress

Anthony Charles, 1981, Soccer Player
Anthony Davis, 1993, Basketball Player
Anthony Hudson, 1981, Soccer Coach
Anton Yelchin, 1989, Movie Actor
Antonin Scalia, 1936, Politician
Arizona Reid, 1986, Basketball Player
Astor Piazzolla, 1921, Composer
Austin Swift, 1992, Family Member
Barbara Alyn Woods, 1962, Movie Actress
Becky Hammon, 1977, Basketball Player
Ben Dunk, 1987, Cricket Player
Ben Lins, 1993, YouTube Star
Benji Madden, 1979, Guitarist
Benji Webbe, 1967, Reggae Singer
Bernie Bierman, 1894, Football Coach
Bernie Labarge, 1953, Guitarist
Bianca Gonzalez, 1983, TV Show Host
Black Coffee, 1976, DJ
Bobby Abreu, 1974, Baseball Player
Bobby Graham, 1940, Drummer
Bobby Lyle, 1944, Pianist
Bobby McFerrin, 1950, Pop Singer
Branislav Deskovic, 1883, Sculptor
Buvaisar Saitiev, 1975, Wrestler
Callum McGinley, 1992, YouTube Star
Camden Scott, 1991, YouTube Star
Carl Ruggles, 1876, Composer
Carla Estrada, 1956, TV Producer
Caroline Bassac, 1990, YouTube Star
Casey Jackson, 1997, Model
Catherine Fulop, 1965, TV Actress
Charley Lincoln, 1900, Guitarist
Charlie Jayne, 1986, Equestrian
Cheryl Lynn, 1957, R&B Singer
Christian Bowman, 1975, TV Actor
Chuon Nath, 1883, Religious Leader
Corey Pieper, 1990, Pop Singer
Cornelius Castoriadis, 1922, Philosopher
Craig Fairbaugh, 1978, Guitarist
Craig Gilroy, 1991, Rugby Player
Curtis Brown, 1956, Astronaut
Cynthia Klitbo, 1967, Soap Opera Actress
Dan Uggla, 1980, Baseball Player

Daniella Kertesz, 1989, Movie Actress
Darden Smith, 1962, Folk Singer
David Anders, 1981, TV Actor
David Boies, 1941, Lawyer
David LaChapelle, 1963, Photographer
David Newman, 1954, Composer
David Weisman, 1942, Film Producer
Deborah Copaken Kogan, 1966, Memoirist
Dejan Stojanovik, 1959, Poet
Demi Harman, 1993, TV Actress
Destinei Teal, 2006, Model
Diane Brewster, 1931, TV Actress
Didier Drogba, 1978, Soccer Player
DJ Enright, 1920, Poet
DJ MacHale, 1955, Screenwriter
Dock Ellis, 1945, Baseball Player
Dorothy Gish, 1898, Movie Actress
Douglas Adams, 1952, Novelist
Elias Koteas, 1961, Movie Actor
Elizabeth Linington, 1921, Novelist
Elton Brand, 1979, Basketball Player
Eric Calderone, 1985, YouTube Star
Eric Ceballos, 1992, Model
Estefania Villarreal, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Ezra Jack Keats, 1916, Children’s Author

Fabio Coentrao, 1988, Soccer Player
Flaco Jimenez, 1939, Accordionist
Fred Jones, 1979, Basketball Player
Fugative, 1994, Rapper
Fulvio Cecere, 1960, TV Actor
Gale Norton, 1954, Politician
Galina Becker, 1987, Family Member
Geneva Natalia, 1999, Model
George Gray, 1967, Game Show Host
Greg Butler, 1966, Basketball Player
Greg Olsen, 1985, Football Player
Gretchen Geraghty, 1997, Instagram Star
GretchenLovesBeauty, 1997, YouTube Star
Gudda Gudda, 1983, Rapper
Guillermo Campra, 1997, TV Actor
Gunnar Kaasen, 1882, Dog Musher
Ha Jung-woo, 1978, Movie Actor
Handre Pollard, 1994, Rugby Player
Harold Wilson, 1916, Politician
Harvey Mandel, 1945, Guitarist
Heidi Cortez, 1981, Entrepreneur
Henry Cowell, 1897, Composer
Himzo Polovina, 1927, World Music Singer
Homer Croy, 1883, Screenwriter
Jack Clemo, 1916, Poet
Jack Rodwell, 1991, Soccer Player
Jacob Carr, 1985, Vine Star
Jacob Cruikshank, 2001, Family Member
Jamal Duff, 1972, Football Player
Jeffrey Nordling, 1962, TV Actor
Jenny Packham, 1965, Fashion Designer
Jesse Jackson Jr., 1965, Politician
Jesse Lowe, 1814, Politician
Jessie Matthews, 1907, Stage Actress
Jim Jeffords, 1934, Politician
Jimmy Fortune, 1955, Country Singer
Jimmy Iovine, 1953, Entrepreneur
Joachim Fuchsberger, 1927, Movie Actor
Jodie Comer, 1993, TV Actress
Joe Hachem, 1966,
Joel Benjamin, 1964, Chess Player
Joel Madden, 1979, Rock Singer
Joel Madden, 1979, Rock Singer
Joey Buttafuoco, 1956, Comedian
John Barrowman, 1967, TV Actor
John Doran, 1807, Essayist
John McLean, 1785, Supreme Court Justice
Johnny Knoxville, 1971, TV Actor
Jon Jang, 1954, Pianist
Jonny Fairplay, 1974, Reality Star
Jose Mari Chan, 1945, Pop Singer
Josh Friend, 1988, Rock Singer
Josh Robert Thompson, 1975, Voice Actor
Josh Sobo, 1994, YouTube Star
Josh Willis, 1996, Star
Justin Brescia, 1982, Reality Star
Karolis Inokaitis, 1995, Model
Kate Pang, 1984, TV Actress
Katia Labèque, 1950, Pianist
Katie McGlynn, 1995, Soap Opera Actress
Kowit Wattana, 1947, Politician
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, 1987, YouTube Star
KZ Tandingan, 1992, Pop Singer
Laurence Llewelyn-bowen, 1965, TV Show Host
Lawrence Welk, 1903, TV Show Host
Lee Evans, 1981, Football Player
LeToya Luckett, 1981, Pop Singer
Liam Bailey, 1983, Soul Singer
Liam Phillips, 1989, BMX Rider
Libba Bray, 1964, Young Adult Author
Linda Marlen Runge, 1986, Pop Singer
Lindsey McKeon, 1982, TV Actress
Lisa Loeb, 1968, Pop Singer
Lori Trespicio, 1979, Reality Star
Lucy Devito, 1983, Movie Actress
Lukas Krajicek, 1983, Hockey Player
Luke Johnson, 1981, Drummer
Maddy Harris, 1996, YouTube Star
Maddy Radtke, 2000, YouTube Star
Majak Daw, 1991, Australian Rules Footballer
Malcolm Campbell, 1885, Race Car Driver
Malcolm Delaney, 1989, Basketball Player
Manuel Elkin Patarroyo, 1946, Scientist
Marc-Andre Grondin, 1984, Movie Actor
Marcos Pontes, 1963, Astronaut
Marietta Chrousala, 1983, Model
Mariko Shinoda, 1986, Pop Singer
Marius Petipa, 1818, Dancer
Mark Molesley, 1981, Soccer Player
Mark Rober, 1980, YouTube Star
Martha Josey, 1938,
Martin Lipp, 1854, Poet
Martin Richards, 1932, Film Producer
Mary Gauthier, 1962, Folk Singer
Mateo Camargo, 1977, Guitarist
Matreya Fedor, 1997, TV Actress
Matt Mead, 1962, Politician
Matthias Schweighofer, 1981, Movie Actor
Max Santoro, 1997, Drummer
Maya Henry, 2001, Instagram Star
Melissa Rycroft, 1983, Reality Star
Mercer Ellington, 1919, Composer
Michael Phillips, 1961, Journalist
Michal Handzus, 1977, Hockey Player
Mike Dusi, 1981, Movie Actor
Mohit Chauhan, 1966, Pop Singer
Molly Anne, 1997, YouTube Star
Molly Bailey, 1997, YouTube Star
Natasha Polis, 1994, YouTube Star
Negash Ali, 1990, Rapper
Nick Toppel, 1999, Instagram Star
Nina Hartley, 1959,
Okasian, 1987, Rapper
Olivera Nikolova, 1936, Novelist
Parth Samthaan, 1991, TV Actor
Pat Bergeson, 1961, Guitarist
Patty Waters, 1946, Jazz Singer
Paul Bissonnette, 1985, Hockey Player
Paul Scharner, 1980, Soccer Player
Paul Turner, 1968, Bassist
Paul Wall, 1981, Rapper
Peeter Sauter, 1962, Poet
Peter Berg, 1962, Director
Peter Karmanos Jr., 1943, Sports Executive
Pita Alatini, 1976, Rugby Player
Pooja Misrra, 1984, Model
Poonam Pandey, 1991, Model
Rafaella Beckran, 1996, Family Member
Rainey Qualley, 1990, Country Singer
Ralph Abernathy, 1926, Civil Rights Leader
Ranjan Ramanayake, 1963, Movie Actor
Reiley McClendon, 1990, TV Actor
Renzo Gracie, 1967, MMA Fighter
Ricardo Martinelli, 1952, World Leader
Rich Hill, 1980, Baseball Player
Riley Ann Sawyers, 2005,
Rob Brown, 1984, Movie Actor
Rob Paulsen, 1956, TV Actor
Robbie Brookside, 1966, Wrestler
Robbie Daymond, 1982, Voice Actor
Robert Glenister, 1960, TV Actor
Robert Treat Paine, 1731, Politician
Rupert Murdoch, 1931, Entrepreneur
Russell Lissack, 1981, Guitarist
Ryan Harris, 1985, Football Player
Sacha Parkinson, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Sam Donaldson, 1934, Journalist
Sam Kekovich, 1950, Sportscaster
Scarlett Quinn, 1986, Pop Singer
Sean Oliu, 2002, World Music Singer
Shane Richie, 1964, Soap Opera Actor
Sharon Jordan, 1960, TV Actress
Shawn Springs, 1975, Football Player
Shemp Howard, 1895, Movie Actor
Shin Soohyun, 1989, Pop Singer
Simon Curtis, 1960, Director
Sophia Mugglesam, 2003, YouTube Star
Soraya, 1969, World Music Singer
Spencer Horseman, 1986, Magician
Stan Sherman, 1947, Movie Actor
Susan Richardson, 1952, TV Actress
Sylvia Day, 1973, Novelist
Taras Kulakov, 1987, YouTube Star
Tarik Filipovic, 1972, Game Show Host
Terrence Howard, 1969, Movie Actor
Thomas Starzl, 1926, Doctor
Thora Birch, 1982, Movie Actress
Timothy Carey, 1929, Movie Actor
Tom Clarke, 1986, Rock Singer
Tom Taylor, 1989, Rugby Player
Tommy Casey, 1930, Soccer Player
Torquato Tasso, 1544, Poet
Vannevar Bush, 1890, Scientist
Vince Giordano, 1952, Saxophonist
Vinnie Paul, 1964, Drummer
Wallace Langham, 1965, TV Actor
Wanda Gag, 1893, Illustrator
Willie Banks, 1956, Triple Jumper
Yasmine Akram, 1982, TV Actress
YoungWildAndPolished, 1994, YouTube Star
Zaven Andriasian, 1989, Chess Player


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