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Leo Woman Aries Man – A Hot Passionate Match

Love Compatibility Between Leo Woman Aries Man

Is Leo woman Aries man compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The combination of these two fire signs is a hot one. The lioness is the queen of her castle, and the male ram is the most confident of all zodiac signs. Sometimes the Aries male’s ego gets in the way of the Leo female and sparks will fly. But the shared Leo woman Aries man passion can’t be denied. There is a lot of love between them. Are Leo woman and Aries man a good match? Find out below!


Leo Woman Aries Man Relationship – Pros

The Leo woman is feisty and always the life of the party, which instantly attracts the Aries man. He too is usually in the spotlight, so they will find each other right away and have plenty to talk about. Both the Leo woman and Aries man are both dynamic characters, and will immediately begin challenging each other mentally and physically.

The Aries male admires her tenacity and ability to keep up with him, and she enjoys his charismatic personality. She needs a man who can hunt by her side, and he will stalk the plains with her on a constant adventure. The Leo woman Aries man love compatibility in a relationship is fantastic.


The Leo woman Aries man relationship explodes in the bedroom! The Aries man has finally found his rival when it comes to lust and passion, and the Leo woman will blow his socks off! They both have a strong sexual drive, and he will have no problem satisfying her every desire. Read more about Leo woman sex traits and Aries man sex traits.


The Aries man in love will be so focused on her that it’s like she’s up on a pedestal, which is where she prefers to be. And they will always have some new and exciting ideas whenever they get together, for they know their partner can handle it. No need to be careful here in matters of love and sex.

This Leo woman and Aries man pairing of fire signs is a great match indeed, for he appreciates her independence as much as his own. They offer each other the space they need to travel on their while sharing the same energy when they want their partner by their side.


Both the Leo women as well as the Aries men are ambitious and successful, which means they will lead a secure and comfortable lifestyle when they need their downtime. Dating a Leo woman or dating an Aries man means the same thing. Lots of passion!

leo woman aries man

Leo Woman Aries Man Relationship – Cons

But the Leo woman and Aries man sun signs will both have to be careful as she likes to run the show, and he hates relinquishing control. This will cause numerous arguments, and neither one will back down from the fight. But if they can get past each other’s selfish agendas, the resolution they find will lead straight into the bedroom.

The only place they will butt heads is when one of them wants to take the lead. The Aries man is used to getting his way, but she is the one who reigns supreme. This may cause smoke, and not in a good way! But if they can learn to simply enjoy each other’s physical prowess then their union will go far between the sheets in this Leo compatibility.

So the only snag for this couple will be their equally selfish natures. The Leo woman in love wants what she wants, and if that doesn’t agree with the Aries man’s decision, then her claws will come out and clash with his horns.

But if she can summon some patience, he will quickly forget why they were fighting, and they can move on together. Both these star signs have to learn to give up control once in a while and trust in their partner’s ability to make the right choice in this Aries compatibility.


Leo is a fixed fire sign whereas Aries is a cardinal fire sign, the Leo woman Aries man compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts rating. They each have the intelligence and confidence to support themselves and their partner, which creates a solid foundation on which to build the relationship. All they have to do is commit to one another, and Leo woman, Aries man union, will go the distance. This is one zodiac match that is bound to last forever.


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