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7 Feng Shui Bed Positioning Ideas

7 Feng Shui Bed Placement Ideas

Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, is an integral part of a holistic life lived mindfully. The tradition means “wind and water” and is part of the ancient Chinese philosophy of nature. Feng Shui is all about energy (referred to as chi), using this chi to create harmonious environments within the home that attract abundance, joy, love, connection, and health. Feng Shui for bed placement ideas helps to increase the flow of sheng chi in your bedroom and consequently in your life.

There are two basic types of energy in Feng Shui: sheng chi or dragon’s breath, and shar chi. Sheng Chi is the energy we seek. It is the beautiful energy that allows us to attract great things into our lives and manifest joy, love, and all of the things we desire.


Shar chi

Shar chi is the energy we seek to avoid. Sharchi is extremely harmful and creates energetic blockages that lead to real problems in our lives.

We meditate, do yoga, cook healthily, and practice mindful eating, but so many of us don’t realize that the placement of objects and furniture in our homes may be blocking energetic flow and holding us back from living our best lives.


As humans, we interact with our environment at every moment, and if that environment is facilitating negative energy or sharing chi, then we are unable to reach our highest potential in any area of our lives.

A bedroom is an important place in the home. For most, it is the center of relaxation and rejuvenation, where we come to restore and rest our bodies and souls. It is the last place we are at the end of each day and the first place we wake up in each morning.


Because of this, the importance of Feng Shui in the bedroom, particularly in the bed, cannot be understated. Starting and ending each day with good energy helps to create a healthy life. The bedroom is the foundation of health in our lives and is the second most critical area of Feng Shui, after the front door.

Feng Shui may sound intimidating, but we promise it’s easier than it sounds! It’s a simple way to revolutionize your life and open yourself up to receiving good energy. Below are seven simple


What is the best Feng Shui bed position?

#1. Try not to position the bed under a window

Windows lacks the support and protection of solid walls. Since windows are also entrances and exits for chi, a bed positioned under a window can cause restless sleep. Over time, this will weaken your energy as it has neither the support nor protection it needs.

#2. Have even bedside tables

Bedside tables represent balance and security in our lives and our most intimate relationships. For adults, it’s important to have a bedside table on each side of your bed to reflect that you are open to finding a partner if you are single and to show the equality of your partnership if you are in a relationship.

Additionally, clutter on the bedside tables creates an environment for sleep that is neither restful nor peaceful. Bedside tables should be kept tranquil, clean, and minimalized with only decorative items chosen with intention placed on them.

Feng Shui for bed placement

#3. Place your bed diagonally across from the door

Keep your bed as far away from the door as possible, to give you safety and protection as you sleep. This also allows you to have plenty of time to prepare for events as they unfold and to have more control over both your space and your life.

The bed should never be directly across from the door, especially if it is a bathroom door because you will sleep with your feet pointing toward the door. This is traditionally known as the “position of death” because the deceased are carried out feet first.

This position drains your energy while you sleep. People who use this placement in the bedroom can develop severe afflictions in the center of the body.

#4. Try not to place your bed under a low ceiling

Try not to place your bed under a low ceiling, fan, beam, chandelier, or anything hanging down from the ceiling. These contain negative energy that pushes down on you as you rest. This massive energy will eventually begin to manifest in your daily life.

If this situation is unavoidable, the remedy is to create a soft canopy over the bed. Choose a durable, beautiful, natural fabric to protect you from this oppressive energy.

Feng Shui for bed placement

#5. Use a solid headboard and no footboard

A headboard on your bed provides additional support and strength while a footboard energetically blocks progress in life. Over time, the limitations of a footboard can make you feel as though your growth as a whole is constrained which is undoubtedly bad Feng Shui!

The only time you would need a footboard is if it is impossible to avoid positioning your bed in the aforementioned “death position.” In this case, the footboard is critical for protection as you sleep, to stop the force of chi coming through the door directly at you and causing it to flow around you instead.

In contrast, a headboard is empowering and strengthening. Ideally, you would want to use a solid wood headboard. The wood adds warmth to your space, and a solid headboard gives you shelter and comfort, allowing the good chi we desire to nourish you as you sleep.

#6. Take care not to have any square corners pointing toward your bed

In Feng Shui, these square corners are referred to as “poison arrows” and are thought to direct negative energy to your body as you sleep. If you realize that you have poison arrows pointing at your bed, make sure you place something in its path to block the arrow or try to replace sharp-edged furniture with rounded pieces. These edges could be anything from a sharp corner of a bedside table to a wall with a sharp point above your bed.

Poison arrows can be found in all areas of the home but are particularly dangerous when pointed at the bed, as the bed is supposed to be a place of safety, revitalization, and security where our energetic barriers are down and our minds are at rest.

Feng Shui for bed placement

#7. Do not block natural pathways and doorways

This will create blockages preventing chi from flowing throughout the space. Think of water as you try to figure out where the natural pathways in your bedroom are.

If water were to flow into your bedroom from the main door, would it run right into a blockage such as your bed? Or would it be able to flow smoothly to all areas of your space? Take an afternoon to do some simple rearranging and minimizing of your pieces, particularly the bed, to facilitate the flow of energy.

Begin to bring balance and vitality to your life by using the principles of Feng Shui in a deeply personal part of the home to create a yin environment where sheng chi flows freely, and shar chi is substantially minimized.

Utilizing Feng Shui in the center of health and happiness in the home will allow you to have more restful sleep and attract positive energy into your life, allowing you to manifest joy, success, and love.

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