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Moon In 12th House Meaning And Significance

Moon in the Twelfth House of the Natal Chart

What does moon in 12th house mean? These people have good telepathy.

12th House Also Known As: House Of Subconscious

Ruling Planet: Jupiter, Neptune

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Moon In 12th House Celebrities: Lenny Kravitz, Yves Saint Laurent, Bach, Ayrton Senna, Bob Marley

Positive Keywords for Moon in 12th House: Attached, Sensitive, Perceptive, Intuitive, Responsible

Shadow Keywords for Moon in 12th House: Misunderstood, Immature, Numb, Melodramatic 


Moon In Twelfth House: Personality Traits

With the Moon in the 12th house, you often fall on one side of the emotional spectrum or the other. There is no middle ground with your emotions. This is why you feel misunderstood much of the time. You find yourself either overly sensitive or numb to what is happening.


One thing is clear – your incredible intuition allows you to help others. And, this is what brings you great emotional satisfaction. You can empathize with others and understand what they are going through as symbolized by the moon. Your willingness to listen and give them a shoulder to cry on also offers you immense satisfaction.

The Moon In 12th House

Moon In 12th House: Positive Traits

The moon in twelfth house astrology shows that being able to handle your life and help others with their troubles will allow you to reach a more mature and responsible state of being. This, in turn, will fuel your emotional growth and help you to feel truly enlightened.


Tuning into other people’s emotions will not prevent you from feeling your own. This is because you will have found a balance between caring for others and caring for yourself. You can develop a better sense of who you are without needing to look to other people to tell you. You will be able to stand on your own with more confidence and not feel emotionally drained.


Moon In 12th House: Negative Traits

The moon in 12th house personality need to feel useful and go about maintaining their emotional well-being. While others may find it a heavy burden to bear, you are more than willing to pick up that cross and carry it. The only thing you have to worry about is going overboard.

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Sometimes you get so caught up in other people’s problems you become melodramatic and think yourself a martyr. But that often makes the situation worse not better, because the situation becomes more about you than the person you’re trying to help. (Your Spiritual Sign and Moon Sign will explain this better.)

When this happens, it’s clear that you, yourself, are going through a difficult time but you don’t want to deal with it. This is one of the reasons you spend so much time and effort on other people’s problems. Thus, it keeps you from having to handle your own.


This only causes them to grow bigger and bigger until they eventually spill over into your personal life, and then everyone else has to help you solve them. At some point, you have to stop hiding and face reality.


While taking some time to yourself to recharge is fine, it can’t always be the answer. It only becomes a weak excuse to have others come in and deal with your problems for you. People with the moon in the 12th house have to learn to take charge of their own life and not allow these issues to pile up.


It may be difficult to face them right then and there. But, it will be much easier than trying to wade through an endless pile later on. Your physical, mental, and emotional health will thank you for it. As the ruling zodiac sign is Pisces, you are bound to get over emotional.

Being sensitive will be more of an advantage than a hindrance. And, you will learn how to utilize it more effectively. You will learn how to cope with the negative feelings and not let them keep you from moving forward.


This will help you to create some middle ground and build a solid foundation upon which to develop a stronger, more satisfied you. And that is something that will help everyone in the long run.

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