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May 16 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On May 16th

May 16 Zodiac Sign Is Taurus

IF YOUR BIRTHDATE IS May 16, then you are gifted, talented and musically inclined. More so than the other bulls under your zodiac signs, you can make a go out of being in the entertainment industry. If you would focus, you could be well-known for what you do.

This 16 May birthday personality is lively, yet to some extent unfriendly. However, it is hard to resist your charismatic nature. You are a fascinating Taurus. One reason is your outlook on life. You dance to your own beat.

Your views do not always match with others and therefore, you are likely to end up in regular debates with associations. This is good, as this Taurus birthdate likes the challenge. You are intuitively reliable.IF YOUR BIRTHDATE IS May 16, then you are gifted, talented and musically inclined.

The May 16 birthdate horoscope predicts that you have special or divine gifts. People are drawn to you. You are naturally soft-hearted, caring individuals. You show how you feel instead of just saying it.

But remember, that this romance could be casual as this Taurean is not in a hurry to commit to anyone. Those born on this birth day, May 16, refuse to give up their independence.

For those of you desiring to be with this Taurus, you should complete his or her circle by being appreciative, understanding and respectful. They also reject the idea of an argument.

Although the 16 May zodiac birthday individuals do not always make the right relationship decisions, they prefer a compatible relationship that is complementary with their feelings. They may fall in love… a lot, yet they are always optimistic about the next love affair.

The May 16th birthday astrology analysis predicts that you like attention. You love the spotlight and while you are worthy of the award for the best performing artist, you can be clueless when it comes to balancing your pocket book. Everything is about the here and now with this Taurus.

From time to time, the 16th May birthday personality may find it hard to be as cautious as needed. Because of who you are, you have the ability to become financially independent. Wealthy, indeed. The best advice anyone can give those born on this birth date is to hire a trustworthy firm to handle your money.

With this birthdate characteristic, finding an acceptable career should be easy. Taureans may find their favorite thing to do and match it with a career. Bam! Now, you have a profitable profession that you enjoy doing. You will perhaps need guidance when it comes to marketing yourself as you have trouble tooting your own horn. Do not be shy, Taurus. When you got it, you got it!

The May 16 birthday meanings show that these Taureans should be attentive to their diets. Certain foods are high in calories and you Taurus, are very bad at maintaining your weight. Some of us have to work at looking great and feeling jovial. Those of you born on today on May 16 are no different.

It would be beneficial to your health if you even walked a mile every other day. Before you know it, you will walk even further especially if you have the right company to tag along. Typically, you should not be so lazy, Taurus after working hours.

The May 16 birthdate analysis suggests that you are crafty individuals. You are open, attractive and personable Bulls. However, those born on this day can be serious-minded and meticulous about certain situations.

As the May 16 birthday zodiac sign is Taurus you are likely to be overly sensitive at times but generally remain optimistic. Nevertheless, sometimes you can also a little too serious and touchy. You can also be vague and standoffish. Those with a May 16 birthday should take better care of your health. A little exercise goes a long way.

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This Day That Year – 16th May In History:

1792 – Slave trade eradicated in Denmark.
1866 – Hires (Charles Elmer Hires) root beer formulated.
1903 – George Wymann begins first motorcycle journey around the world.
1938 – Atlanta hotel fire kills 38 people.

Find What Your Star Sign Is

Date of Birth:

Celebrities Born On May 16

Pierce Brosnan, Megan Fox, Janet Jackson, Joseph Morgan, Tori Spelling, Ralph Edward Tresvant, Jr., Debra Winger

May 16 Birth Sign: You Fall Under Zodiac Sign Taurus

May 16 Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Vrishabh Rashi

May 16 Chinese Zodiac Sign: SNAKE

May 16 Birthday Planet: Your ruling planet is Venus which symbolizes the things that make you happy and your creative personality.

May 16 Birthday Symbols: The Bull Is The Symbol For The Taurus Zodiac Sign

May 16 Birthday Tarot Card: Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The Tower. This card signifies that you will come to know something that can change your life.

May 16 Birthday Compatibility:
You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Capricorn: This relationship will be stable, grounded and peaceful.
You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Gemini: This relationship will have too many problems of adjustment.

May 16 Birth Date Numerology: Your Lucky Numbers are:
Number 3 – This number stands creativity, high energy and expression of thoughts.
Number 7 – This number symbolizes your interest in research, science, analysis and technical issues.

Lucky Colors For May 16th Birthdays:
Lilac: This is a color that represents calmness, stability, spirituality and magic.
Green: This colour stands for happiness, renewal, growth and loyalty.

Lucky Days For 16 May Birthdate:
– This weekday ruled by Venus is symbolic of sharing in relationship, investing money for the future and following your creative pursuits.
Monday – This weekday is ruled by planet Moon. It shows the need to think about your past and learn from your mistakes when dealing with people’s feelings.

May 16 Birthday Stone: Emerald gemstone has healing properties and helps improve love and faithfulness in relationships.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 16th Of May: An exclusive overcoat for the Taurus man and a black evening gown for the woman.

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