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Leo’s Personality Traits & Characteristics

Leo Personality Traits

You are a Leo if you were born between July 23rd and August 21st. Leo’s personality traits indicate that Leo is full of positive qualities that will help them to get far in life.

A Leo is usually rather confident in their abilities. This personality trait will help the Lion succeed in school at a young age, and earn promotions once they start getting jobs and earning money.


Leo Positive Personality Traits

Leo personality is usually very independent people. They don’t want to rely on anyone else for success, and they don’t want anyone telling them what to do to become successful.

While the Leo man or woman likes to work alone, they love to have people around who can be supportive of what they are doing.

The Leo traits show they tend to work better when they know that their work is being praised. Leos also like it when they are a boss at a company or a group leader of a project. This way they can prove their leadership skills.


The Leo personality traits also show they make great friends to anyone who can provide a source of encouragement. Since they like being surrounded by people who are encouraging, Leos also tend to encourage others.

This can help to attract friends in high places. Leos are also generous to their friends, doing whatever needs to be done to help them get their friends to their goals.leo-traits

Although a Leo male or Leo female is successful with the everyday tasks that come with their job or hobbies, they still crave adventure now and again. They are likely to think up a trip or activity for their friends to enjoy with them.


However, if a Leo cannot find excitement or an adventure they may make their drama. Leos tend to be melodramatic, especially in their younger years. This can lead to lost friendships if Leo creates unnecessary drama too often.

The Leo characteristics show they may also create drama to draw more attention to themselves. If a Leo is content, then they are not likely to cause trouble. A Leo wants to get far in life, and they cannot do that if they are in trouble all of the time.


Leo Negative Personality Traits

However, like the rest of the zodiac signs, Leo isn’t perfect. Leo’s personality traits show they can be stubborn in many scenarios. If things aren’t going their way, or if someone tries to tell them what to do, they won’t be happy about it.

This can lead a Leo to ignore the truth in some cases while sticking to their false idea of things. This can be annoying for friends and family members at some times.

Leo’s characteristics also show that they can be vain. The Lions want to succeed, and when they do succeed their self-confidence levels may reach a level of narcissism. While this personality trait is good in a way, it can also be annoying to others. A Leo may not see the harm in this since their confidence levels are usually high.

A Leo personality may seem tough on the outside, but their ego can be easily bruised if it is not supported enough. Most of the time a Leo is confident in their own abilities and only wants others to support it.

If a Leo goes too long without feeling appreciated or like they are doing a good job, then they are likely to become slightly depressed. This will be fixed as soon as Leo gets back their self-confidence through getting enough support again. A Leo simply needs something to be proud of and someone proud of them.

Leo Love Personality Characteristics

A Leo sun sign needs plenty of attention while they are in a romantic relationship as well. They want exciting partners who can keep up with them, and of course, support them.

Loving relationships are possible when a Leo’s partner is rather affectionate, and then a Leo can return this affection. In the bedroom, Leo loves to try new things. While they are good at routine sexual activity they would rather experiment and keep trying new things with their partners.

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