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Spring Animals And The Spring Season Of Life

Spring Animals: Adaptation To The Spring Season

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring spring animal symbolism! May furry, feathery, and even creepy crawling animals make their debut in the spring. Spring is when the earth seems to renew itself. The snow melts away, and the rain comes, making green grass and flowers sprout from the soil. Spring is a time to be celebrated, and these animals know it.


The spring is a time for a new life in plants and animals when some mating seasons are at a peak, and baby animals are all over. This article will discuss some springtime animals like the groundhog, ducks, earthworks, robins, and even a smelly skunk.


Understanding Specific Spring Animals


The groundhog is a famous animal in the United States, especially around the beginning of spring. There is a present-day legend that says that the groundhog can predict the beginning of spring. This little furry creature spends the winter in hibernation, sleeping in a hole underground.


The groundhog comes out of its hole on the second of February each year, after being woken up by humans, and it is said if this animal sees its shadow and goes back inside, then winter will last for six more weeks. If it doesn’t see its shadow, then spring is near! This modern myth brings along symbolism to go with the groundhog. The groundhog symbolizes awareness, sleep missing out, and of course, spring.



Cute yellow ducklings are a spring picture, but adult ducks also have their place in the season. Unlike the groundhog, ducks don’t hibernate in the winter. They migrate to a warmer climate instead. In many cultures, these birds are seen as being lucky. They do a great job at representing the change of the season as they come back in the spring.

These birds also represent family and teaching, as the ducklings follow their mother around everywhere she goes. These birds are awkward on land, but they glide in the sky and water. This makes the bird a sign of grace and speed. Ducks are lovely creatures, and this is part of the reason why they are so symbolic of spring.


Earthworms are small and underestimated creatures. While this critter may not look like much, it’s got a lot going on inside of its body. This animal helps to fertilize the soil and make it useful for humans, Without worms; who knows if we could grow food?

It would sure be a lot harder for us to grow plants without the worm, that’s for sure. Because of the worm’s big contribution to the world, even with its tiny body, the worm does a great job of symbolizing renewal and growth. Overall, the worm shows that anyone can make a huge difference in the world, even if they feel as small as a worm.


When the robins start to fill the trees with their nests and fill the air with their songs, you know that spring has sprung. The male robin has a brightly colored chest that helps him to attract a mate. The bright color of him makes for a great sign of bring. Bright colors do a great job of symbolizing joy and delight.

Like the duck, the robin also migrates back to its home in the spring. The robin finds a mate and lays its eggs in the spring or early summer. This makes the robin a symbol of fertility, family, and renewal. The robin is a perfect symbol of spring.


Lastly, the skunk is the smelliest animal on our spring symbolism list, but its powerful smell also comes with powerful symbolism. While the skunk uses its spray to defend itself, it does not cause conflict. Because of this, the skunk makes a great symbol of nonviolence as well as defense and protection. The skunk cannot spray whenever it wants to, it needs to wait for it to build up, and it can only use its spray sparingly.

This makes a great symbol of patience and collection. Overall, the skunk is a peaceful creature, making it a great symbol of tranquility. This delicate animal makes its way slowly across grassy places and does not harm others unless provoked. This is a great way to see humans as well. We can be like the skunk and be peaceful as well, doing our best not to lash out at others.

Spring Animals: Summary

These five animals do a great job of representing spring and providing themselves with symbolism as colorful as the spring flowers. Much can be learned from spring animals, and we can try to apply some of their great traits to our own lives so that we can live happily.

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