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Famous Events For June 22

Famous Events For June 22 – Today In History

June 22: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 22  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 22nd June 1377: Edward III was today succeeded by Richard II as king of England.
2. 22nd June 1497: Anti-tax uprising in Cornwell was suppressed in Blackheath.
3. 22nd June 1533: Signing of the peace treaty by Ferdinand of Austria and Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.
4. 22nd June 1559: In Prague, Jewish quarters were burned and looted.


5. 22nd June 1593: The Turks were defeated by the Allied Christian troops at the battle of Sisak.
6. 22nd June 1611: Explorer Henry Hudson was set adrift on his ship Discovery by mutineers. He was never seen again.
7. 22nd June 1633: The Pope forced Physicist and Astronomer Galileo Galilei to withdraw his Copernican view that the Earth orbits the Sun.
8. 22nd June 1675: King Charles II of England today established the Royal Greenwich Laboratory in England.

18th Century – What Happened on June 22 – The 1700s

9. 22nd June 1774: The British Parliament today accepted the Quebec Act.
10. 22nd June 1775: This day marks the issue of the first Continental currency ($3000, 000).
11. 22nd June 1799: Britain and Russia decided to invade the Batavian Republic.

19th Century – June 22 This Day That Year – The 1800s

12. 22nd June 1812: Laura Secord, upon hearing that the Americans were planning a surprise attack, walked 32 KM to warn the British troops, resulting in a surprise victory for the British in the Battle of Beaver Dams.
13. 22nd June 1825: The British Parliament today abolished the feudalism and seigneurial system in British North America.


14. 22nd June 1832: The pin-making machine was today patented by John Howe.
15. 22nd June 1844: The Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity was founded at Yale University today.
16. 22nd June 1848: Martin Van Buren was today nominated for President by the anti-slavery Barnburners Party.
17. 22nd June 1848: June Days uprising by the French workers begins in Paris.
18. 22nd June 1851: Part of San Francisco, including City Hall and Jenny Ling Theater, was destroyed in a fire today which was the fifth fire in two years.
19. 22nd June 1868: Arkansas re-joined the US today.
20. 22nd June 1870: The Department of Justice was created by the US Congress today.
21. 22nd June 1874: Dr. Andrew T Still discovered the science of Osteopathy.
22. 22nd June 1874: The game of Lawn Tennis was introduced on this day.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 22nd – The 1900s

23. 22nd June 1904: Following a labor shortage, Chinese laborers arrived in South Africa today.
24. 22nd June 1910: The first airship “Zeppelin” with passengers on board was set afloat. The airship was invented by Ferdinand von Zeppelin.
25. 22nd June 1911: King George V was today coroneted as king of the United Kingdom, Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand and all his realms and territories beyond the sea.
26. 22nd June 1915: The Brooklyn Rapid Transport, BRT, began its sub-way service today.
27. 22nd June 1918: A train carrying troops rammed into a circus train in Ivanhoe, Illinois, killing 68 people.
28. 22nd June 1921: The flying Finn, Paavo Nurmi ran 10,000 meters in a world record time of 30:40.2.
29. 22nd June 1932: Congress today approved the “Lindberg Act” which made kidnapping a federal offense.
30. 22nd June 1933: The German socio-democratic Party (SPD) was forbidden.


31. 22nd June 1936: Virgin Island received a constitution from the US (Organic Act).
32. 22nd June 1938: Joe Louis knocked out German boxer Max Schmeling in the very first round at Yankee Stadium and retained his heavyweight boxing title.
33. 22nd June 1939: Prince Elizabeth, the future queen of England today met her future husband Prince Phillip of Greece who became the Duke of Edinburgh.
34. 22nd June 1940: France with its northern half occupied and the southern half established as Nazi client state Vichy France, today surrendered to Nazi Germany.
35. 22nd June 1940: In protest of South Africa’s involvement in World War II, about 10,000 Afrikaner women march to the Union buildings today.
36. 22nd June 1941: Estonians today started armed resistance against Soviet occupation.
37. 22nd June 1941: In the largest military operation in human history, Nazi Germany and its Allies invade the Soviet Union during World War II.
38. 22nd June 1941: The various communists and socialist French Resistance Movement today merged into one group.

39. 22nd June 1942: Formation of Jewish brigade attached to the British army in World War II.
40. 22nd June 1943: Civil Rights Activist W. E. B. Du Bois became a member of the National Institute of Letters. He was the first black to become a member of the Institute.
41. 22nd June 1943: 617 Squadron (Dambusters) attended the investiture at Buckingham Palace today. Commanding Officer Guy Gibson was awarded the Victoria Cross.
42. 22nd June 1944: In Assam, India, the British 14th army freed Imphal from the Japanese.
43. 22nd June 1944: The Serviceman’s Readjustment Act “The GI Bill of Rights” was today signed by President Franklin Roosevelt.
44. 22nd June 1945: In one of the bloodiest battles of World War II, the US 10th Army overcame the last of the pockets of Japanese resistance on Okinawa Island, thus ending the battle.

45. 22nd June 1946: While addressing a prayer meeting, Gandhi called upon the South African Government to stop “hooliganism” by the Whites.
46. 22nd June 1954: A revised Organic Act for the Virgin Islands was today passed by Congress.
47. 22nd June 1955: A US air patrol plane was shot down over the Bearing Sea today.
48. 22nd June 1955: In Italy, Antonio Segni forms government.
49. 22nd June 1957: Kansas City today stopped using streetcars in its transit system.
50. 22nd June 1962: The first test flight of a Hovercraft was conducted today.
51. 22nd June 1962: 113 people were killed when a French Boeing 707 crashed at Guadeloupe today.
52. 22nd June 1966: The South African government refused to give a passport and thus permission to South African Bishop Alphaeus Hamilton Zulu to attend an international church conference.
53. 22nd June 1969: Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River caught fire today due to pollution.
54. 22nd June 1970: President Richard Nixon today signed an extension of the 1965 Voting Rights Act which requires a voting age of 18 in all federal, state, and local elections.

55. 22nd June 1970: the Supreme Court in its ruling today said that jurors of less than 12 are constitutional.
56. 22nd June 1973: The Astronauts of Skylab 2 landed today.
57. 22nd June 1976: In Canada, the Parliament today voted for the abolition of capital punishment.
58. 22nd June 1978: Neo-Nazis called off their plan to march in the Jewish community of Skokie in Illinois.
59. 22nd June 1979: The Pro Football Researchers Association was formed today in Canton, Ohio.
60. 22nd June 1980: Pope Paul II beatified Kateri Tekakwitha today. She was the first Native American to be beatified.
61. 22nd June 1982: Bus-only lanes were instituted in Manhattan today.
62. 22nd June 1983: Space Shuttle retrieves a satellite for the first time today.
63. 22nd June 1986: In Spain, Premier Gonzalez’ Socialist Party won the elections today.

64. 22nd June 1987: The International Labor Organization, which met for its annual conference in Geneva, called for international sanctions against South African minerals.
65. 22nd June 1990: Nelson Mandela today addressed the United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid in New York and said that nothing has occurred in South Africa to reverse ANC’s position.
66. 22nd June 1996: Indian test cricketer Saurav Ganguly scored 131 runs at Lords on his test debut.

21st Century – June 22 This Day In History – The 2000s

67. 22nd June 2002: An earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale struck western Iran today. More than 261 people were reported killed in the quake.
68. 22nd June 2005: In Italy 10 Germans who were former Nazi officers in World War II were today sentenced to life in prison for their involvement in war crimes by a military tribunal in La Spezia.

69. 22nd June 2008: Typhoon Fengshen caused a ferry to capsize off the coast of the Philippines. Over 700 people went missing. Only four survivors were rescued by rescue ships. It was hoped that the others would swim to safety.
70. 22nd June 2009: Two Metro sub-way trains collided in Washington D.C. today. 9 people were killed and 80 injured.
71. 22nd June 2010: Danielle Steel’s novel “Family Ties” was published today.
72. 22nd June 2011: Boston gangster Whitey Bulger, who was in hiding for 16 years was today arrested outside an apartment in Santa Monica, California.
73. 22nd June 2012: Fourteen people were killed and a hundred and six others were injured in two bombings in Bagdad market today.
74. 22nd June 2013: Japan’s Mount Fuji, located just outside Tokyo, was today listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its cultural value in Japanese society. It is an iconic image in Japanese arts and literature.
75. 22nd June 2015: JAMA Internal Medical Journal today announced that Obese Americans now outnumber those who are overweight.
76. 22nd June 2015: In the wake of the killings in Charleston Church, South Carolina Governor Nicky Haley called for the removal of the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds.

77. 22nd June 2017: Prince of Wales Prince Harry in his article published in Newsweek today claimed that no one in UK royal family wants to be the King or Queen.
78. 22nd June 2018: Chinese social media has blocked comedian John Olivier after the Parody of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
79. 22nd June 2018: Eurozone countries today agreed to a debt relief deal for Greece which is expected to end the country’s economic crisis.
80. 22nd June 2018: Sara Sanders, spokesperson for President Donald Trump was asked to leave Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, over her support for Trump’s policies, igniting debate.

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