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Virgo Woman’s Personality Traits & Characteristics

Virgo Woman Personality Traits

You are a Virgo if you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd. The Virgo woman’s personality traits indicate that she is honest and efficient. She is like a well-oiled machine.

The Virgo woman traits show that this lady likes to keep herself busy, but she doesn’t want “busy work”. She likes to have projects that mean something to her. She wants to be doing something important in her life, even if she is not necessarily leading the cause. The Virgo female wants to do some good in the world, and that’s really what her main focus in life is.


Virgo Woman Positive Personality Traits

The Virgo woman’s personality traits show that she always pays strict attention to details. Once she is done with a project she will meticulously look over the small details to make sure that she has done everything correctly.

She likes things in her life to be orderly, and she’s willing to go out of her way to make sure that everything is in it’s place. If you were to visit a Virgo woman’s home, you would likely notice that the house is clean and everything seems to be organized one way or another.


The Virgo woman traits show that having an organized life makes Virgo women feel more at peace with the world. Although she may put in a lot of work to make sure that everything is where it should be, she doesn’t mind. She loves to sit back and look at all she has accomplished by the end of the day.

Since the Virgo woman is great at noticing the small details, she is best suited for a job that makes use of this talent. You are likely to see a Virgo woman not necessarily in a high-profile career, but having a job in the background that makes the whole system work.virgo-woman-traits

The Virgo female will thrive being an accountant, nurse, manager, record-keeper, or anything else that will make use of her attention to detail skill. This Virgin is also likely to have hobbies that need her to pay close attention to what she is doing.


She loves to think ahead, so gardening might be a good fit for her. Sewing and knitting are common skills too. Virgo women also love creating new recipes and playing mind or puzzle games as well.


Virgo Woman Negative Personality Traits

Although the Virgo woman’s outer life seems well-organized, her feelings are as disorganized as can be. Virgo women tend to be rather sensitive, emotionally speaking. She works so hard so that she can be praised for her good work.

After all, everyone can be encouraged by someone telling them that they’ve done well. If a Virgo woman is told that she has done something wrong, or if she is ridiculed in any other way, then it is likely that she will not take it well at all.

The Virgo woman’s personality traits show that she may become cold towards the person who commented, or she may become teary-eyed on the spot. Either way, she will want to be alone after the ordeal.

The Virgo woman’s characteristics show she likes to take care of her emotions on her own. While she is kind and helpful to her friends, she doesn’t want her friends to be concerned about her.

Virgo Woman Love Personality Characteristics

The Virgo woman personality is a caring and loyal friend and partner. When trying to get a partner, the Virgo women will try to show their more charming side.

They may not want their partner to know that she is a perfectionist until their relationship becomes deeper. She sometimes thinks that this zodiac personality trait can scare away partners.

The Virgo lady doesn’t need a partner who seems perfect, because although she may act differently, she knows that she is not perfect herself.

The Virgo woman’s characteristics show she will want a partner who is accepting of who she is. If she can find a partner like this then she will be loyal, loving, trustworthy, and honest for years to come in a happy relationship.

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