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The Feng Shui Three-Legged Toad – Jin Chan Or Chan Chu

How to Place Three-Legged Money Frogs or Toads?

Ever thought about needing some extra cash? How about a promotion at work? Or maybe even a jump in current investments? I think it’s safe to say that no one shies away from a chance at financial prosperity, and many of us have experienced times when money has been a little too tight. The Feng Shui Three-Legged Toad is also called Chan Chu, Jin Chan, or The Money Frog. It is placed in the home or the work area to bring about financial fortune.

In Western thinking, good things happen based purely on luck, chance, or fate. Many attribute good things to their religious figurehead or even ask for blessings.


But, in Eastern thought, good things and the potential for them to happen can be cultivated and brought about by using Feng Shui’s principles—the art of manipulating energy (chi) and the placement of homes, furniture, and objects.

Need a little money help? This is where the Feng Shui Three-Legged Toad comes in. A toad and a frog are not the same, but they are used interchangeably in this case. (For those science-minded people out there, don’t be offended!)


What Is The Feng Shui Three-Legged Toad?

#1. The Story Of The Frog

The story behind this animal has a few versions ranging from a woman transforming into a toad to a man finding the toad in a well.


#2. Chan Chu

Chan Chu is a small figurine that should be built on top of a pile of gold coins. The coins surrounding it “call out” to other coins, bringing wealth and prosperity to the owner.

#3. Placing The Chinese Coin

Its mouth is slightly open to give space for a Chinese coin should be placed.


#4, Placement Of Chan Chu

The placement of Chan Chu is critical! The toad can be placed by the home entrance to “catch” luck and good energy when it enters. Besides being placed near the door, it can also be put in the Bagua wealth center (the Feng Shui map).

#5. How to Activate the Feng Shui Three-Legged Toad

Hence the toad must be “activated” by the color red. Many already have red jewels in their eyes, so it has already been activated. But, if not, placing it on a red cloth or tying a red ribbon around its neck will also begin the activation.

#6. About Three-Legged Toad

The first of the Three-Legged Toad myths is about a woman named Chan Chu, or Chang O. She is the sister of the water spirit, married to the archer. She was tempted and stole her husband’s immortality pill so that she could take it herself.

But she experienced unbelievable changes, was transformed into a toad, and flew to the moon where she remained. Her husband, Sheng I, tried to catch her but failed. He was rewarded for his efforts, was made immortal, and was sent to the sun.

This is also the story of how yin and yang came to be. Yin represents the earth, and the female and yang represent the heavens and the male.

Liu Hai

The other myth follows the story of a man named Liu Hai, who had a post in the government, but after realizing its corruption, fled on a journey to find perfection.

He eventually had the chance to become immortal and achieved this. After doing so, he lived in another village under a different name. But People noticed his strange ability to go without food and to refuse wages from his employer.

They eventually found out who he indeed was. But, one day, he was able to catch the three-legged toad from a well after he’d been searching for a long time.

Hence the three-legged portion of the story relates to the first myth, where the woman transformed. The gods had her keep her tadpole tail in addition to her two front toad legs.

Placement of the Toad

As mentioned above, the frog can usually be built on top of a pile of gold coins, but it can also be placed by a Bagua (the map of Feng Shui) and is often surrounded by jewels.

A toad is a good animal representing wealth because of its connection with water and water’s wealth-giving qualities.

Hence, there are many ways to place the toad properly to bring about the fortune one desires. It is a very intricate form of art with many intertwined pieces, so where the frog relates to the Bagua and good luck areas of the home, what year of the animal it is, what year of the animal the owner’s birth year is, etc.

It may be helpful to ask for professional advice on the excellent placement of the frog. Please do not place the frog on the floor because it has given an area of respect and honor, well-placed to gather good chi and money! Please do not put it in the bathroom, the bedroom, or the kitchen but in areas such as the living room or the office.

These last two rooms are where the toad will bring the most luck. But if one is looking for a financial success “booster,” add nine three-legged toads throughout the home in the proper areas.

Lucky Corner

Since the lucky corner of a room is an excellent spot, usually, the corner is diagonal from the door. But Corners are most promising in Feng Shui and collect the most incredible energy.


Financial problems, concerns, and worries are things that many people can relate to. It’s not only about surviving anymore, especially in Western culture since it is not just about buying groceries and having enough money to pay the bills.

These days, career advancement and financial prosperity also have a status level that has gained importance over the years. People want high-status jobs, want to own multiple properties, have investments in companies and stocks, and want enough money to save and store away so that when the time of retirement comes around, it can be done with ease.

Things have become costly, so you need more money. But, some struggle daily and still don’t have enough money to survive or care for those they love. So it’s good to note that Feng Shui doesn’t discriminate. So three-legged toad can bring financial luck.

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