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How To Use Healing Crystals

How To Use Healing Crystals

For a long time, people have believed in the power of crystals to help heal ailments that the body experiences. Can they really help? Find out more about crystal healing and how you can use it to help yourself and others.

Before we begin the discussion on crystals as a healing tool, the most important factor to remember is that crystal healing is not a science, and is not intended to be used as a replacement for actual medical care by trained professionals.

If you are experiencing a bodily ailment, please seek actual medical attention from a physician before trying to fix it yourself. I cannot stress how important it is to have your ailment treated by a doctor before you try to heal it with crystals.

That said, crystals themselves have an immense healing power over the mind of an individual. The strength of the healing power is directly proportional to the belief of the one being healed that the crystals can help them. Using a crystal on someone who thinks that the whole thing is poppycock will have little to no effect, because they don’t believe that the crystals will help. In order for crystal healing to actually work, you must first believe that it will.

Different crystals work with different types of energy. The most general healing crystal is quartz, a common mineral and one that has great potential for energy channeling. Another similarly popular and effective crystal is rose quartz, and a further popular mineral is amethyst. All of these crystals are great conductors of energy and can store energy from yourself or others.

Other minerals like bloodstone and amber tend to be heavier, more active stones, working with your body’s natural mechanics and not using outside energy as much as manipulating the existing ambient energy around the afflicted part. These stones can be used to help organs in particular heal (bloodstone, tiger’s eye, and hematite work wonders on liver and kidneys).

There are some minerals which are not good for healing at all, like onyx and black tourmaline. Essentially, black stones in general don’t channel positive healing energy very well, and should be used outside of a healing context.


As a rule of thumb, the more refined or polished a crystal is, the less of its original power it contains. The best crystals for healing are the ones with the most natural energy remaining in them – the rawer the crystal’s cut, the better.

This is not to say that tumbled, cut, or refined crystals don’t work – just that they will take longer or have a lesser effect because of their non-natural shape. Crystals all have a unique crystalline structure (you can observe it even in common table salt, whose crystalline structure is a cube shape), so trying to confine them to other shapes just obstructs their natural flow.

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