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How To Choose Your Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

Effective Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

Feng Shui is the art of decorating and placing objects within a space to maximize positive energy flow. Feng Shui translates to wind and water, the two natural elements that move, flow, and circulate everywhere. So it makes sense that not only would you set your living space up with this idea and increase the energy in one room, but also be able to carry some good luck around with you. Let us look at some Feng Shui good luck charms and what they can do for you.


Good Luck Charms Based on Zodiac Sign

So let’s start by discussing finding good luck charms based on your zodiac sign. Similarly, in the birthstone application, there is Feng Shui for each zodiac character. So you find the exact birth year of the animal, and then go on to help you with the suitable charms to help get your energy correct.

Amulets and charms can be potent if chosen correctly, while some believe there is a lot of power in these amulets. It’s also been advised to look inside yourself to find your real peace and realize that the talisman is just the essence’s carrier.


Does it mean you should not wear it? Not if it makes you feel calm and peaceful to wear it, then, by all means, do. It’s just like any good luck charm, which gives you a relaxed, calming, or energizing feeling, and is what you should pay attention to.

If you are looking for a more general way to appeal to your inner Feng Shui, you’ll want to consider what part of your life you want to improve.


Charms to create good Chi

In Feng Shui, charms can enhance health, wealth, work, sleep, family, marriage, and so on. Not only can a good luck charm help create a good Chi, but it also helps to weaken the evil Chi. Many of the charms that bring luck also help the wealth department.

There is such an abundance of helpful luck symbols that you should have no problem finding one that suits you and what you are looking to re-energize.


You can also combine the charms on one application, such as a bracelet, necklace, or ring, to create a potentially even greater energizing appeal. For instance, you can use the abundant life charm and add it to a prosperous life charm.

In this combination, you will increase the energy and might even realize a larger abundance or prosper at a greater rate.

How To Choose Your Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

#1. Happy Life and Good Fortune

If you want a happier life and more incredible fortune, you will want to choose the mystic knot. The mystic knot good luck charm is created by tying six infinity knots together and is usually threaded through coins. This mystic knot brings forth never-ending good fortune and a much happier life.

#2. Longevity

Health and home benefit: If you are looking to create a longer, healthier life and better home space, you will want to find some Fu dogs. These Imperial Guardian Lions were generally placed outside the homes of wealthy people and used as status symbols and protectors.

They can also be placed in front of government buildings, Imperial tombs and palaces, and temples. These are traditionally carved from stone, such as marble or granite, or cast in bronze or iron. The following charms should be found made from either ceramic or wood.

#3. You can also hang paintings

The turtle is used as the most potent longevity symbol. If you cannot have live ones, place a figurine in the north section of your home, avoiding the kitchen and the bathroom. The turtle also protects the home.

The pine tree gives strength and the ability to survive hardships, but the crane offers harmony and long life. So  It is often shown with such figurines as the pine tree and a stone. It is combined with the peach in paintings, which offers protection and longevity.

#4. Abundance and prosperity

There are several charms to choose from to add abundance and prosperity to your life. So pick the one that speaks the most to your inner spirit. Your choices include the Red Envelope, which is usually a coin placed inside a sealed red pouch featuring symbols of blessings, good fortune, and prosperity.

This man fought and defeated a dragon to keep it from destroying his village. The other villagers rewarded him with a red envelope they had placed collected money. But, they must have been minted in an era with a good reigning emperor. The Three-legged toad usually comes with cash in its mouth but should be placed with the Chinese symbols facing up.

It brings career luck to you. The Phoenix (yin) is used with the dragon to balance the yin and yang energies. Money tree sports rounded leaves that look similar to coins. So if a tree you choose to place in your yard has rounded leaves and bears fruit, the symbol and chance of wealth become even more significant.

#5. Money Attractor Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

The goldfish is used as a money attracter and also a great gift to give to someone. The laughing Buddha grants you material wealth. Crystals provide a successful educational impact, especially when it comes to exams.

And, of course, we are all looking for successful love and good relationships. Not only can these symbols help to ensure your relationship stays healthy, but they also bring about a spouse if that is what you desire.

 #6. The Mandarin Duck

What can be displayed as a picture, painting, or figurine? But it should be placed in your home’s love and marriage area. Red lanterns are usually hung during the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. They can also bring good fortune all year long. Using the traditional pink color, peony symbolizes female beauty and should be placed in the home as live flowers.

Rose quartz, which helps to attract love, also helps heal one’s heart from the effects of a broken or bad relationship, thus creating a better and healthier heart. So, here are some other body and energy healing ideas as well.

#7. The lotus flower

The lotus is untouched by the mud it grows in is a sign of purity and works as a healthy cure for a harmonious home. Cherry blossoms bring the energy of new beginnings, freshness, and innocence.

#12. Flowers as Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

Orchid is a classic symbol of fertility. Abundance, perfection, spiritual growth, beauty, and purity are also tied into the orchid by making a potent flower. Narcissus raises the goodness and energy of one’s career, talents, and abilities. So the white flower is often used in Feng Shui. Chrysanthemum is used for a life of ease and balance. Lucky Bamboo must be used to attract health, happiness, and love. The horseshoe has a long symbol used for protection and good luck.

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