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Leo Woman Sagittarius Man – A Fiery Excellent Match

Love Compatibility Between Leo Woman Sagittarius Man

How compatible are Leo woman Sagittarius man mentally, emotionally and sexually? These two fire signs have excellent love compatibility with each other, as the Leo woman is bold and adventurous and the Sagittarius man is constantly on the go. He seeks knowledge and beauty in the world, and she brings both of those qualities to the relationship. When they get together, it’s fireworks! This is one fabulously rough couple.


Leo Woman Sagittarius Man Relationship – Pros

The main characteristic the lioness shares with the male archer is energy. The Leo woman is the life of the party, commanding everyone’s attention with her fun, flirty nature. He is charming and charismatic, making it an instant attraction between the two sun signs. Read more about dating a Sagittarius man.

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When the Leo woman and Sagittarius man begin talking, he will challenge her with his mental acuity, and she will have no problem keeping up with him. This, in turn, amps up their interest even more, and they realize they have found their match in conversation and social graces. Read more about dating a Leo woman.


As queen of the castle, the Leo female in love will take the lead on expanding their friendship, and he will eagerly follow. Even though the Sagittarius man can be flighty, always searching for truth and insight, she can rein him in with her ambitious nature. She can convince him to prowl the plains with her, for it is never a boring time.


This extends into the bedroom as well. The Sagittarius male sexually knows how to bring the heat and she is able to turn it up to maximum pleasure. The Leo woman Sagittarius man couple are both incredibly sexual creatures and they enjoy raising the stakes to keep things interesting between the sheets. The archer offers creative lovemaking ideas and she delivers the result, satisfying every whim of her luscious lover. Read about Leo woman sexuality.

leo woman sagittarius man

Leo Woman Sagittarius Man Relationship – Cons

The only thing the Leo woman Sagittarius man match have to be careful with his her ego. The male archer can be brutally frank with his partners, and this may wound the ego of the lioness. She is proud and regal and demands to be placed on a pedestal by her mate at all times.

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The Sagittarius male in love may not focus on her as much as she’d like, leaving her feeling cold and detached from their love affair. He will have to remember to continue stoking her flames if he wants her to stick around.


On the other hand, she will have to allow him the ability to do his own thing once in a while, which means relinquishing some of her control over him. For Sagittarius men are extremely independent and will flee at the first sign of trouble.


The Sagittarius man will continuously try her patience with his outgoing personality, for she is used to being in the spotlight. And her constant need for adoration will become tiring for him. For this union to last, he will have to tone down his impulsive behavior while she will have to allow him the freedom to go his separate way at times in this Sagittarius compatibility.


The Leo woman and Sagittarius man match will have to compromise if they want to have a long relationship together. While they have fun together and are very supportive of their partner’s various endeavors, she can be too arrogant for him, and he can be too unstable for her.



Leo is a fixed fire sign whereas Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, the Leo woman Sagittarius man compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts rating. Leo women are always ready to fly off with her partner on the next exciting venture – all he has to do is take her hand and let her lead the way.

She will help him to complete all of his goals and ambitions, and he will show her the beauty of all life has to offer. Together, the Leo woman Sagittarius man make a beautiful couple indeed. And they can live together forever. The two fire signs share excellent zodiac compatibility.




  1. This is right about both Leo and sag I’m a sag guy dated two Leo women in my life one long term one short term after realizing what I didn’t like about the first Leo kicked in . Their arrogance and know it all personality don’t leave much to express or share there knowledge as a sag Leo will always think their right or are to super dominant and don’t let the sag be a man at times or listen with an open mind . They are so pushy demanding impatient jealous and bring off the bitch personality all the time but out of know where will be loving when they want to be but your not allowed to crave them or being loving back only when they want u around or want your attention other then that leave them alone cause their super independent and don’t need you as a guy . Just makes you feel used and thrown around the whole relationship and don’t be late they hate that and are impatient and set a soul mission on hand you whooped or wrapped around your finger as a guy till you don’t have balls left . Idk why they always say Leo and sag are a great match every Leo girl I dated was a bitch insecure and don’t care about anyone but themselves they’ll. Maybe when I was younger I lasted four years with a Leo cause I didn’t know better on dating other signs or dealt with the pretty face and bitchy attitude but now that I’m older I can tell that’s not what I want in my life anymore felt inprisoned with a Leo girl to controlling insecure demanding pushy and moody all the time .

    • Wow… I am also a Leo woman dating a sag. I can say all what Chris has said is 90%of me. I am always moody but not controlling and insecure. Rather he’s always insured and not trusting me. But we have been having a nice and wonder relationship even when we try to break up, we still find a reason to stay together again.

    • I’m a Leo and I was told by friends and this guy I was dating (Capricorn) that I’m too optimistic and too nice. This male Leo I was dating once actually broke up with me for it. I am impatient and don’t like for people to be late. But I’m far from moody. I’m always smiling and cracking jokes. One thing I am is honest and straightforward. If I hurt your feelings, oh well. Learn how to accept truth! I can be a little demanding and may compromise on others. I believe I’m a different breed of my fellow female leos! LOL

    • I’m a leo girl and I can agree with you, that most Leo women are this way. At least most of the ones I’ve met. I’m on the cusp with cancer and I’m not so egotistic like most Leos. I’m very in touch with people’s feelings and know how to be down to earth when need to be. So if you look for a leo with cancer tendencies, you may have better luck with Leo women! :) just always remember to be open minded with any sign, especially the ones that are on a cusp.

      • Im a leo dating a sag and it is out of this world.The connection I feel is like no other! So im def about 80% of what the typical leo is. The other 20% is compromise. I realize that I can be a true 100% Leo, but if I were where would that can me? In any sign your going to have challenging traits. Its all about recongnizing them ( a maturity thing) & knowing where you should adjust things. If you cant or wont and your partner does not accept it. Move on theres a billion people in this world.;)

    • I am a LEO woman and I am not in any way how you describe. Do you think maybe the maturity level has a lot to do with how your LEO woman behaves? Most likely. So don’t say all LEO women.

    • Sounds like the Sagittarius man that, I dated for many years… Chris you just described him to a T! and I’m a Leo woman. I was always kind, loving, empathetic, outgoing, but not none of the things you described…

      Simply WOWED!!!

    • I agree im a leo woman pretty much sounds like me i dont know why they say we compatible cause we are not they are disrespectful and to fliirty n doesnt have any follow through.


    I’m a sagg male in love with a Leo women. I have never fallen for someone so hard. We are still not dating, but every time we communicate she is so loving and caring, and I’m a fool for her tenderness. She only talks to me when she wants, and sometimes will leave me on the sidelines (or that’s what it feels like). I feel like we understand each other like no one else can truly understand us. I empathize with the way she treats me, and part of why I can’t move on is because she keeps me chasing her. Although I really wish she could just settle down with me. I’m always honest with her, to the point that it makes me look like an obsessed fool that will do anything to get her even when she treats me like I don’t exist at times. I feel so much pain when she doesn’t reach out to me or when I see her with other guys. She seems to be saving me for last, as in she doesn’t want to settle with me until she’s done being single or whatever. She has said things that only eludes to this. And all I want is to be tied down to her. I DON’T CARE ABOUT TRAVELING if she isn’t in the picture. I basically haven’t left this town in hopes to be with her. The only reason I would travel, is to find a girl like her. I know that seems pathetic but I can’t help my love for this Leo. I have passed up many relationships and have been a total dick to girls I’ve seen in the past, only because of the hopes that I might get with her. I could never truly settle down with any other sign without thinking about this Leo. I can see a long future with her, and I know she can too but I’m quicker to jump the gun than she is. I give her overwhelming attention compared to other girls (even tho I can go days or weeks without seeing or talking to her) I don’t think about anyone else as much as I do her. Not even my family or close friends. Recently I stopped giving her my non stop attention and she reached out to me. She says she feels like a horrible person and she should give me a chance. I know I would be better than anyone she will ever have or ever has been with. I just need that chance to create a life with her, and I am the type of person that would love her and give her all the attention she craved. I always put myself second to this royal queen and it does not bother me one bit. I would love for her to take control of this sagg and allow me to be part of her life.

    Leo women out there, understand that us sagg men are much deeper in emotion, and way more caring than astrology makes us out to be. We are loyal and we will do just about anything to please you. Don’t take us for granted because we wear our hearts on our sleeve. Once you open up to us and let us in, we are not possessive or judgmental at all. We are just too open about our love for you guys and it might seem ok for you guys to keep us on the side because “you know we will always be there for you when you need us”. But we see through it all. We become humble around your presence because we are empathetic as hell. I hold my tongue and thoughts because I would never want to lose my Leo.

    All this talk about sagg needing space and what not, is true for the most part with other signs. But with a Leo,, tie us down! We would love getting dominated by you. We will make you feel like the powerful beings you are. Let down your ego for a change and allow us to get into your heart and you will never want to let us go.


      I am a leo women and i kind of went through this with a sagg man, reading this just made me feel so bad about it & how i treated him.
      We can be stubborn i admit it and i have no as of why and we sometimes feel like we are not ready to leave the single life behind but when we notice we might loose our sagg man thats when we always come back! FIGHT FOR YOUR LEO WOMAN, WE ARE WORTH IT LOL I PROMISE YOU!

    • Hopeful Leo in love with an amazing and awesome Sagg Male!!!


      I am a Leo woman that fell in love with a Sagg male, the second we met. Never, ever, ever, in my entire life, have I ever felt anything so strong and so instant. He is just absolutely the most awesome man I have ever met and nobody can compare to him!!!

      At that time in my life, these feelings scared me, the entire idea of feeling this way…scared me. I thought I must have lost mind…and unfortunately those I would try and talk with, were agree…

      After reading this, I can absolutely see where this Leo has misread things, talked herself out it all and in reality, the entire time…heartbroken and putting on a smile for the world!!! I am always thinking about him and hoping he will love me as much as I love him!
      God either give him to me or help me forget him!!! I am in misery and so impatient!!!

      I can see how for my special Sagg male…many of my Leo proud actions and words came across as if I was leaving him on the sidelines for single life or “whatever”…

      In reality, this Leo women was trying to figure out her own personal hell, a hell not many will even begin to understand and still be the woman she wants to be…the whole “whatever” thing would could fit here…but this Leo was never not thinking about her Sagg male every freaking second. In reading this, maybe he does not even realize this!!!
      He is her King and she knows that there is nobody out there like him!!

      Seeing him kills me unless I can have him. It takes everything I have to walk or look away… because if not…this Leo Woman is just going to grab him and kiss him all over!!!!

      I hope it is not too late for this Leo Woman to fix the mistakes she made in the past with her Soulmate Sagg!!

      Signed-Hopeful Leo in love with an amazing and awesome Sagg Male!!!

    • Leo Lady'Always Classy

      Sounds to me like you never made your intentions clear enough and your Leo lady did not trust or understand you. In this Leo’s situation… I have nothing but my imagination to go with so I’m moving on! Guess maybe u will be the one that got away!!!

    • I’m a Leo woman who dated a Sagg..swear you took my breath away. He would express that, but you put the pieces together

    • Omg as a Leo woman, you are so sweet!! I pray and wish for a guy like you all the time. She’s stoopid for not giving you a chance and you seem like you deserve to be with a better Leo woman than her cause we are all slightly different Leo’s. Maybe it depends which month the Leo woman falls in. Me it’s in Aug and I noticed that I’m way more lovable and enjoy the Prince Charming feeling from a man than say a Leo in July would, I notice leo’s In July seem to be a lot more cold hearted and not into to mushy lovey romance like the Leo’s in August. Lol what I’m saying is any sagg man out there who wants to be treated like a king that will treat me special and make me the only woman he desires!! Please find me I’m single and just want to be truly loved with some adventure in our lives.

    • Speak for yourself my guy. Sag is never a follower or submissive bitch you can control. I never allow any women to “dominate” me in any way.

    • Very true … I’ve been in love with a Sagittarius for over 7 yrs I broke it off 5 yrs ago because I got back together a with my boyfriend of 30 yrs and he couldn’t be faithful to me .. and now my boyfriend and sons father is now soon to be my husband and I’m super loyal .. so I won’t cheat .. but I’m still in love wirh my Sagittarius ♐️ probably forever ❤️

  3. Hi I’m a leo woman and I know this sag guy that is close to my fam but he doesnt talk whatsoever at all!!!! IDK why but it doesn’t seem to in to me I really like this sag guy but I am very proud and old school and i believe that if he doesn’t chase you then he is not into you an I right or wrong? any answers? before i move on

    • My love of my life is a sag and I’m a Leo woman. We met on a hook up site that was just supposed to be a fling. Actually it was called fling. Lol. I wasn’t interested in a relationship at all and now we’re talking marriage and buying a house. I always did all the talking. People say I talk too much. Lol. But he loves it bcuz he isn’t much of a talker. But he is definitely a doer. He supports me like no other. He doesn’t always share what he’s thinking but then out of nowhere he will do things that show me he is thinking about me. He may be intimidated by you. I know my sag said he was bcuz my personality is larger than life. Lol. You’re a Leo. You know how to use your femininity to get what you want. You may just have to make the first step. Drop an obvious hint. Don’t miss out on great thing bcuz your ego says he has to chase you. Just go for it. You won’t regret it.

  4. I am a Leo woman who is single and just finding out that I am compatible to a Sagg man as well as few other signs but this one gives me 5 HEARTS… I think any relationship should be compromising especially now since I am 53 yrs young… I am very compromising and looking forward to being a caterer to any man… I’m not moody but even tempered and love life with laughter and definitely excitement with spontaneity… I believe that ANY WOMAN wants a man who knows what to do with them physically, emotionally, sexually and enjoy
    THE SPIRITUAL side of LIFE with them as well… After reading the Sun Signs and your comments, I can’t wait to meet my Sagg Man😘…

    • I’m a Sagittarius man,26 years old,found my treasures in a leo woman aged 22.
      She is far from me though from the same country.
      The problem is that i can’t manage my financial income.
      I’m so extravagant and it’s a great worry to me.

  5. just omg wow this is the most relevant i have ever read… I am the LEO woman and I adore my Sagittarus… and the above ststed man loving his leo woman… you sound just like my Ric… He says he has no reason to be or do without and I have NEVER felt a more deep love and compassion… HE IS MY FAVORITE PERSON

  6. Years of marriage with my loving Leo woman, we melt into one gold piece when we meet for the first time decades ago, what can I say, it is all true, I am Sagittarius, the stars doesn’t lie.

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