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Tarot Birth Card – Find Yours!

Understanding your Tarot Birth Card

Life consists of different struggles, dedication, love, and purpose, not to mention the attached feelings and emotions that the journey of life shows us. At this point, it depends on your perspective towards leading a stress-free life. Learning how to control and face your hardship in your day-to-day activity is the best way forward. It would help if you also grasped the stamina and courage to stand firm and tackle life’s demons. Such incidents in our life’s journey improve our approach towards victory. Find your tarot birth card to know more.


To understand your Tarot birth card, you need to gain more knowledge regarding the irony of life. For instance, it doesn’t matter how full you ate yesterday; you will certainly have the urge to eat more the moment you wake up. With that in mind, I am trying to relate this situation to the journey of life: No matter how enthusiastic you are today, you will somehow want some help to overcome tough times.

It might be spiritual counseling or advice, and at this point, you will forget about gender, race, status, and special genes. So, what or who are these essential life guides? And where will you find them? Read along.


What’s Your Tarot Birth Card?  

“The Tarot birth card resembles a teacher who teaches us different life lessons. We later allow life to take the exam and teach us a lesson”. It comprises several skeletal blueprints that narrate your existence in the world. We also believe that the Tarot’s basic energy improves our life’s journey and personality.

As you start the journey of reading your Tarot birth card, pick a deck with your favorite artwork. It might be pointless when trying to make friends with something you hate or doesn’t look appealing. It is also crucial to spend time and study the cards. Get to know the main definition of archetype and how the Fool would react when confronted by the human-like figure of “life.” Grasp the following details at your fingertips as you try to understand your tarot birth card:


  • According to the Tarot journal, is it required for you to describe the card in detail?
  • Remember to observe the color and symbol on the card
  • Research what the numbers of the cards mean
  • Focus on the card and pretend like you are talking to your friend
  • Ask the card what you need to learn and have a conversation
  • Always carry the card with you and remember to look at it often
  • Meditate on the emotional energy that surrounds the card and absorb it in your heart. Is it uncomfortable or good? Do you have the urge to consume it even more or do you want to let it go deliberately?


Calculating the Major Arcana Tarot Card

The cards are simple to narrate and understand. I bet you have kept one or more in your closet. To start with, if you were born on the 24th day of September 1970, you would come up with the below calculation 1+9+7+0+0, which is equal to 17, plus 1+7=8, Strength. If your birth date decreases by 19, then you are lucky to have: The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and the Sun.

To understand your birth card’s traditional meaning and definition, allow me to introduce to you the 0-10 tarot card meaning

The Fool: It typically means a life filled with lots of adventure and travel, but also a good life lived to find your true self.

The Magician: If this is your birth card, then you have the innate strength to overcome life’s realities. You are committed to fine-tuning your best.

The High Goddess: Referred to as the great priestess and the overseer of secrets; hence your life’s journey involves taking control of life’s perspectives.

The Empress: She is the archetypal bearer who grants Mother Nature. It typically means that you will be abundantly blessed with unique abilities to create and nurture.

The Emperor: He is an authoritative physique with leading authority. You are likely to have leadership skills, be over-protective, and be ambitious.

More Tarot Birth Cards

The Hierophant: It represents the social beliefs in life. Sometimes you might spend lots of time exploring different ways of life. You can either decide to uncover a positive attitude in life or focus on one aspect. You are the type of person who believes that sometimes rules are meant to change.

The Card of Lovers: The card represents different love life choices. It narrates the devoted paths that come with lots of opportunities and temptations. It also represents an angel thus; ample protection, inspiration, and ultimate understanding if you ever find yourself in a tight situation.

The Chariot: It defines the ability and willpower to overcome different directions in life. It reflects your life’s journey regarding how you control your feelings and needs

Strength: If your birth card is number eight, it typically tells the enormous inner resistance, and you can easily manage life’s difficulties. It reflects your journey of learning and how you maintain the balance within yourself.

The Card of Hermit: The card reflects the feeling of being drawn towards taking the journey of recreating your internal intelligence. Sometimes, you find that lots of weak hearts may be drawn to ask you for advice

The Card that reflects the Wheel of Fortune: The card defines how your life will have abundant blessings with tons of fruitful opportunities. Most of the possibilities come without notice, such as a dream job offer. Everything will fall into your lap.

The Major Concern of your Tarot Birth Card-Life Guidance

The major subject of your life guidance resembles a legal judgment that is attached to your life. If you have great connections with Priestess, you will tend to have a high sense of inner abilities and watch how your life unfolds. With that in mind, the secondary key to bringing optimum balance to your life and loved ones is learning how to operate your life as well as understanding your birth card. For instance, The Devil ruled by Capricorn focuses on the need to succeed but practically faces several aspects.

Don’t forget to inspect your current birth card and positively figure out several Major Arcana. If you happen to get more than one card, try separately communicating with them or interacting with them together and visualize what life unfolds to you.

After describing your card and studying as stated above, you will easily learn to read and understand with much ease. The last thing you can do is ask your inner self how the card will help or advise you in a given situation or crisis. It will eventually become attached to you and be an art of your life. Take time and recognize your birth card.

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