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Feng Shui Wealth Symbols: Bagua Your Fortune!

7 Feng Shui Wealth Symbols

The philosophy behind the art of Feng Shui involves more than simply rearranging the furniture. So  Feng Shui is a branch of the 5 Arts of Chinese Metaphysics that focuses on ways to live in peace, harmony, and prosperity within a given environment. Positive Qi is believed to attract positive influences and outcomes into one’s life. Followers of Feng Shui principles strive to achieve prosperity by learning what the wealth symbols mean.

Once it is understood what each symbol represents, the next step is to mindfully place several of these symbols throughout your home. But these wealth symbols are thought to attract financial prosperity, abundance, and security.

So, it is important to remember that proper placement can directly influence the direction the Qi follows in your home. The Feng Shui Bagua can help you learn where and how to use various wealth symbols to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life.


The Feng Shui Bagua for Wealth Symbols

Feng Shui Bagua is a 9-square layout that explains which areas of a home or a room influence the different energy categories. The starting point of the Bagua is the entrance to your home or a particular room. The nine different energy categories are as follows:

Left Square – Fortunate Blessings (known as the “Money Corner”)
Upper Middle Square – Fame and Reputation
Right Square – Relationships
Left Square – Health and Family
Center Middle Square – Center of the Bagua
Center Right Square – Children and Creativity
Knowledge and Self Cultivation
Career and Life Path
Right Square – Travel and Helpful People


When seeking to draw in positive energy for wealth, this grid will show you which areas of the room to focus on. For example, to increase wealth, you may want to focus on the areas related to Wealth, Knowledge, Self-motivation, or Career and Life Path to see where to place your symbols.

Placement of Feng Shui Wealth Symbols in the Bagua

The placement of wealth symbols in your home is a symbolic gesture to the universe that you desire a positive change in your circumstances.

As such, you must state the specific change or outcome you seek as you place each object. By verbalizing the object’s purpose as you place it in your wealth corner, you are directing the energy around you and communicating to the universe what it is that you need.


Keep in mind that only one object is needed to represent a single goal. For example: Select one object to represent the desire for a better job. Select another to represent a different financial goal, and so on.

Now that you know which areas to focus on, let’s take a closer look at seven of the more common Feng Shui wealth symbols.

#1. A Model of a Ship

Whenever someone experiences an unexpected financial windfall, they may be heard excitedly exclaim that “their ship came in.” This expression can be made manifest in your own life by placing a model of a sailing ship near the entrance to your home.

It is important to note that the bow of the ship should be aimed towards the interior of your home. But the placement and positioning of the ship represent good things coming into your home and life. It is beneficial to display other symbols of wealth on the ship as well. Place small gold objects and other small wealth symbols on the deck of the ship.

#2. Water

Displaying a water feature, such as an aquarium or a water fountain, in the southeast corner of your family room is a popular Feng Shui wealth symbol. Water that is constantly flowing represents abundance. Water that is enhanced with some type of aeration feature is an excellent choice. Oxygen in the water increases positive Qi.

#3. Color

When setting up or decorating a room’s wealth corner, choosing the right color can help increase positive wealth Qi. Color has a powerful influence on Feng Shui. The Color Purple is the color that denotes wealth. Green is commonly associated with the color of money. Red should be bright and vibrant.

#4. Wood

Wood represents wealth. Plants are an ideal method for introducing this element into your Fortunate Blessings corner. It is best to choose live plants over artificial ones, as live plants have vital life energy. Much like flowing water, this life energy attracts more. It also represents a positive change.

#5. Money

Collectible coinage or a single one hundred dollar bill placed in your money corner are powerful symbols to attract wealth. Make sure you use the currency that has value to attract more of the same.

If you use low-value currency, such as loose change, it sends the signal that you are only seeking small wealth changes. It is acceptable to hide the money from view, as this does not affect the symbol’s effectiveness.

#6. Crystals

A crystal placed in the window or on the window sill of your wealth corner will help to prevent money from leaving your home. Instead, the rainbow effect reflects the light and energy into your wealth corner. The larger the crystal, the more reflected energy will influence your money corner. Make sure to check the physical condition of the crystals you use. Chipped or otherwise damaged crystals are not appropriate to use since damaged symbols do not help you achieve your desired results.

Often called “money toads,” 9 of these little figurines should be placed throughout your Fortunate Blessings/Wealth area. These little frogs are often portrayed with a coin in their mouths to symbolize the bringing of wealth into your home. If the moon is full and you happen to discover one of these frogs near your home, it is believed that a positive wealth change is about to come your way.

#7. 3 Legged Toads

They don’t have to be seen to attract wealth. You can place them in quiet corners, under a chair, on a bookcase shelf, or anywhere you’d like. To increase their positive energy, try tying a red string or ribbon around the 3 legged toads.

Feng Shui Wealth Symbols Attract Positive Energy

As you can see from these symbols and examples, directing positive energy to flow into your home with thoughtful placement and intention can help direct positive energy into your home. Feng Shui shows us how we can influence the energies in our homes and our lives.

Do your research and select the best quality wealth symbols for your home that your budget will allow. Remember the saying “Like attracts like.” Suppose you desire abundant wealth and prosperity, select valuable symbols to represent those goals.

Feng Shui has been practiced for more than a thousand years. If you desire positive change in your life, give Feng Shui a try and see how it can help you achieve your dreams.

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