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Your Numerology Chart: What It Says About You?

What Does Your Numerology Chart Say About You

 “Numerology” is the meaning of numbers and how numbers have a big impact on your life. You see your numerology chart every day; however, we never really pay much attention to them.

Unless, of course, you work as an accountant…

 However, not many people look at numbers spiritually – even though they have great meaning. Numbers and letters can work together to predict what is yet to come.

Although this isn’t 100% proven to be true, knowing about your place in a numerology chart may teach you about your true goals and purpose in this world.

 Research into numbers can show us when we have found the right partner, the right house when we should transition to a new job and many more things.

But numbers have no real value – how can a number tell me my future?


How Numbers relate to Life

First of all, you can work out what your Life holds by just your date of birth. All you have to do is do a simple calculation – add your year, month and day of birth together.

For example, if you were born on the 25th January 1981, you would calculate 25+1+1981. So, in this instance, the answer would be 2007.

Then, you would add the numbers in 2007 together (2+0+0+7), which would equal 9.

From this number, you would be able to read the predictions for your Life. So, following the example through, seven would mean that you analyze situations well and are affectionate. But, I will go into more detail later.


What your Number Means for You

 Number One

 Your strengths: You are creative and full of initiative. When faced with any obstacles in Life, these are easily combatted. You take any problems in your stride.

But, you have a lot of self-confidence, and although you may be sensitive on the inside, no one would know it.

You have a lot of strength and are known for your leadership qualities. You are motivated and driven to face any issues head-on and take control of any bad situations. And, you do this even when it isn’t your job to sort things out.

You are unique and very independent and always follow through with any ideas that you have. You aren’t a thinker – you translate your thoughts to actions. Also, you have ambition and drive to succeed, and people feel uplifted in your presence – they are drawn to you because of your wonderful personality.

Your weaknesses: However, sometimes, always wanting to be a leader isn’t good. In certain situations, you do need to be a follower. All successful people start at the bottom and work their way to the top – this is something you’re not good at.

Also, some of your actions may seem selfish – for example, if there is a situation where you need to complete teamwork, you won’t be very good at this.

Avoid being demanding in all situations. You can’t be the leader all the time.


Number Two

 Your strengths: Your numerology chat says that your biggest and best qualities are being a good listener. If anyone has a problem, you are there with a shoulder to lean on.

You seem like the person who can solve any situation with your calm personality. You don’t agree with solving problems physically – you sort situations out diplomatically.

But, you are a great problem solver.

The reason for this is because you can take your thoughts to a new level, think outside the box and find a solution for any situation. You are always looking out for other people and never take any sides – you are the great magician in a storm of arguments.

And, you always want what is best for other people with no real thought for yourself.

You dedicate your life to making others happy.

 This means that it is quick and easy for you to make friends.

Teamwork is where you flourish because you always have the initiative – compromising with others to solve is your natural talent. You are not a leader. However, you are the person who can sort out any disputes in the environment.

You aren’t bothered about praise for what you do though, you are humble, which makes you a great value to the world. You are very talented because you can turn an impossible dream into reality.

Your weaknesses: You may annoy other people because others are more passionate about their ideas – to the extreme that they don’t want to compromise. The fact that you always want what is best for others can also let you down in business endeavors because of your easy ability to adapt your ideas to fit others.

You aren’t good at saying “no,” making it difficult for you to know what to do in some situations. You can accomplish very little if you aren’t persuasive of your feelings in some instances.

Because you care more for others than yourself, it is hard for you to grow personally. It’s hard to know who YOU are because you are helping others develop themselves.
This can lead to emotional turmoil (depression and anxiety) because you are always worried about others’ thoughts.


Number Three

Your strengths: Your Numerology chart says that you are full of creativity and always have a new dream to accomplish. You have great inventive skills and are always optimistic.

If people feel that their dreams seem impossible, you are the light at the end of a tunnel. You always keep everyone you’re around positive.  But, you believe in living life for the moment because tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed.

You love being with people – you have very good social skills. Also, your friends love you because you are always open about your feelings and you are friendly. You will attract many lovers because you are a good talker and fill them with warmth in your presence. Also, you are very affectionate.

You try to inspire others, and you thrive around others who are also a number three.

Any problems in Life may affect you at first, but you are soon back to your normal self.  You are always energetic and up for new challenges.

Your weaknesses: You are very emotional, so you are prone to having days where you thrive but days where you are too sensitive, and anything can bring you down.

However, on days that you are strong, nothing can get you down.

You are very conscious of other’s thoughts and actions. It would help if you learned how to control your highs and lows. For no reason, you may find it hard to rejuvenate yourself.

Number Four

Your strengths: Your numerology chart says that you are very honest, humble and down-to-earth. These qualities will benefit you in certain situations.

Any order that you are given, you can tackle head-on with motivation and dedication. Many employers love you for your perseverance. You expect everyone around you to work as hard as yourself.

Once a decision is made, then you want to handle things your way. If someone tells you what to do yet you don’t feel that this is the best option, you will follow your heart.

You have a lot of purpose in Life, and you get the job done – this means that you can be a successful manager.  Also, you are also very organized, and you are a perfectionist at heart.

You are very loyal – you don’t have many friends but the ones you have are very close to you. It only takes a friendship to form, and you can make it last for life because of your personality.

Your weaknesses: You are very good as a manager, but you may annoy people as an employee. You want things to work your way all the time, and you tend to tell others what to do.

Sometimes managers will be annoyed with you because you believe that you are better than them and trying to take their job.

You are very narrow-minded and are unable to compromise well – this means that you miss out on “once in a lifetime” opportunities.

Number Five

Your strengths: Your numerology chart says that you have a good mindset for any task in Life. You want answers to everything in Life, and you do find them a lot of the time.

You are very advanced in thinking compared to people your age. But, you always want to improve things in Life – this includes your knowledge and quality of Life.

You are very compassionate, a good communicator, and you can motivate others. All of these qualities mean that friends and lovers very much love you.

You are very good at persuading others – this makes you perfect for the sales industry. You are a great talker, and you can sell and persuade anything to anyone.

Thus, you like jobs that stimulate your brain, and you are good at analysis so you can combat any difficult situations. You love the thrills of Life.

You long for adventure, a challenge, a chance to explore the world and everything in it.

Your weaknesses: You aren’t very good in relationships because you struggle with commitment. You long for excitement and change – always striving for something new. But, you are still loyal, though – you need another number five, and you’ll flow perfectly!

You love being free – freedom is something you value every day and make the most of.

Sometimes you suffer from a lack of direction, though, which can lead to you making reckless decisions that may impact your future. You can become irresponsible in your adventures, and it can make you selfish – you need someone to bring you from your dreams to reality.

Number Six

Your strengths: Your numerology chart says that you are the leader of your family. You can handle organization and responsibility well.  You are always ready to solve other people’s burdens and treat them as your own.

Coping with problems comes naturally to you. You are always there when someone needs you – this makes you valuable to your friends and family.

You are very caring and can care for others who are needier than you because of your sympathetic nature. Wisdom is your strong point, and you guide others in their paths of life.

You are always honest with everyone and are always concerned for other people’s well-being.

Your weaknesses: Other people can manipulate you because of your caring nature. People might use you to benefit them in their time of need, which can disappear from your Life.

It would help if you learned not to let people walk over you.

You tend to be very harsh on yourself. You tell yourself that you don’t let the burdens of Life affect you; however, they can become uncontrollable. You are prone to having breakdowns, and this can affect your relationships.

Number Seven

 Your strengths: Your numerology chart says that you are very peaceful in your approach to life. You are always affectionate towards others. You are cautious in choosing people in your life because you are good at sensing people who might cause you pain.

And, you like being away from the stress of day-to-day life. You aren’t a very social person; however, you work well individually. It takes some time for you to trust someone; however, you know you have chosen the right person when you do.

Number 7 is known for its spiritual connotations – you had a lot of wisdom at a very early age.  You don’t like accepting advice from others, and you base your beliefs on your past experiences.

Your weaknesses: You can be a pessimist if you want to. You are difficult in relationships because you have a negative attitude and don’t consider others.

You can be very selfish, and this is why sometimes it is better to live alone. Also, you feel that the world owes you something, and you aren’t treated well by the earth.

Also, you also have unstable emotions, so you must learn to control the highs and lows.

Number Eight

 Your strengths: Your numerology chart says that you have many goals and want to achieve them, whatever it takes. Your ambition is your best quality. You follow every task to completion.

Also, you tend to become fixated on your work, but this is what makes you a great leader. You have a lot of courage, and any challenges you face, you tackle instantly.

But, you can be a dictator, which makes you very well suited to the business world because you are reliable. You are a good judge of budgeting.

Your weaknesses: You can often bring the enthusiasm of other workers down because you like to focus on material gains. You focus on rewards in any situation.

Although you are always striving for success, it can become an obsession.

Number Nine

 Your strengths: You are very trustworthy and aren’t known for judging other people. You care for people who are in bad situations, sometimes more than you care for yourself.

You don’t care about materialistic endeavors. This means you won’t become rich. This is mainly because of your generosity to others. You are known for your selfless attitude, and you are often friendly.

Your friends and family love you because you are always open yet can keep all their secrets to yourself.

Your weaknesses: With relationships, you need to meet someone else who isn’t materialistic. You have a deep understanding of Life, so you are very sensitive. This cannot help you in certain situations.

However, selflessness does not come easy, and it is hard to give to others.