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Orca Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Orca Animal Totem Symbolism

Orca is the swimmer in the deep, named the “Killer Whale” for its ferocity in hunting seal, Orca is in fact a gentle giant.

The lessons of Orca speak of turning inward and trusting your instincts. The deep ocean holds many truths, and Orca plumbs those truths without fear. If Orca is in your life as your animal guide, they are there to pass on this form of hidden knowledge to you.

Orca Associated Traits

Family, Singing, Speech giving, Seeing the Unseen, Longevity, Balance, Sensitivity, Creation, Healing


Symbolic Meaning Of Orca

The Orca animal totem is also known for it’s whale-song. This is a sound well-known to echo through the deeps and hulls of ships, speaking of the creatures that travel through the shadowed deeps.

Being masters of sound, in many ways seeing their world with them, Orca can teach you to delve deep and use the power of sound to bring healing into your world. Orca often comes to serve those who heal with their words, such as psychiatrists.

Musicians also are well served by Orca’s touch, it has often been said that music can soothe the savage soul. Orca’s voice is no exception, and speaks of the great wisdom of this animal.

Living in the watery deep, Orca is sensitive to its surroundings. It is this sensitivity to its water home that gives it such strength and awareness of other’s feelings.

Water is the fundamental basis of all life. It literally serves as the source from whence it all came. And spiritually the Orca symbol is the foundation of healing, life, and emotion. Orca will lend you this sensitivity if you let her.

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Central to Orca’s life is the pod, it’s family. If the Orca comes to you in your dreams alone, it may be speaking to you of an inner loneliness, and a need to reconnect either with your blood family, or the family of your heart. Pods protect one another.

The Orca meaning suggests that you watch out for dangers, and help the members of your Pod to eat in times of weakness. Family is deeply important to Orca, and in our lives it is no less so. Just remember that not all families are those we were born into.

The last lesson the Orca symbolism may bring to you is that of balance. Orca lives in a world in which it must be aware of the balance of life. It is a predator, but if it takes too much, it may drive off the seals and other animals that it relies on to live.

Orca must be aware of the various poisons in its waters as well. Should they become to prevalent, it’s time to move on. Our spirit can be poisoned as well. If the Orca spirit guide appears in your dreams, it may be a sign that you need to turn your attention to matters of emotional and spiritual health. What we think, we are, and it may be necessary for you to pay attention to previously unknown sources of emotional toxin.

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