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Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Taurus Man Cancer Woman

Can Taurus men and Cancer women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The Taurus Man and Cancer Woman have a great chance at love. The earth and water elements combine well together in love compatibility.

Water needs the earth as the earth needs the rain so the Cancer Woman will bring out the best in her Taurus man. The water will help the flowers bloom in their garden of love. Likewise, those flowers and the earth seek out the water and rain.


Taurus Man Cancer Woman Compatibility – Pros

With the Taurus man and Cancer woman, it will be love at first and their bond will grow more over time. The Taurus Cancer couple will both be equally committed and loyal to each other as well as neither will need to seek outside of their relationship for they will be satisfied with each other.


The Taurus man is satisfied in a union with the Cancer woman. His woman will not ask him to change and she will not tire of him. She will appreciate his predictable and methodical nature. He can take on the typical male role and she will be his woman.

The Cancer female will keep a good and clean home for her man. He is the provider and she will let him be. Both want stability and security at home and in their relationship.



The Taurus and Cancer will enjoy quiet evenings together and with their family. Both also prefer socializing with each other or in small groups rather than large parties or crowded environments.

They complement each other in the bedroom. They are connected on an emotional as well as physical level. No words will need to be spoken and they can each surrender to the other. They both will love to give and to receive from their mate and will enjoy their sex and lovemaking.


The Taurus Cancer match thrives when they feel safe and secure as they do with each other. The Taurus male’s powerful physical role will bring his Cancer woman out of her shell. This will allow her to open up and express herself more with her man. She will also bring a little spice to the bedroom with her unpredictable nature.

The Cancer woman will also flourish in her career because she is very strong-willed and independent so there won’t be very many arguments due to money as the Taurus man has a great work ethic as well.

taurus man cancer woman love compatibility A Compatible And Romantic Relationship Makes This Partnership Endearing, Pleasant With A Harmonious Balance
A Compatible And Romantic Relationship Makes This Partnership Endearing, Pleasant With A Harmonious Balance

Relationship – Cons

The issues between the Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs will lie with their natures. The Taurus man can be stubborn and cannot understand or empathize with his Cancer woman’s mood swings and emotional issues.

But his Cancer woman’s understanding and gracious nature especially for her Taurus man and the way he will still stand by her will melt her heart. They will most likely come back together after any rift and won’t be torn apart.

Sometimes the Cancer lady can be more sensitive than her mate, the Taurus. She has a hard time sharing her feelings when she gets hurt or upset so her man will be at a loss as to what he did or said.

The Cancer woman must learn to open up so that their relationship can grow and also so she does not blow up later at her man. She can also be moody so she appreciates the Taurus male and his stability and calm demeanor.


Taurus is an earth sign that is fixed and Cancer is a water sign that is cardinal by nature. The Taurus man Cancer woman compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts love rating. They will need to reassure each other and provide comfort but if they can learn to do so they will most likely last a lifetime.

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