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Sagittarius As A Father Personality Traits

A Sagittarius Father Personality Traits

The Sagittarius man always looks at the brighter side of life and generally is idealistic by temperament. You want to enjoy good things in life which attracts people who love fun and entertainment. While you want to be independent always, this also makes you anxious about losing it.

You are scared to bind yourself to relationships which you feel will be a hindrance to your personal freedom. Once you are convinced about the alliance, you will be devoted to the marital life.


Sagittarius male is absolutely frank and is not averse to new ideas. You have a tendency to believe all types of people and are not tactful in dealing with others. You will be taken for a ride because of your simplicity. This will not prevent you from looking at life in an optimistic way.

In marriage you expect your wife to be faithful and capable of handling the family life successfully. The Sagittarius father characteristics show that you are not afraid of the restrictions of society while getting into marital relationships. You are known for your uninhibited loss of temper which keeps others away when you are in a bad mood.


When a Sagittarius man becomes a father, he requires enough time to get accustomed to the new status. You are looking eagerly for the new relationship of becoming a father. It is really commendable how you take up this responsibility of a father with all the zeal and commitment.


Sagittarius Father – Positive Personality Traits

Independence Is Important

As a father, the Sagittarius parent inculcates in their child the quality of being restrained while being independent. You encourage him to develop his own principles and guts to stick to them in face of adversity.

The Sagittarius father personality traits show he enjoys the company of his child and wants to play with the child whenever he gets free time. Your child like spirit helps you to get along with your child. You will encourage and help the child in studies.


The friendly attitude of this Sagittarius father personality will draw the child towards you and you give the child unlimited affection. Sagittarius fathers will encourage their child to develop the inherent capabilities to the full.

Fathers under the Sagittarius zodiac sign get carried away by the arrival of a kid and will not mind attending to him throughout the night. The Sagittarius father traits show that you will bring up the child correctly without giving in to the unnecessary demands of the child and want him to discover things by himself.


The Sagittarius father traits show they will be highly compatible with an Aries daughter. They have the common traits of being direct, motivated to get things done and being popular with others. Sagittarius father is sincere, confident and enjoys the company of people.

These Sagittarius father characteristics attract his Aries daughter to him. The Aries daughter is brave, active and loves freedom. These things will be appreciated by a Sagittarius dad.

Sagittarius Father – Negative Personality Traits

Perfection Has To Be Absolute

The child of a Sagittarius father personality is supposed to match his father’s ability in athletic activities even at a small age. You want your child to think perfectly and talk correctly and any imperfection will put you off.

You want your child to be independent and do not want the child to complain about things.

The Sagittarius father personality traits show you like your child to be a winner always and will not support him if he loses. You will teach your child when to be serious and present him with ideas about realities of life.

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