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Sagittarius Man Sexual Traits

Sagittarius Man In Love

The love game for the Sagittarius man is very easy for him as he never goes wrong. He is a very engaging man who takes full control of the situation. The kind of partner he looks for is one who enjoys variety and new challenges. He wants someone who will be willing to join him on his travel to places he has never been.

He has an extremely open mind and will talk about a huge variety of subjects. He is a completely independent man who is not insecure or jealous and he expects his partner to be the same too in this aspect.

Expressing feelings is not exactly something the Sagittarius man thrives in. So don’t expect him to display his affection all the time as much as you as want him to.

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Sagittarius Man In Relationships

The Sagittarius guy prefers a woman who is open to diversity, brutally honest, not prudish, likes to give challenges and travel around. He also likes women who don’t reveal everything about themselves immediately, but rather mysteriously. He loves some suspense.

One thing to remember about this man is that he is very ambitious. Ensure that you follow them as well and be at par with him because he will be vigorously following them. This means that you will have to give him the space he needs when it comes to chasing his ambitions. Doing the opposite will make him feel imprisoned and this will definitely push him away.

Sagittarius Man Sexuality Traits

The Sagittarius man is a very passionate and wild lover. Just like other zodiac signs he would rather have a woman who is experienced. He is eager to learn new things which he can apply in future. He really enjoys flirting and foreplay as well. When it comes to his performance in bed he will tend to ask how well he did because he takes it very seriously.

This man is a very skillful lover whose brave nature demands a partner who is a self-starter and can go out of her way to make the initial move. The Sagittarius male is very sure of himself and due to his open-mindedness there’s nothing that should stop you from trying out new things no matter how wild you may deem them to be. Nothing will shock as he is very accommodating of any position, location or accessories you may want to try out.

He takes the sexual satisfaction of his partner very seriously and he would never leave his lover hanging. He is not the conservative type and does not like routine at all. He is not that wild in bed but he can be very unpredictable and full of surprises with unexpected quick moves.

The Sagittarius man enjoys very passionate sex that is deep and intense and doesn’t mind doing it in different environments outside his home. He enjoys foreplay and experiencing the extraordinary.

In addition to that, Sagittarius men are the kind of guys who can easily detach sex from emotions. Since he does not like routine he gets bored very easily and is constantly hunting for the next exciting thing.

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