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Taurus Man And Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Taurus Man Sagittarius Woman

Can Taurus men and Sagittarius women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The Taurus man and Sagittarius woman can be a difficult match in terms of compatibility.

It will take compromise and understanding to make their union work. But sometimes these types of relationships can work if the two sun signs involved share good love compatibility.


Taurus Man And Sagittarius Woman Compatibility – Pros

Both the Taurus man and Sagittarius woman are faithful and trustworthy so as long as they can learn to appreciate their differences. He will love her optimism and enthusiasm but he is a pessimist so he might think his Sagittarius woman is a bit naive about the world.

If the Taurus and Sagittarius couple can learn to compromise there might be hope. The Taurus man does love the outdoors but would prefer a quiet nature walk with just his woman not a social event with lots of people.


As long as she doesn’t drag him into heated debates he will enjoy conversations about each other and their issues such as getting to know each other better. If he is in a bad mood, a nice massage or gentle touch will help. The Sagittarius woman can bring her Taurus man out of a bad mood by her openness and sensuality.

The Sagittarius woman will appreciate his stability and calm nature. She will have to establish that she is not a possession of his and enjoys her independence. Taurus can give this freedom to her as long as he is made aware ahead of time and knows where he stands.


It won’t hurt for the Sagittarius woman to stroke his ego some and to make sure her man is satisfied and comfortable in their relationship before she goes out on her own so that he doesn’t become jealous or possessive.


The Taurus male prefers a quiet evening at home while the Sagittarius female wants to go out and have some fun and adventure. She likes having lots of friends, being social, and traveling. He likes predictability and security while she likes spontaneity.


When the Taurus Sagittarius pair are in the bedroom, their differences seem to create a spark. I guess in this instance, opposites attract! Sex can unite them. It may help them to resolve conflict and to have makeup sex.

The Taurus man Sagittarius woman may be better suited for a fling rather than a long-term relationship in some instances although Taurus would rather settle down than have one-night stands.

taurus man sagittarius woman love compatibility
A Pragmatic And Grounded Relationship, Just Avoid Confrontations And Arguments That Are Not Needed

Taurus Man Sagittarius Woman Relationship – Cons

Taurus is an Earth sign while Sagittarius is a fire sign. The Sagittarius woman is open-minded and free-spirited while her Taurus mate is a grounded person who likes routine. He is a private person and she likes going outdoors on adventures.

Sometimes her flakiness can get on his nerves and likewise, she tends to get bored in the relationship and tired of his stubbornness. But she can also help him to be more flexible and get out and try new things every so often!

The Sagittarius female may cheat. She has to be careful and so does the Taurus man that she does not get bored nor crave variety so much that she strays. The Taurus man Sagittarius woman pair needs to experiment in the bedroom and outside – try new adventures.

If cheating does occur in the Taurus Sagittarius match, Taurus will be so wounded that their relationship probably will not survive. It is best if Taurus can give his woman a little freedom for harmless flirting and platonic friendships rather than sex with strangers to satisfy her need for new experiences.

If Taurus can be patient, like he is, his Sagittarius woman may learn to appreciate what he has to offer – stability and security. She may also come to love their comfortable home life especially if they have kids together. A child can bring her some of the adventure she craves! And her Taurus man is a good father and a good provider.


Taurus is an earth sign that is fixed and Sagittarius is a fire sign that is mutable by nature. The Taurus man Sagittarius woman compatibility gets a THREE Hearts love rating.

This may not be the best match in the Zodiac but it could work. As long as the Sagittarius woman continues to reassure the Taurus man and show him that he is where her heart truly lies then they may be able to survive together long term.

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