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8 Ways To Find Out If He Is Mr. Right?

How Do You Know He Is Mr. Right?

It can be hard to find Mr. Right. How do you know if the guy you are dating is the one? How do you know if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, get married and have kids? How do you know if it is true love?


#1.  First make sure you are Mrs. Right!

Finding the perfect man is not going to make you the person you want to be. So, first make sure you are happy with yourself than love will come. Also you want to make sure you are a good partner. Those who give of themselves will inspire others to give back. This works in relationships as well. If you are good to your partner, he will be good to you.


#2. Do you know what you want?

Know what you are looking for and what you want. Out of life and out of a partner. You want to share common goals and ideals with your boyfriend or husband. Do you both want children and family? If you both have the same goals, then he is your Mr. Right.

How Do You Know He Is Mr Right

#3. Get a third party opinion

Talk to your family and friends about this man. What do they think? This one isn’t always a deal breaker but sometimes it helps to get opinions from those who know you best.


#4. Rise above the past and forgive mistakes

This is true for yourself as well as for your partner. It is important to make sure that you are not jumping into anything for the wrong reasons. Are you on the rebound from a prior relationship? Make sure you have healed from the past and also make sure that you are not reliving the past.


Don’t marry someone to make up for something you think is wrong with you or to have him support you. Ultimately these reasons could back fire. Also forgive your partner for his past as long as he has grown and changed and doesn’t do those stupid things anymore (and as long as you don’t either!)

Rise above the past and forgive mistakes

#5. Unforgivable Mistakes?

But if there are any big problems in your relationship such as cheating or nasty fights that you aren’t able to overcome or too much tears and pain think this through more. Can you live with these things? Can you work past them?

If he is hurting you than it is not worth it. Will he continue to hurt you? Can he change? See if you can work through these dilemmas before you take your relationship to the next level. Also work through any issues on your end too. You deserve better than this! Every woman deserves to be happy.

Be accepting and understanding.

#6. Give up the fairy tales!

Be accepting and understanding. No one is perfect. Determine if he is the one for you. Do you love him and accept him? Can you see yourself with him for a lifetime? Are you the one for him? In a healthy relationship you love some one who loves you back. (Here are 5 things women can learn from men).

#7. How well do you communicate with each other?

Problems will arise but as long as you resolve them fairly well than this is a good foundation for trust. Do you learn from him and do you feel like he learns from you? Whether this is learning how to communicate better or learning about what the other one likes and dislikes. If your partner is interested in knowing more about you and you are interested in knowing more about him than this could be love!

#8. Last, are you happy?

If you are happy with this person keep them around! If you trust and feel comfortable around them than this is a sign that he is a good person and it is a solid foundation for the future. If you have more good times than bad and are even able to work through the bad times pretty well than these are all good signs that he could be Mr. Right for you.

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