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Sagittarius Woman And Taurus Man – Learn From Your Differences

Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man Love Compatibility

How compatible are Sagittarius women and Taurus men mentally, emotionally, and sexually? It takes a lot for the Sagittarius woman and Taurus man to maintain a long-term relationship, for she is flighty and he is stable. She likes to wander while he hates to leave home. But if the Sagittarius and Taurus sun signs can learn from their differences and keep an open mind, it’ll work.


Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man Relationship – Pros

The fire sign Sagittarius approaches life very differently from the earth sign Taurus. As the female archer, the Sagittarius woman is constantly traveling and looking for new opportunities. This is the complete opposite of the male bull, who is very much a homebody. She hates to be tied down and the Taurus man looks for someone to plant roots with him.


Sagittarius women are fun and flirtatious and the Taurus men are witty and charming, so they always have entertaining discussions. It’s only when she feels the need to move on will he becomes hurt or disappointed.

It will be tough, but if there’s enough of an attraction this couple will move things into the bedroom. Now this is where the Sagittarius Taurus couple make up some ground in their relationship because he is steady as a rock and she is very passionate.


She can give him all she’s got and he has the stamina to keep up with her. He’ll bring the romance and affectionate gestures while she adds an element of excitement and entertainment.

The Sagittarius female can learn a lesson from him, practicing the same techniques over and over again until they are utterly gratifying. The Sagittarius woman and Taurus man can expand their partner’s horizons and perfect this sexual union, as long as she is willing to commit to it.


The Taurus man will have to allow her the freedom to pursue what she wants, and the Sagittarius woman will have to stay home with her partner every once in a while. And if she can coax him out of the house and on one of her adventures, their relationship will continue to grow. With his patience and flair, they can help their partner reach their full potential.

sagittarius woman taurus man

Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man Relationship – Cons

It’s a difficult dynamic for these two zodiac signs to reconcile, and it takes work on both their parts to keep a good balance. The only way they connect is through their shared love of good conversation.

The Taurus male is more practical in his lovemaking, which she may find boring after a while. But if he can change up his sexual style and learn to take cues from his feisty lover, she will respond with a satisfying time between the sheets. He will not accept infidelity in any form, so the Sagittarius female will have to reassure him that she is loyal only to him.

This is necessary for their day-to-day relationship as well, for he is pragmatic and responsible and the Sagittarius woman hates focusing on these mundane details. As long as the Taurus man doesn’t mind handling all of their affairs, she doesn’t mind letting him. He’s also the financially savvy one of this zodiac sign pairing, as she couldn’t care less about money or fancy things.

The Taurus man does appreciate beautiful things, though, so they will have arguments over that issue. And if she pushes him too far she will witness his outrageous temper. This will cause her to take off and may keep them from ever resolving the dispute. The  Sagittarius Taurus couple has to be careful not to push each other’s buttons.


Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign whereas Taurus is a fixed earth sign, the Sagittarius woman Taurus man compatibility gets a THREE Hearts rating. Both the Sagittarius woman and the Taurus man just have to be willing to trust each other. And when they do, this couple will go the distance.

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