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Chinese Zodiac Signs & Moon Phases Symbolism

Chinese Zodiac Signs & Moon Phases Symbolism

Many people know about their western zodiac sign, whether it be Libra or Capricorn. Less people know what their Chinese zodiac sign is though. Unlike the zodiac signs that most people use, the Chinese zodiac has signs based on years, rather than months. It is said that your Chinese astrology sign can be affected by the phases of the moon, which there are four: a new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and the last quarter moon.


How the moon affects your zodiac sign of course depends on what your zodiac sign is and what phase the moon is in. Since there are twelve Chinese zodiac signs this article will give a brief summary of what happens when the most important moon phase for your sign is actually on your sign.

Chinese Zodiac Rat

The moon phases that has the most effect on the rat sign is the last quarter moon. People who are born in the year of the rat are usually busy people, and this won’t change when the quarter moon is in this sign. However, when the quarter moon is in this sign, the Rat will have a clearer view of the tasks at hand.


They are much more likely to know what they want and to get the best bargain for their buck, so to say. Near the end of the quarter moon, the Rat will relax more and take more time for themselves. They have deserved this though, as they are likely to have completed some difficult work during the week.


Chinese Zodiac Ox

The opposite of the Rat, the Ox is most influenced by the last quarter moon. This animal sign is known for their energy and enthusiasm for what they are passionate for.


However, the Ox does know how to pace themselves to save their energy for when they need it. When the Ox is in the last quarter moon, they are likely to become distracted, to say the least. They are not likely to be stagnant though. They are more likely to plan than actually do something. This is great preparation for those born in the year of the Ox, but it also makes for a slow week as well.

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

The Tiger is most affected by the new moon. The tiger is usually a friendly, but impulsive sign. They can be enthusiastic like the Ox, but also do anything but plan as well. When the Tiger is faced with the new moon, their impulsive tendencies are likely to become more common, But those born in the year of the tiger are also likely to be in a better mood and be friendly to most people. They will want to act like a playful cat, rather than a sleepy dog.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

The Rabbit is also impacted the most by the new moon. However, they react to it a little differently than the Tiger does. Like the earthly rabbit, people with the Rabbit zodiac sign are also full of energy and they like to keep busy, much like the Rat. Those born in the year of the Rabbit is usually associated with fertility as well. But this highly depends on the person with the sign.

When the Rabbit is in the new moon they are likely to get a boost of energy. Unlike the Tiger, they are likely to do something planned and productive with this energy. They will always be wanting to do something, and they will feel odd when they are not. To say the least, they will get a lot done when they are in the new moon.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon

Dragons are also the most affected by the new moon. The new moon is known for giving boosts of energy, and the dragon is no exception under this moon phase. The dragon can usually find a solution or even just beauty in outside-of-the-box scenarios, and the new moon only exaggerates this in them. They are likely to want to undertake a large project, or challenge someone else to be more creative than they are. Those born in the year of the dragon may not seem very friendly because of this during the new moon.

Chinese Zodiac Snake

Moving away from the new moon, the snake is most affected by the first quarter moon. The quarter moon seems to be able to push the Snake in new ways. In a way, you could say that the Snake is motivated by the first quarter moon, just like the Rat. While the Snake is usually very nervous in times of change, they will be more confident if a change comes during this moon phase. Those born in the year of the snake may also become depressed during this moon phase.

Chinese Zodiac Horse

The Horse is also most affected by the first quarter moon. The first quarter moon also seems to drive motivation into those born in the year of Horse. Unlike some of the other signs heavily affected by the first quarter moon, the horse will not plan to get what it wants. It will simply act on instinct, doing whatever they need to in order to reach their goals. The more goals that the Horse completes, the happier that they will be.

Chinese Zodiac Goat

The goat is also highly affected by the first quarter moon. The sheep works much like the Horse when they are under the first quarter moon, but they act much more internally with their wishes, rather than externally. They will work hard to reach their goals, but they will not inconvenience others in order to accomplish them. Those born in the year of the sheep are likely to have a system and work with it for the entirety of the first quarter moon to get their jobs done.

Chinese Zodiac Monkey

The Monkey is affected by the full moon. During this lunar phase, this sign is filled with a burst of creativity. They love to express themselves whenever they can. They will want to prove their creativity to others, which is likely to make them even more social than they normally are. People born in the year of the Monkey, will act much like the monkeys in the wild. It’s up to you if that’s a good quality or not.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster

The rooster is also affected by the full moon. The Rooster tends to be quite, unlike the literal rooster. Their minds are busy on the inside, and they act wildly on the outside during the full moon. They are much more likely to dress to impress during this time. They will be inspired to do more things as well, but creative things. Those born in the year of the rooster could collect items, begin a new project, or even make a few new friends.

Chinese Zodiac Dog

The last for the full moon on this list is the dog. People who are born in the year of the Dog are highly in tune with their senses, and this sense is heightened when the full moon is out. They’ll instantly be able to tell if something or someone seems wrong or right, at the same time, they will jump on a positive influence. The Dog is also more likely to be in a good mood when the full moon is out.

Chinese Zodiac Pig

Lastly, the boar is most affected by the last quarter moon. When the moon is in this phase the pig likes to get things done. They will be highly motivated to accomplish their goals. They will be focused during this time and they will not want to be interrupted. Those born in the year of the pig will speak with important people to get ahead in their jobs or social circle as well. This sign is well motivated during this moon phase.

Now that you know about your Chinese horoscope sign in its most important moon phase you may be better able to plan ahead for these times in order to make your life more organized, productive, or just more fun.

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