Virgo Rising Sign

Virgo Rising Significance

Planetary Ruler: Mercury
Symbol: The Virgin
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Lucky Colors: Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 5, 6
Lucky Gemstones: Emerald
Lucky Days: Wednesday, Friday
Lucky Direction: South
Virgo Rising Compatibility: Taurus, Capricorn
Virgo Rising Celebrities: Woody Allen, Oscar Wilde, Tom Hanks, Annie Lennox, Uma Thurman, Tiger Woods, Gene Kelly

Virgo Rising Sign Personality Traits

Virgo rising is the analyst of the zodiac. They are always thinking in facts and figures and often separating emotion from their decisions. This star sign thrives on empirical evidence. They need to see hard proof before making a decision or changing an opinion.

Although usually firmly grounded in their beliefs, the Virgo ascendant sign can be swayed, so long as solid evidence is presented. Virgo Rising sign people always appreciates a good pragmatic explanation and they are always searching for more knowledge.

Yet inspite of being so realistic, they often encounter problems of perspective. They too often get caught up in the minor details and fail to see the big picture. They can easily obsess over minuscule specifics, driving those around them crazy. (Read more about the Virgo man personality).

They just can’t get past the minutiae. One might even say that the phrase, “The devil is in the details” was written with the Virgins in mind. Nevertheless, this aspect makes them extremely good editors and researchers.

Virgo rising is the analyst of the zodiac.

This star sign is rather secretive. What you see on the surface may not at all be what you get. In fact it may even be the exact opposite. There could be a whole whirlwind of emotions going on beneath the surface, but you would never know it. Virgo ascendants like to keep their private lives very private.

They are not known for their intimacy at all, in fact. Instead, they choose to keep their emotions under wraps. They are modest people of few words, simple in dress and in style. Virgo rising sign often keeps up social facades, remaining cool and standoffish at social gatherings. Yet upon further investigation, they are found to be charming and elegant, albeit somewhat detached.

The Virgo rising are also very conscious about health. They pay attention to every little breath, ailment, misalignment and heartbeat. And this routinely can make them worry. They are some of the most anxious of the rising signs in astrology and are constantly nervous and constantly worrying.

They have a need to be in control, in many ways to hopefully help suppress this worry. If they can control the outcome, their fears will also subside, because it’s in the hands of someone they trust – themselves.

Virgo Rising Appearance

The Virgo rising sign are of average height and weight. They have a tendency to put on weight on their hips. They have sharp and bright features that makes their face glow. They are blessed with beautifully shaped eyes and a ruddy complexion. They are graceful and extremely attractive to look at.

Virgo Ascendant In Love

Quite rational and matter-of-fact, people with their ascendant in Virgo in their horoscope are more than often perceived as cold and heartless, especially by their lovers. This is because they are so staunch in their adherence to logic. Don’t go running to one for hugs or emotional support. You’ll be met with a short, direct and reasonable response, instead.

In spite of this, Virgo Rising can end up surprising those around them with their soft side, that is, when they decide to show it. It’s not that they are devoid of emotion. It’s just that they are extremely practical people.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their loved ones. They just have different ways of showing their love. That being said, Virgo ascendants are more often than not attracted to people who need help. And as sensible problem solvers, they usually come to others aid in emergencies.


In their personal lives, they are very picky. They like things a certain way and are not afraid to make that clear. Virgo rising are the naggers of the zodiac – towards you, towards their friends, their spouses, their employees and even themselves.

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And they can be critical, too, frequently seeking perfection in all aspects. In fact, Type A personalities and Virgo rising share many common personality traits.

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