Friday, August 6, 2021

Feng Shui Fish Tanks – Bring in the Chi!

Feng Shui Fish Tanks

Feng Shui Fish Tanks is a great way to attract prosperity and good luck into your home. Where to place Feng Shui Fish Tank and how many fishes must be there?


Of course, almost all homeowners who own aquariums know about Feng shui and fish tanks. Fish is a symbol of fortune because the fish’s eyes are never closed. Many believed that they can all the good fortunes as well as the upcoming obstacles.

The water on the other hand is an element that is said to attract good energy regarding money and wealth. Place them both together; it creates a very lucky vibes enhancement. But somehow identifying the perfect spot to place is the problem.

You may find many big aquariums in front of houses or restaurants or any kind of business. This is because if you put them in front, it will attract more wealth, prosperity, money, and success to the owner. Somehow, there are also other spots where you can put it. These spots depend on what you would like to attract and what is your purpose in having it.

Placing Fish Tank

And also, it choosing these spots depends on the rules of Feng shui that you apply and follow or it may be according to the star’s various positions in the hemisphere. As you can see or notice that you will have to move or aquariums every now and then just to keep up with the best locations. For example, the north of your house or office if you want success in your career sector.

Then again, there are also few things you should avoid like setting up it on the kitchen because the elements inside the kitchen are associated with fire. Too much water can interrupt or can distract with the elements inside the room. Another thing to avoid in feng shui and fish tanks is that putting it in an aquarium or a bowl of fish inside the bedroom.

Since it is a restless element, you do not want any clutter, mess, or in, tense energy inside your room. Bedrooms should be calm and quiet. In addition to this, avoid also putting some paintings or photos that involve or associated with water elements because according to experts this also has a bad effect in the room.

Check The Tank

It is also important to always clean the fish tank since the energy of the tank is so strong and powerful. You need to make sure to check if the tank or filter is working properly and keep the tank filled with fresh and clean water. Take care of your fish, if there are sick or dead ones just remove it and replace it with healthy ones.

Feng shui and fish tanks contribute to sustaining the stability of life and prosperity. All you have to do is to believe in it.


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