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Leo Woman Sexual Traits

Leo Woman In Love

The mighty lioness; the queen of the jungle. Those two phrases clearly suggest that the Leo woman can be very dangerous. She stalks, plans her attack and goes for it. Once she spots something she desires, there is nothing you can do to change her mind about it. Just give her space and let her proceed. If you are interested in a Leo female you must be a very confident individual.

She takes confidence very seriously. Humility too. Appreciate and compliment her, she will definitely put you in her good books. The Leo lady is considered to be the most loyal out of all the zodiac signs and she will stick to her partner no matter what.  She is also very truthful, warm and loving.

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The Leo woman has a very strong attractive personality that always woos men, intentionally or not. You have nothing to worry about concerning other men who might fall for her though. So long as she holds you dear to her heart, she will stick with you. Remember, she is very loyal to the people she loves.

Leo Woman In Relationships

The Leo woman loves flattery and attention. These are the first things you should shower her with if you are looking to get into a relationship with her. She will like to keep you all to herself, so don’t let your eyes wander off to other women. However, be ready to compete with other men.

All in all the Leo woman will make a very good girlfriend/wife as she will provide you with unlimited affection, always making you feel good about yourself and lifting up your spirits. She will also demand the same devotion from you once you are in a relationship. Dating a Leo woman is a lot of due to the fact that she enjoys variety and believes in having good love compatibility.

Routine is not something she thrives in and she will be constantly searching for different ways in which the both of you can enjoy your time together. Therefore, be prepared for an exciting relationship full of suspense and adrenaline as well. You will truly enjoy yourself.

Leo Woman Sexuality Traits

When it comes to sex, the Leo women take it seriously. She has a very strong sex drive, likes adventure in the bed and will be ready to try out anything. Her love-making skills are indeed extremely good and she will expect satisfaction from her lover just as she does the same for him.

Also don’t expect her to always submit to you and do what you say. As mentioned, she likes to dominate and she also has amazing love-making techniques which are bound to leave you speechless. Being the passionate and creative lover that she is, she will tend to wear skimpy lingerie that will make it easier for you to access her erogenous zones.

To summarize it all, the Leo woman needs someone who will praise, worship, adore and give her all the attention she demands. Due to her loyal nature she will definitely return the favour, so don’t perceive her to be selfish because of her needs.

She doesn’t want someone who will tell her how to do things, unless she asks for your opinion. Being the queen of the jungle she definitely is not interested in someone who is too possessive and dominating. She likes to be in control.

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  1. Interesting. I have met a few Leo women and they were all dominant at the beginning but then I started dominating them 🙂

  2. I am a 60 year old lesbian, born August 1st so what can you tell me about my love life, or my life in general. I will tell you some things about me; I am Black, had a stroke 6 years ago that left my right side paralyzed, 5’10 is my height, I was a Social Worker w/ DFACS before I had this stroke.

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