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Leo Woman Sagittarius Man – A Fiery Excellent Match

Love Compatibility Between Leo Woman Sagittarius Man

How compatible are Leo woman Sagittarius man mentally, emotionally, and sexually? These two fire signs have excellent love compatibility with each other, as the Leo woman is bold and adventurous and the Sagittarius man is constantly on the go. He seeks knowledge and beauty in the world, and she brings both of those qualities to the relationship. When they get together, it’s fireworks! This is one fabulously rough couple.


Leo Woman Sagittarius Man Relationship – Pros

The main characteristic the lioness shares with the male archer is energy. The Leo woman is the life of the party, commanding everyone’s attention with her fun, flirty nature. He is charming and charismatic, making it an instant attraction between the two sun signs. Read more about dating a Sagittarius man.

When the Leo woman and Sagittarius man begin talking, he will challenge her with his mental acuity, and she will have no problem keeping up with him. This, in turn, amps up their interest even more, and they realize they have found their match in conversation and social graces. Read more about dating a Leo woman.


As queen of the castle, the Leo female in love will take the lead on expanding their friendship, and he will eagerly follow. Even though the Sagittarius man can be flighty, always searching for truth and insight, she can rein him in with her ambitious nature. She can convince him to prowl the plains with her, for it is never a boring time.


This extends into the bedroom as well. The Sagittarius male sexually knows how to bring the heat and she can turn it up to maximum pleasure. The couple are both incredibly sexual creatures and they enjoy raising the stakes to keep things interesting between the sheets. The archer offers creative lovemaking ideas and she delivers the result, satisfying every whim of her luscious lover. Read about Leo woman’s sexuality.

leo woman sagittarius man

Leo Woman Sagittarius Man Relationship – Cons

The only thing the Leo woman Sagittarius man match has to be careful with is her ego. The male archer can be brutally frank with his partners, and this may wound the ego of the lioness. She is proud and regal and demands to be placed on a pedestal by her mate at all times.

The Sagittarius male in love may not focus on her as much as she’d like, leaving her feeling cold and detached from their love affair. He will have to remember to continue stoking her flames if he wants her to stick around.


On the other hand, she will have to allow him the ability to do his own thing once in a while, which means relinquishing some of her control over him. For Sagittarius men are extremely independent and will flee at the first sign of trouble.

The Sagittarius man will continuously try her patience with his outgoing personality, for she is used to being in the spotlight. And her constant need for adoration will become tiring for him. For this union to last, he will have to tone down his impulsive behavior while she will have to allow him the freedom to go his separate way at times in this Sagittarius compatibility.

The Leo woman and Sagittarius man match will have to compromise if they want to have a long relationship together. While they have fun together and are very supportive of their partner’s various endeavors, she can be too arrogant for him, and he can be too unstable for her.


Leo is a fixed fire sign whereas Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, the compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts rating. Leo women are always ready to fly off with their partner on the next exciting venture – all he has to do is take her hand and let her lead the way.

She will help him to complete all of his goals and ambitions, and he will show her the beauty of all life has to offer. Together, they make a beautiful couple indeed. And they can live together forever. The two fire signs share excellent zodiac compatibility.


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