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Numerology Soul Urge Number 5: Active Imagination

Soul Urge Number 5: Freedom to Perform

Soul urge number 5 shows the excitement that one has after going through some stages in life that were very hard and challenging. In other words, perseverance can be the aspect that will accomplish your heart’s desires because it will keep you on track all through.

On the other hand, when you have an active imagination, you will always keep pushing yourself in the right direction. Nothing will ever deny you the freedom that you want to have in life. Equally, every person has support from the spiritual realm if they do things according to their instincts.

Heart’s Desire Lesson Number 5 Numerology

People with Soul Urge number 5 traits are fiercely independent. They like to have complete control of the situation. Happiness to you means the freedom to do whatever you wish to and to go wherever you would want to.

Sometimes you should wish for better things to happen in your life. Perhaps, wishing will not give you the life you want, but your hard work and creativity will give you the life you want. Therefore, after meditating about your future life, you should also put action and stick to your rules every time. Equally, life will become easy when you plan yourself well by doing what is right for your future.

Soul Urge Lesson Number 5 Compatibility

People with 5 Soul Urge number characteristics love freedom, excitement, adventure and unexpected happenings. Also, you like to travel to different destinations and meet people of various cultures and backgrounds. You like to experience adventure at different stages of your life.

Besides, it would help if you spent your time thinking about the future and making plans for the future life. Besides, all matters in life are your destination and the path you will take to get there. Equally, life is challenging but only for those who cannot challenge their moves.

Heart’s Desire Number 5 Personality

Number 5’s influence can make you flexible and versatile. You have a natural enthusiasm for life. Also, you have a progressive attitude with an active imagination.

You are generally attracted to the most unusual things in life. Besides, it would be best if you let great things attract your life because that is where your happiness lies. Also, you should avoid being with wrongdoers because they will distract your attention and influence you badly.

How to Calculate Soul Urge/Heart’s Desires Number 5

Soul urge number 5 marriage displays restlessness of attitude. Being bored of routine work, you may tend to get engaged in different activities at regular intervals without having completed the previous one. Because of your restless nature, you won’t be able to make up your mind and be tied down and committed to one relationship.

soul urge number 5

You should always stay committed and focus on what will direct you to the great future that you want.


Heart’s desire number 5 displays a certain attitude that will push you through some difficult stages in life. Besides, the desire you have for your future will become your strength at certain levels in life.

Perhaps, it is your nature to do the things that your heart desires because that is where your happiness lies.

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