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What Are Your Life Path Period Numbers?

What Are Your Life Path Period Numbers?

A Life Path Period Numerology Reading looks at the various stages of life and gives you a guide as to what you need to be doing in each stage. Life Is generally divided into three cycles: from birth to age 24 is the first stage, from about 24 to about 60 is the second stage and then third stage is the remainder of your life.

The first stage is for growth and learning. The second primarily is for family and consolidating knowledge. The third stage is to allow you to live peacefully with joy and contentment. Get your personal Life Path Period Reading today for 2014. It is free online and gives clear and accurate information!

In our lives we all have a life path, but are we aware that there is a Life Path Period Number that will have an effect on how we live our lives and what we need to do in our life? This numerology number is extremely significant in that it reveals parts of your personality at different times in your life. As we age and gain experience, our personality changes.

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The Life Path Period Numbers can indicate as to how you may change and how you may need to act to make your life work. The different periods in your life may have different life path numbers. They may be very similar but the Life Path Period Number Calculator will show you how you have changed and how you will change over the years yet to come.

There are usually three life path periods over the span of life. When the reading was done for a person with the birth date, October 1 1955, the current Life Path Period Number was 2. This number will show general influences in a person’s life and the first cycle makes you aware of your surroundings.

The second lets you know about yourself and your creative gifts, and the third shows your actions on those gifts. When you have a complete understanding of your self-expression, you can find peace.

This Life Path Period Number predictions indicate it is time for hard work, as you are building a strong platform for your future. Your future needs to be secured both financially and emotionally. Be practical and organized in all your actions and let unimportant things go. It is time to work hard to build your dream career.

In the case of this individual life path period number was 1 from 0-23. This is the youth phase, and is the time of development and growth which brings one to young adulthood. This includes your time to learn and gain experience which will provide the foundation for the next segments of your life.

This individual repeated 1 as the life Path number from age 24-59. This is the productive era of his life and covers his middle years. This is the time for family, career and day-to-day activities. We grow and our experiences prepare us for the third stage of life.

Life Path Period Number

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Life Path Period Number is 3 for age 60 and forward for this individual. This segment of life is the time for introspection. Those things he has done in the earlier parts of his life allow him to use his talents to find a peaceful life.

It becomes clear that each of these periods allows us to develop fully as a human being. In our current year 2014 this is an important element in living. Finding appropriate partners and careers can be essential.

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