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Famous Events For June 21

Famous Events For June 21 – Today In History

June 21: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 21  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 21st June 1128: Earl William of Normandy defeated Diederik in the battle of Akspoele.
2. 21st June 1307: In China, Kulug Khan, after he defeated rival factions and succeeded his uncle Taimur Khan, was today enthroned as Emperor of China and the seventh Great Khan.
3. 21st June 1498: Emperor Maximillian expelled Jews from Nuremberg, Bavaria.
4. 21st June 1529: Catherine of Aragon, Queen Catherine of England today spoke against the annulment of marriage at the Blackfriars Legatine Court.


5. 21st June 1547: About 2000 to 3000 people were killed in the Great Fire in Moscow.
6. 21st June 1572: Gouda was today conquered by a garrison led by Adrian of Swieten.
7. 21st June 1607: The first Protestant Episcopal Parish in America was established at Jamestown today.
8. 21st June 1661: Russia and Sweden signed a peace treaty, Treaty of Kardis today.
9. 21st June 1667: Michele de Ruyter occupied Sheerness in England today.
10. 21st June 1672: French troops led by King Louis XIV occupied Utrecht today.
11. 21st June 1684: The Massachusetts Bay Charter was today revoked by King Charles II.

18th Century – What Happened on June 21 – The 1700s

12. 21st June 1734: The French authorities today hanged Maria-Joseph Angelique, a black slave, who was convicted of Arson, in a public ceremony in Montreal, Canada.
13. 21st June 1749: Halifax, was founded in Nova Scotia, Canada.


14. 21st June 1768: The first medical diploma in America was today granted to Dr. John Archer from the College of Philadelphia.
15. 21st June 1788: The US Constitution became effective today after the ratification of New Hampshire, which was the ninth state to do so.

19th Century – June 21 This Day That Year – The 1800s

16. 21st June 1821: The African Methodist Episcopal Zion “AMEZ” church was organized today in New York City.
17. 21st June 1822: Denmark Vesey and Peter Poyas, slave revolt leaders were today arrested in South Carolina.
18. 21st June 1824: Egyptian forces captured Psara in the Aegean Sea, during the Greek War of Independence.
19. 21st June 1834: The reaping machine was today patented by American inventor and businessman Cyrus McCormick.
20. 21st June 1849: Baden rebels were beaten by the Prussian troops at the battle of Waghausel today.


21. 21st June 1869: William James, considered the father of American Psychology passed his medical examination today.
22. 21st June 1879: The first successful “F. W. Woolworth Great Five Cent Store” was opened today by F. W. Woolworth on North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
23. 21st June 1887: The Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria was celebrated today in Britain.
24. 21st June 1887: Ten members of the Irish mining group “Molly Maguires”, a group of Irish anthracite miners, who were fighting for better working and living conditions in the coal fields of Pennsylvania were today hanged for murder.
25. 21st June 1898: During the Spanish-American war, the US today captured Guam from Spain.
26. 21st June 1904: Theodor Roosevelt was nominated for President today by the US Republican Party. There was opposition from some whom he called “malefactors of great wealth”.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 21st – The 1900s

27. 21st June 1907: The United Press founded E. W. Scripps today.
28. 21st June 1913: Tiny Broadwick, parachuted from an aircraft today. She became the first woman in America to do so.
29. 21st June 1915: With the arrest of General De Law, the Anti-British revolt in South Africa, came to an end.
30. 21st June 1915: The US Supreme Court today struck down the Oklahoma law which denied voting rights to some citizens.
31. 21st June 1916: US expeditionary forces led by Gen. Pershing were defeated by the Mexican troops today.
32. 21st June 1917: This day marks the formation of the Hawaiian Red Cross.
33. 21st June 1919: The German Navy scuttled most of its ships interned at Great Britain’s Scapa Flow Naval base in Orkney Island as they felt betrayed by the terms of the Versailles treaty.

34. 21st June 1921: The UK, the Dominions, and India became the British Commonwealth of Nations today.
35. 21st June 1932: In the world heavyweight boxing championship in New York, German champion Max Schmeling lost the world heavyweight title to Jack Sharkey in a split-point decision.
36. 21st June 1938: In a cricket match between Australia and Lancashire, Australian batsman Bradman scored 101 not out in 77 minutes.
37. 21st June 1940: German occupiers disbanded the Dutch States-General/Council of State today.
38. 21st June 1942: US President Franklin D Roosevelt and Prime Minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, arrived in Washington today.
39. 21st June 1943: Racial riots in Detroit were put down today by the Federal troops. 30 people were killed.

40. 21st June 1945: Japanese forces on Okinawa were defeated by the US forces.
41. 21st June 1946: Fire broke out at Baker Hotel in Dallas, Texas. 10 people were killed in the fire.
42. 21st June 1948: At a laboratory at Manchester University in England first stored computer program ran on Manchester Mark I today.
43. 21st June 1948: Lord Mountbatten resigned today as Governor General of India.
44. 21st June 1952: In the Philippines, The Philippines School of Commerce was by a Republic Act converted to the Philippines College of Commerce. It however later became the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
45. 21st June 1963: The French Navy withdrew from the North Atlantic fleet of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
46. 21st June 1963: In the Vatican, Pope Paul VI was crowned the 262nd head of the Roman Catholic Church today.
47. 21st June 1966: The Coen tunnel in Amsterdam was opened today by Queen Juliana.
48. 21st June 1968: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren resigned today.

49. 21st June 1971: South Africa asked to move out of Namibia by the International Court of Justice.
50. 21st June 1975: West Indies won the cricket World Cup today by beating Australia by 17 runs.
51. 21st June 1977: In Israel, Menachem Begin, a right-of-center politician became the sixth Prime Minister today.
52. 21st June 1978: The continuing gun battle between British Security forces and Provisional IRA at the Ballysillan post office depot left 4 people dead including a standard who was caught in crossfire.
53. 21st June 1982: John W Hinckley Jr. who shot President Ronal Regan and three others outside a Washington D.C. hotel in March ’81, was found not guilty of attempted murder for reasons of insanity.
54. 21st June 1982: Princess of Wales, Diana gave birth to a boy William who would be second in line for the throne of England after his father The Prince of Whales.
55. 21st June 1983: Arthur Ash, the tennis ace today underwent a double bypass surgery.
56. 21st June 1986: President Ronald Regan, in his speech today defended his judicial appointments.

57. 21st June 1988: Many people were killed in a demonstration against Gen Ne Win in Rangoon today.
58. 21st June 1989: The US Supreme Court today ruled that burning the flag as a form of political protest is an act of Protected Speech under the First Amendment to the Constitution.
59. 21st June 1990: A major earthquake of magnitude 7.7 near the Caspian Sea in Iran killed at least 50,000 people and left another 135,000 people injured.
60. 21st June 1994: Steffi Graff lost to Lorrie McNeal in the first round of the Wimbledon championship. She became the first defending tennis champion to lose in the first round.
61. 21st June 1999: In India, P. V. Narasimha Rao became the Prime Minister heading the minority congress government.

21st Century – June 21 This Day In History – The 2000s

62. 21st June 2001: In Pakistan, military ruler General Parvez Musharraf took control of the government and became the President and Chief Executive of Pakistan. He suspended the constitution and banned opposition from holding pro-democracy rallies in Pakistan.
63. 21st June 2001: A total solar eclipse lasting for 4 minutes and 56 seconds in Madagascar-Indian Ocean.
64. 21st June 2002: The Basque terrorist organization ETA exploded 2 car bombs to coincide with the Seville summit meeting of EU ministers in support of its air for self-determination of the Basque country.
65. 21st June 2004: Space Ship One became the first privately funded seaplane to get spaceflight.
66. 21st June 2005: An eighty-year-old former Ku Klux Klan member Edger Ray Killen was found guilty of three counts of manslaughter in the deaths of three Civil Rights workers in Philadelphia in 1964. He was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment.
67. 21st June 2005: In New Zealand, a rat chewed through an important fiber optics cable causing a communication problem, and shutting down the country’s internet and mobile phones.

68. 21st June 2006: The newly discovered moons of Pluto were officially named Nix and Hydra.
69. 21st June 2006: During Saddam Hussain’s trial process, the body of one of his main defense attorneys Khamis al-Obeidi who was abducted and shot, was found.
70. 21st June 2009: Greenland, the least populated country in the world, with a population of 60,000 for an area of 836,109 sq km. The Kingdom of Denmark has more autonomy today by gaining control over its law enforcement, judicial affairs, and natural resources.
71. 21st June 2009: J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, his fifth book in the series was released today. It became the fastest-selling book ever.
72. 21st June 2011: United States of America gets a new Defense Secretary. Robert Gates was today replaced by Leon Panetta the head of CIA. Gates had announced his retirement earlier in the year.
73. 21st June 2012: A boat with 200 people headed to Australia to seek asylum capsized. 110 survivors were rescued.
74. 21st June 2013: During the protests over high transportation costs, the cost of the World Cup, and overall corruption in Brazil, more than one million people are reported to have joined the protests in over 100 cities. The protests turned violent.
75. 21st June 2013: A suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing 15 and injuring 20.
76. 21st June 2015: In Poland, hackers attacked the IT system at Warsaw Chopin airport, resulting in the grounding of 1400 passengers.
77. 21st June 2015: In Mumbai, India, 94 people died, and 45 were taken ill and were hospitalized after drinking contaminated alcohol.
78. 21st June 2017: In Romania, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, who lost his confidence vote 241-7, was ousted today.
79. 21st June 2017: In a landmark case an Israeli woman, who was asked to change seat away from a man by the airline, won the sexism case against the airline El Al.
80. 21st June 2018: In response to US tariffs, the European Union imposed tariffs worth $3.2 billion on US goods.

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