Monday, August 2, 2021

How To Read Palms: The Life Line

How To Read Palms: The Life Line

Now that emotion and intellect have been covered, this time let us talk about the Life line, which is the line of your personal being. It is the line which most accurately portrays your center most existence, and is the one most people are interested in because it portrays the events that happen in your life!

The life line is the line that runs “around” the base of your thumb, the generally lowest line on the hand that tends to start up near the head line but then curve around toward the joint of the thumb. It’s the line concerned with your personal history and what has and will happen.

A line that starts from the same point as your head line might indicate that you base your own life’s goals on intellectual pursuits, where one that is separated indicates your goals being more physical of ephemeral.

If your line runs all the way down to your wrist, it indicates a slower-paced lifestyle that has fewer goals, where a line that ends before the wrist might indicate a higher-energy lifetime with goals a-plenty.

life line
life line

The deeper of a curve your line makes, the more energy you have in your life. A line with a shallow curve close to the thumb indicates that you become tired easily or often, both mentally and physically. If the curve is very deep, it indicates excitement and danger and adventure, where a straighter curve indicates safety and carefulness.

A deep and pronounced line indicates your lack of trepidation for what will come in your life and the acceptance thereof with vitality, whereas a shallow line represents an unwillingness to “go with the flow” and take life at face value.

A line that abruptly ends does not, in fact, indicate that you will die early. This is fortunate, because many people have lines that break or even shift! A lifeline that breaks and restarts can indicate a period of revelation about oneself, and a line that has small lines crossing it or shapes in the line itself indicate that your life will be full of surprises and things you could not have expected.

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