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Crow Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: A Symbol Of Intelligence

Crow Spirit Animal Symbolism

An animal totem, such as the Crow spirit animal, is any natural or mythical animal connected to your life or just a period of your life. The energy of your totem is somewhat connected to events or circumstances in your life. In many cultures, spirit animals play an essential part in people’s lives. For example, in Chinese and Western astrology, most of the signs are animals.


By getting to know your totem animal, you can get more insight into your life events. The totems can also help you improve your life. Animal totems have a lot of energy that can influence you.

The crow animal totem is an ancient symbol of prophecy. It is the keeper of the Sacred Law-unconditional love. Nothing escapes their keen sight, therefore to have a Crow totem is very powerful. In nature, crows often appear in groups. They might seem chaotic and have no distinct voices, but each caw has a different meaning. They have a complex vocabulary and superb intelligence.


Crow Associated Traits

Intelligent, Prophetic, Love, Teamwork, Intuitive, Observant, Positive, Flexible, Mindful, Upright, Honest, Sincere

Crow Spirit Animal

Symbolic Meaning Of Crow

Scientists say that crows are the most intelligent birds in nature, and they even have human-like qualities. Crows often warn other animals when hunters are around; they recognize potential danger and avoid it by misleading potential predators.

Crow animal totems also observe each other during various activities and learn from others’ mistakes. They are most vulnerable while feeding; therefore, they always post lookouts.


Pay Close Attention

From this, we can learn that we sometimes cannot see beyond our cultural limitations – for some, the cawing of crows might seem just a loud noise, but it’s a complicated language. These limitations may include our belief in right and wrong and specific rules that have been taught to us.

We have to understand that we must sometimes test what we believe and test our habitual ideas about reality. Being mindful of your thoughts and questioning yourself can be a great way to improve your life. It is characteristic for intelligent people to change their minds and opinions from time to time by observing the changes in the world.

Meaning Of Crow Spirit Animal In Some Cultures

In many ancient cultures, the crow symbol has been known as the guide for souls into the afterlife. Therefore it has been feared as the omen of death. But it also signifies the passing of the old and the rebirth of something new. In many cultures, the significance of life on Earth is limited, and the emphasis is on having a great afterlife. Therefore, a person’s passing can be seen as a celebration of one´s soul entering the promised afterlife.


The passing of the old shouldn’t be seen only negatively as a connection to death. It also can mean positive changes – a new relationship, jobs, and opportunities.

Crow Totem Symbol

Crow totem meaning is the omen of change. It has no sense of time. Therefore it’s able to see the past, present, and future simultaneously. Their black color signifies the color of creation, coming out from the darkness of the night into the light of the day. They are messengers that tell us about the magic all around in this world, and the crow itself is surrounded by magic and spiritual strength.

If a Crow spirit animal has crossed your path, it might be a sign of change. You should look into reaching out of your comfort zone. Crow can also give you explicit messages on what your next steps should be – pay attention to your thoughts, dreams, and other omens around you.

Analyze Your Life

Try to step back and assess where you are at this point in your life- are you happy, have you done everything you’ve dreamed of? If not, the crow can lead the way and help you to achieve more. Being clear about your desires is the main thing to reach these goals.

Crow as your animal totem is a sign of high personal integrity. It brings the gift of change and perception. You’re a hard worker and are not afraid to speak your mind and embrace your desires. You are willing to change, and most definitely, you have gone through many changes and phases in your time. You don’t have a concept of time – you live in the now and embrace all the possibilities that life gives you.

Symbolic Meaning Of Crow Spirit Animal In Dreams

If you see a crow in your dream, it may mean a few different things. Usually, seeing any bird in a dream is a good omen, and seeing a crow is a good omen considering your intelligence. Since it is not common to see crows in your dreams, it means that not only do you possess excellent wisdom but also that you should trust your instincts and decisions. If the crow is flying, it means that you have to bring what’s in your subconsciousness to a conscious level to move forward in your life.

When the crow is eating in your dream, it can mean that your current course of action will bring great gifts, but only if you are satisfied that what you are doing is right. If the bird is watching or following you, it can mean that there might be positive changes coming towards you. But if the bird is always next to you, it says you cannot make decisions on your own.

Crow Dreams and Reality

Maybe there is someone in your life, that has too much of an influence on you. It’s great to have friendships and people who love you around, but this sign can mean that some of these people do not have the best intentions towards your well-being. A crowd of birds means you get too influenced by others’ opinions, or you care too much about what other people think of you.

If you become a crow in your dream, it means that you are not using your intelligence enough – your subconsciousness wants to educate itself more. In this case, you should take up some educational activities- watch documentaries, read books, or learn a new language.

Crow Spirit Animal: Conclusion

The crow totem is various, and it also has some negative symbolic meanings. The most common of those are deception, manipulation, and mischief. Still, the deceptive nature of this bird can only be its way of protecting itself and misleading potential predators. This omen can bring a correct balance of good and evil in your life. Be sure to pay attention to all the signs surrounding this bird. It might warn you about negative people or events that relate to the negative qualities of this bird.

The crow totem has been known to appear when death is near or when a loved one has passed. Coming off a crow itself and the time when it shows up can be of significance. The bird is a messenger and brings a message from the one who has passed. Receiving this message is a clear sign that the soul of the loved one has entered the afterlife and is reborn; a new circle of life has started.

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